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Seven quick takes Friday

Conversion Diary has been doing this for a while and I always think it's fun to read (and I am lazy) so...

1. Yesterday's comments were my favorites. Ever. I was writing on this website for years (YEARS!) before anyone ever bothered to comment and now I have, like, My People, and I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. You are hilarious. Charlotte's comments never fail to make me snort- snort in a GOOD WAY- and she has started a blog! Joy! Christiana says she only has two readers so let's go fix that. Lindsay had the excellent idea of bypassing blogs altogether with mind reading, but while she's inventing that we may have the pleasure of reading HER blog.  Who knows why Jess commented because she ALWAYS has a topic and it is ALWAYS interesting. Tara says her site lacks substance as well, but who cares about substance when you turn SAHM into a verb? Awesome! El-e-e makes me laugh SO HARD and how thrilled am I that she is now writing about DIETING? WHEE. Let us spread the diet griping far and wide! Becky is writing about her trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and NO I am NOT JEALOUS, WHATEVER. And I sort haven't been speaking to Christina ever since she decided to move without MEETING ME FIRST, but I'll link her anyway because she's always so stinking nice.

2. I am a fan of pretty much everything on the Bravo channel. I know. It's bad. Right now I'm watching that show about the woman who matches up the millionaires. I think it's a riot. And every two minutes I'm all, "Phillip! Is that true?! Men only like straight hair? Really?!" And Phillip kind of buries his head into his laptop (because OMG he is working ALL THE TIME lately) and pretends not to hear me.

3. Sometimes I think about how many pounds I should [ideally] lose after I lose the baby weight and I get really down on myself. I'll be thrilled when I lose the baby weight, but I won't be skinny. FAAAAAAR from it. Bleargh.

4. I love everything about Twitter except when East Coasters start tweeting about TV shows. Then it's like Spoiler City.

5. Speaking of Twitter, it's been awesome to keep up with the local flooding via #waflood. How awesome is that? Not that I am in danger of floods (unlike other people we know). There is flooding to the north and south, but us city folk are rarely hit by anything natural disastery. (Crippling snow and city's pathetic response notwithstanding.) Of course, Mt. Rainier could blow or The Big One could hit. There's always something, huh?

6. I just read that Dooce is going to be at Third Place Books in the LFP in a few months. Anybody wanna go? You KNOW it's going to be a giant mommyblogger meetup.

7. Aaaand, saving the best for last, due to the Molly Strategy (waking her up in the morning, not letting her take super long naps) (and opposite of the Jack Strategy, by the way) we have rather quickly transitioned from the College Student Schedule to an Average Baby Schedule. WOO. She wakes up once or twice during the night now, but that's not a big deal to me. I'm just thankful she's going down before I do! Okay, so, tonight, after she'd been sleeping about an hour, she woke up screaming. I let her cry a few minutes and then went upstairs. She wouldn't soothe back to sleep so I picked her up. And ten seconds later she let out a huge burp. And fell right back asleep. What's up with that? She does this a lot at night. (Her mornings are fantastic and things get less predictable as the day goes on.) I try not to nurse her to sleep for precisely this reason. Stupid burps.



- I just read that and thought, "oooh, Charlotte who? She sounds interesting." Well, apparently she's also an idiot. I'm beet red.

- Bravo is the universe's gift to insomniacs. We must embrace the lunacy.

- I'm stealing seven quick takes.


DUDE (I mean, DOOCE), I wish she would come to Hotlanta. You guys should all totally go. Jealous over here.


This post is so fun! You may change your mind about how interesting I am when you read today's post, however.


I'm sure Christina had a good reason for moving away without meeting you first, but never forget that I drove *all the way across my state* just to meet you. In fact, you should probably be grateful that I do not live in Seattle, because you would not be able to get rid of me. HA!

So glad that tweaking Molly's sleeping schedule has worked! It must have been torture to not be able to get her to sleep until so late and then have to get up early with Jack. Also, I can totally relate about the burping disrupting sleep, not because my own child does it but because it happens to me! All the time! In the evenings I just have to kind of... lie there until the burps work themselves out so I can go to sleep. Pregnancy does horrible things to my digestive system.

There is something about you, Maggie, that makes me want to write novels in the comment section. How do you do that?


Ooh, I'd be up for a trip to 3rd Place Books. To meet Dooce. And because they have GREAT cake at the Honey Bear Bakery there. So good. Drooling just thinking about it.

I realize that probably does not fit with your diet plan, however. More cake for me! (I'm losing grasp of the whole idea of "let's not eat everything in sight during pregnancy so I can avoid gaining a ridiculous amount of weight because my baby weight apparently does NOT just 'fall off' during breastfeeding, despite multiple people assuring me it would. Whatever. I love cake.)


Arwen, I am horribly lame. That is my excuse for not meeting the Mighty Maggie. Also I have an irrational fear of Driving Into The City. (and honestly? freeways in general. There, I said it, it's out there for all the world to read.) But! But I am seriously considering a visit to the beautiful NW next summer! Soooo... maybe we can meet up then? Hanging out with you, chatting by your lake with your two adorable children sounds like the absolutely best way to spend an afternoon, IMHO. :-)

Heather of the EO

You're a riot. So nice to meet you.

Nice work on the baby schedule.

I'm tweeting away on twitter too. But not that often. Sometimes I'm just to busy stalking people on facebook and perusing the blogosphere. TOO busy, see?


hahahaha - I absolutely HAVE to find a way to include "stupid burps" in conversation today. :)

Oh - and AWESOME - I'm in the "my people"! thanks! It's like getting to sit with the cool kids at lunch.
:) Becky


My kid does the stupid burp thing all the time. Sometimes I can get him to get rid of them by getting him to running around. A lot. After dinner. But if he gets any during night feedings we all suffer until they work themselves out as burps or baby farts. Now THOSE are funny!


Yay on getting Molly on a schedule. You are very lucky to have such an avid following! Well, you are a pretty interesting writer. I have all these great ideas in my head, but when I go to type them, only stupid drivel comes out of my fingertips. I over-think, and over-write. (they got the point, Jessica, there's no need to go over and over and over about it!).
I do enjoy reading your blog, because you have a May 07 and a Sept 08 child and I have a June 07 and an Oct 08 child, and it's kinda like seeing into the future when I read your children's escapades.
When Van wakes up after being put down, it's usually because he wasn't swaddled. I swear I'll probably have to swaddle him into the freshman year of college... sheesh.


Thanks for the link, Maggie!

Caroline used to do the stupid nighttime burps thing all the time. She was a very gassy lassie. When she got to be about 4-5 months she became a "self-burping baby" and I rejoiced. My husband was the only one who could get her to burp on command.

My husband loves curly hair. So, no, not every man only loves straight hair.

Yay for getting a Molly schedule!


I am supposedly moving to Portland right around when Dooce is going there. I may have to move the move up a week or two so that I can go.

Kate P

I hope I wasn't doing any spoilers--I totally restrained myself the other night on Twitter, thinking about people who were in different time zones and hadn't seen "Top Chef" yet. Talking about what Padma's wearing does not count as a spoiler, right!?

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