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My kids are going to stay with my parents for the weekend. Three nights. I THINK they've done three nights before... I think when we went to the wedding in LA last summer. But it still feels long-ish and bad parent-ish. Not that I am not SO looking forward to my mini break. 

(I love that term: mini break. I think this is because I just finished reading 'One Day'. How very British of me.)

Anyway, so I am packing and I overpack for the kids. I just have to. The weather is SUPPOSED to be nice, but WHO KNOWS and certain people are often soiling themselves and I just want to stuff their entire dresser into a duffel bag. And packing means laundry. I'm on my fifth load. 

I think I tried to make up for the we're-ditching-you-all-weekend by taking them to see Winnie The Pooh this morning (FAIL) and to the wading pool this afternoon (WIN). My small niece was with us the entire time, which means I got a nap in between those two events, but I'm beat. Did I mention I'm on my fifth load of laundry? Also waiting for the polycrylic to dry on my new white desk?

I am also catching up on a lot of Blathering-related emails and tweets and website business and feeling mopey. I thought I was At Peace with the whole not-going thing this year, but it turns out it really sucks to be involved in planning something you can't attend. Not that I'm terribly involved in the planning this year (sorry fellow planners) but you know. I guess I DON'T have an opinion on Saturday night's menu because I DON'T GET TO EAT IT. 

I'm really lucky I got to see some of my Blathering ladies earlier this year when they crashed that Nintendo promotional thing. Maybe they'll come back. I am not above inviting myself to their houses either. Wah. 

But I have my mini break! My parents are picking up the kids tomorrow morning and dropping us at the train station. You have no idea how excited I am about the train, people. I love the train. I think it is a most lovely way of getting places, even though I have, at various points, taken the train to the wrong town, taken the train in the wrong direction, taken the train that doesn't stop in my town, and slept overnight in a Questionable Train Station that I often read about in my Italian murder mysteries as being a truly Criminal Venue. 

However! I am fairly confident in my ability to ride THIS train correctly and I shall be packing my bag full of Train Treats and perhaps a neck pillow for narcolepsy purposes, and I have plans to fill the Kindle tonight. Plus the weather is supposed to be downright glorious (SORRY, TEXAS) and it just feels exciting to get away. I was disappointed about San Francisco and Vancouver, but Portland is filling in quite nicely now. For a while we thought about lodges and resorts and getaways in Washington, but they were all of the outdoorsy type. Lots of hiking or boating or looking at the scenery and while those places are GREAT, they are not great for ME. I have a short attention span. I am a city girl. And I am pregnant. I do not want to sit in a lodge for three days straight. (Well, unless I am trying everything on the spa menu.)

So anyway. Obvs we will be bringing the internet with us (AS IF) but I am actually going to try and stay away. I'm finding that's good for me every so often. The biggest plan is to move into Powell's. In the meantime you can go read my newest post at Parenting, about breastfeeding, since that's always good to write about in a public forum. Also, you may gaze adoringly at my kids. They'll protect my website while I'm gone!

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Staycation weekend

Just came home from small plates and the most amazing chocolate gelato EVAH (AND I USED TO LIVE IN ITALY) with my local blogger ladies. I highly recommend getting yourself a few of these. With Carrie I can sit down and say, "I just came home from dinner at a mainland Chinese restaurant with my Cantonese father-in-law" and she will just KNOW. Liz stopped being a "blog friend" forever and ever ago. And dudes, Mona needs her own HBO show about dating guys with AARP memberships. Anyway, if you do get your blogger ladies together and you're worried that the conversation might not flow (JUST IN CASE) may I suggest picking a restaurant in the rainbow-flagged part of town on Pride Weekend? I'm sure that whatever reaction the heavily tattooed woman with her boobs hanging out of the car window hoped to incite, it wasn't a conversation about Post-Breastfeeding Body Image. 

Most of what I want to write about tonight will be on the Catholic blog. (SEGUE!) So if you're interested in that sort of thing, pop over there

Otherwise I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Phillip's parents had the kids and we did a whole lot of nothing. Well, I suppose that's not entirely true. After stuffing 3 car seats into the Mazda and not feeling QUITE convinced, we went car shopping. Where the prices convinced us that yes, 3 car seats will do. THEN we did nothing. We sat on the couch, ate too much, and started Game of Thrones. Which... oh I don't know. I do love my episodic dramas, but this one might be a bit TOO much. Also I have to cover my eyes a lot. I'll give my official opinion at the end. 

That said, 'Bridesmaids' is one of my new favorite movies. I know I know. It's the "girl" Judd Apatow movie. And aren't I supposed to like things like Downton Abbey and British mystery shows? BUT YOU GUYS. I laughed so hard. The entire theater was in tears. It's been FOREVER since I've laughed along with a movie theater. And there was just something different about it than the average boy raunchfest. It was funny even when it wasn't being gross. It didn't have to be gross to be hilarious. I loved it. Also: Jon Hamm. 'Nuff said. 

Okay. Off to pretend I am holy on the Catholic blog. 

The color of this blog post is Shipwreck Gray

Molly woke us up, right on time, at 4:30 am. I was rudely awakened from a dream about the Blathering. I'd brought two real-life not-blogger friends with me and was SUPER ANNOYED with them the whole time, for being extra clingy and shy and I was all, "THESE ARE MY PEOPLE, I SEE THEM ONCE A YEAR, BUZZ OFF." I think I am much nicer than that in person. (Oh, AND we brought our kids, which, NO.) (AND AB Chao was there. I don't know. I'm a dork.)

And then, when I was really and truly good and awake, I couldn't go back to sleep because I was obsessing over these houses I found last night. Big, beautiful, new construction, affordable. (This is not a dream.) But what would it be like to move pretty far across town? To not randomly get together with friends? To go to a different church? To live in what is pretty much a development (albeit a small one) in an area that is mostly definitely in the process of gentrification? To give up my cutesy stores and trendy cupcake shops and walkability? To have a completely different city experience? It was very stressful and I never went back to sleep. 

I loved your stories. I wish you would write more. The best thing is that my story is rural - or, at least, much more rural than I ever have personally experienced. I am making it up as I go, but it helps to hear the real life stuff. Fortunately I have the drinking in the back of pickup trucks totally down. 

Also, I am super glad to hear I am not the only one who missed out on the party scene. It was a little different in my high school, but I've sort of stopped feeling like missing out was a bad thing. More an "oh thank GOD" thing. 

Last week I randomly applied for a freelance writing job which, judging from several factors I won't explain here, I'm 99.9% sure I didn't get. This is totally bumming me out. Kind of a lot. Ugh. 

It's just been a weird week you guys. Hard and sort of dark around the edges. I can tell I haven't been doing that great, because I want to stay home and crawl into myself the same way the kids want to stay home and inside and smear Play Doh into the carpet. Usually I'm all gung ho to see friends and get out and attack this and do that! But last night I had an opportunity to go play volleyball and I went, even though I didn't really feel like it. And then, when it turned out the gym was closed for some reason and everyone decided to relocate to a park, because THEY are all friends and THEY all want to spend time together, I ditched. I guess so I could go home and obsess about houses I won't buy on the internet. 

I need my routine back, I really do. Sometimes I think I need that schedule more than the kids. I want to get all jazzed up for my weekend and get back on track and ready for next week which includes TWO BIRTHDAY PARTIES. But I kind of feel like next week will be just like this week and before I know it Phillip will be back in school and that will just be... it. 

I tried to catch up on Mad Men last night. Maybe that's why I'm all doom and gloom. 

In other news, I bought Molly some underpants. I thought this would be a fun thing, you know. Letting her pick out her own? But OH THE DRAMA. Because she wanted MICKEY Mouse not MINNIE. And then she wanted Thomas. Get these Disney princesses away from her! And I was standing in the middle of Target trying to talk myself into buying my little girl BOY underwear (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE) but then (THANK GOD) we saw Ni Hao Kai Lan underpants on the opposite side of the aisle and peace was found. She's still verrrry interested in the Potty Process, but it finally dawned on me that I can't just ask her if she needs to go. I have to stick her on every twenty minutes, regardless of what she says. I know this is common sense for most of you, but see: six months to train Jack. Sigh. I'm getting bummed out again.

Anyway. Go find something cheerier to read. Off you go!


A few weeks ago I met up with Blogless Reader Megan at a fancypants mall. She was in town for a family wedding and OBVS we had to hang out and it was super fun and her crazy energetic kid made sure my enthralled-by-older-kids kid got his first nap in weeks and it was a Grand Time. Even though we are only BLOG-RELATED and even though her husband was all, "Um, you're going to meet someone from... the... INTERNET?"


And then this weekend I met up with MORE friends from the internet and had yet ANOTHER smashing time. 

Two of these people are gorgeous and glowing, one of them is rocking the always in fashion I Was Squeezed Into A Flying Tin Can Today look. 

And! And! I'D MET THEM BEFORE. You know what that means, right? It means we'd hung out once and had a good enough time that we decided, of our own free will, to do it again. Craziness! 

This was something like my zillionth time hanging out with Internet Friends, but you guys, it seriously isn't lost on me that I wouldn't know you if it weren't for this stupid dorkalicious website. And we AREN'T strange, semi-creepy Internet Weirdos, we are totally people who would be friends In Real Life. So it totally works when we DO meet in real life. We can all get dinner together and talk about kids and jobs and, okay, the internet. It's so much fun. It's especially fun to walk along Manhattan Beach and point out which house you'd like @shelbyraymond and @darrenoia to purchase for the next time you visit Southern California. (I want the one with a turret!)

If I haven't said it before, I HIGHLY recommend getting thyself a blog.