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What I'm going to tell my kids tomorrow

Good morning, guys! Yes, we did finally figure out who the new president is, and it's President Trump! 

[try not to gag]


[what in the world do I say now?]

Yep, you're right, Mommy and Daddy did not vote for Trump. Are we sad? Yeah, I think we're a little sad. And people at school might be a little sad too. And tired! Mommy was up past midnight watching TV! 

Do you think you'll talk about the election in your classes? Oh yeah, I do remember when the kids in your class said Trump was a "raisin"! Well, that's one of the big reasons why Mommy and Daddy didn't want Trump to be president. But you know what? One of the most amazing things about our country is that everyone gets to say who they want to be president and whoever gets the most votes wins. And then even if we don't like who wins, we agree that he's the president anyway, and we'll vote for someone else in four years. It's a pretty great thing that we do this. When you're older you'll learn about countries who start fights over who the president should be and all the bad things that happen. We don't want that!

But that doesn't mean we have to agree with everything President Trump says. The BEST thing about our country is that we can say what we think. So if there are things President Trump says or does that we don't like, we can say so. If he keeps being a raisin we can say, "HEY. THAT'S NOT COOL." And make sure to show that we love our friends who speak other languages and friends whose skin is different colors from ours. Like right now Mommy and Daddy are trying to change the rules for school, so that those friends can go to the same school as you. I bet there are ways that you can try to make things fair too, like when you're playing a game at recess, or if you see a kid picking on another kid on the bus. Sometimes it's easier for us to speak up than it is for others, so be brave! 

The election was a big deal, wasn't it. We had lots of people come over and I let you stay up and eat more Halloween candy. It's too bad you had to go to bed before we knew who the new president was. But even though it was a big deal, we believe in GOD and we know he is WAY WAY SUPER HUGE BIGGER than us, and that includes President Trump. What do we know about God? We know that he loves us, that he cares about all people, that he's with us all the time. Do you think God is with President Trump too? I know! He is. So we have to pray that God gives lots of wisdom and fairness and patience and truthfulness to President Trump. You know how I pray for you and we pray for other people? We can pray for the president too!

And let's pray for our friends who wanted Hillary to win, because they're feeling sad and scared. Let's pray that God is reminding them that he loves them, he loves their friends, and that he knows they're worried, but he is with us. Right? Right. He will help us figure it all out. 


[drop kids at school]

[crawl into bed with the Bombay Sapphire.]


Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain

So, uh, how many of you have emergency kits? Oooh, next question: what is IN an emergency kit?

Phillip and I are discussing emergency kits, escape routes, meeting up plans, all sorts of distasteful things as we watch the Moore, OK coverage. I say, "Thank God we're building deck stairs because we don't have an exit route from the second floor." Phillip says, "I think my car has lots of water in the back, but I need to put more in the van." I say, "Should I make everyone a little backpack of extra clothes and snacks and a space blanket? And... other stuff?" Phillip says, "If something happens when I'm at work and I can't reach you, first I'll look for you here, then I'll look here, then I'll look here." Then we stare at the TV a little longer. 

For a while I sat in on a bunch of meetings where we tried to figure out how to disaster-prepare the church. It was even more important as the church is the largest gathering space in that neighborhood and would likely be a shelter and headquarters for response teams. It was totally overwhelming - not the best feeling for someone on the planning team, I know, but I had a hard time wrapping my brain around so many responsibilities and contingencies. At such a time I think I would only be big enough for three responsibilities: Jackson, Molly, and Emma.

Phillip and I need to figure out a plan for our family. I've been thinking about it for a while. Extra food and water in the garage. Batteries. Flashlights. Radios. What else? I had to make a little emergency kit for Molly's preschool. Extra clothes, a space blanket, a few snacks, a "comforting letter". When my brother returned from Hurricane Katrina relief with the National Guard, he stocked up all the proper survivalist supplies, bought a few guns. We will not be doing that. But we should do something. Say the next earthquake takes out a bridge? Or we find out North Korea can reach Seattle? Or my friend's parents are right and the rapture is going to happen any day now? WHO KNOWS?

I'm looking at this website:

Ugh, this is such a terrible thing to think about. Much like making a WILL, which we haven't done EITHER. (I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW.)

Tonight I'm just super thankful that when Jack asks me what the news is talking about I can truthfully say, "Don't worry, that doesn't happen here." 

I'm so sorry, Oklahoma.