We'll just forget that ever happened


So this is what's up. I stopped blogging. I told myself I was done blogging. I told my friends and family I was done blogging. I MIGHT HAVE CRIED A LITTLE, OKAY?

Then I went to Hawaii over Spring Break, spent a lot of time sitting in the sun drinking cocktails and Mulling Life, and I realized: NOPE. 

The week before we went to Hawaii was a nightmare. 

The Saturday before - the night before Easter - I was about to hide the kids' Easter baskets when I noticed that they were covered, no, SWARMING, with ants. We are fighting neverending battles against ants and they won this one big time. I found myself wandering Target at 10 o'clock at night, damning the entire population of Seattle for buying up all the Easter baskets (because I'd thrown everything away, all of it) and staving off tears by writing despairing texts to everyone I knew. 

Easter Sunday we found lice in the girls' hair. 

Monday we realized our leaky washer was getting worse, what with the ants and the lice laundry. 

Tuesday we paid a company called Lice Knowing You to comb the girls' hair because IT IS THE WORST JOB IN THE UNIVERSE.

Wednesday we worried about the washer. And the water damage on the floor. Phillip left work early to go buy a new washing machine at Home Depot. I had never been more in love. 

Thursday we went back for a lice check. All clear! 

Friday I drove to Vancouver with friends for a much needed ladies' weekend away and our new washing machine was installed.

Saturday Phillip texted to tell me that um, hmm, it actually wasn't the washer, he thinks the leak is in the WALL. 

Sunday evening Phillip called to tell me that our contractor would NOT be starting our bathroom demo on Monday as planned, he needed to undergo a biopsy to see if his acid reflux was actually CANCER. 

That's when I cried. 

(I've since returned to a more balanced human being who is more sad for her contractor-who-became-a-friend than her postponed bathroom. But I might have reached A Limit that night.) 

When I came back from Vancouver the bathroom plans were up in the air, the laundry room was still taking on water, and we were going to Hawaii on Thursday. I asked Phillip, "Are the locusts next?" 

The morning before we went to Hawaii we had a plumber come, cut out water damaged section of wall, and fixed our leaky pipe. I'm not mad about this. I got a fancy new washing machine out of our lack of House Handiness. But, you know, there's a gaping hole in the laundry room wall. 

So I'm sitting in Hawaii thinking about all this and WHAT IT MEANS. And I realize that I really miss my blog. Which I always told everyone I would always write on, even if the only reader I had was my mom. Which was true of my blog's early years! (YEARS!) How many times have I said that I don't know what I think or how I feel about something until I write it? 


So I'm back. And things are better. We're interviewing new contractors this week. Phillip and I are slowly coming back from that edge where everything makes us want to push the other one off. The kids are doing well. The weather has been MAGICAL. 

I took a lot of people off my Twitter and I took Twitter off my computer. I'm keeping my Facebook account because it's basically my mom's Facebook account. I have my phone numbers for emergency texting. I'm dialing it back, for real. But I had gobs of fun revamping this place to look (I realized afterwards) just like my bakery website (shrug) and I MISSED YOU, BLOG, I REALLY DID. 


In which the Cheung kids discover they're internet famous

The other day we were at Grandma's house looking at her baby books - Grandma has a baby book for each of her (five) babies AND photo albums for each of her (going on sixteen) (THAT'S RIGHT, SIXTEEN) grandbabies - and on the way home Jack wanted to know if he had a baby book at HOME. 

This is something I feel bad about, all right? I STARTED baby books. I just didn't get past the first page or so. Jack has a Shutterfly album of his first year, but no other years, and Molly and Emma have nothing at all. The best I've got is a decorative box for each kid shoved in the closet with copies of report cards and preschool pictures and hospital bracelets. Which is why I said, "No, but you have a WEBSITE." 

Which is how my children found out their mother has been detailing every moment of their lives on the world wide web, for all and sundry to read. YIKES. 

I told them that I wrote a lot when they were babies (remember the daily blogging? HA HA HA) and not so much anymore. I told them that I'd written a lot of stories that were funny or silly, but that because they were so small when these things happened, they were CUTE stories and not EMBARRASSING stories. And thank God that tonight, when Jack demanded to have me read something about him and I found the peeing-his-pants-before-dinner-out-and-buying-him-new-clothes-at-the-downtown-Old-Navy story, instead of screaming at me about his future years in therapy, he merely smirked and smiled at what a smirky boy he was even then. 

I have always thought that my kids might really enjoy having these website stories when they're adults, but probably only when they're adults. I will probably have to take the whole thing down somehow in the next few years, use one of those publishing services to print out over twelve years of near-daily journal entries, and save it for when they have kids. It's so entirely from my perspective that it only seems like something they'd appreciate once they have their own. How many times have I wondered how my mother endured having five children in not even five years?! I would LOVE to read THOSE stories, heh. And of course it didn't even occur to me to wonder until I was up to my ears in not sleeping and pacifiers and bottles and strollers. 

I never ever go back and read what I've written unless I'm looking for something specific. So choosing the 'Jackson' category and clicking 'back' over and over until we were sufficiently into the toddler years was both super fun and nervewracking. What DID I write?! But it earned me this video: 


And this one:


One more? All right.


But we can't leave Emma out!


I hope they enjoy this dumb website in the general spirit in which it was written: stories about what they were like and who they started out as, stories that reveal what kind of person I was when they were small. How their parents got along, the places they went, the people we knew, and yes, the reasons why they ended up in therapy. 

As we settle in to 2016, Jack is in third grade, Molly is in second, Emma is in, hopefully, her last year of preschool. I spend much of my free time participating in and helping to grow a healing prayer ministry. When I'm not doing that I'm doing the bare minimum to run a cookie business, helping our neighborhood school fight for equitable boundaries, planning a bathroom remodel, and running the Cheung Family Show - you know what that entails. Tomorrow we're seeing an accountant for the first time about taxes, and I'm bringing my bakery taxes with me which makes me feel a little sick. But the day after that Phillip and I are flying - alone - to Las Vegas for the weekend and that does help with the feeling sick. We've made a greater effort this school year to be more intentional about time with one another, and I continue to be intentional about making time for the many people God has given me since that dreary sophomore year of high school when I was so lonely and begged him for friends. Just one! One would do! And he gave me so many, you guys. You, too. 

The Two A.M. Feed

How about a Reads & Recommends post in newsletter-via-email form??? Here's the text of my very first NEWSLETTER (BECAUSE I HAVE SO MUCH TIME!)

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Hello Friends in the Computer!

On account of being 1) bored and dissatisfied with the blog format, 2) a delighted devourer of the Engaging Email From An Interesting Friend genre, and 3) a bookmarks folder full to bursting, I welcome you to the new home of my semi-regular-ish Reads and Recommends posts. I thought the TinyLetter newsletter format, wherein I send out a weekly Reads and Recommends-type blog post-ish email, would be a fun experiment for me and, possibly, a halfway interesting diversion for you. 

The title of my newsletter - The Two A.M. Feed - comes from memories of sitting up with nursing babies in the middle of the night wishing I had something to read. Man, those were bleak hours! Now that God has given us smartphones we can click interesting links in the middle of the night - or at the DMV, or in the school pick up line, or at swim lessons, or on the toddler's floor at night when he won't go to sleep on his own, or waiting for the dentist, or on the bus so we look busy and our chatty seat mate is deterred from conversation. All moments The Two A.M. Feed may come in handy. You are welcome. 

Any Ani DiFranco fans here? I once made Phillip go to an Ani show with me. He was the only 6 foot 2 inch Asian man in attendance and afterwards he confessed to feeling terrible about blocking the view of the short and devoted lesbian couple behind him. If you ever tried to pick out 'Both Hands' on the guitar you will enjoy 32 Feelings And Then Some: An Inquiry Into The Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco.

Oh, TaylorTaylor Swift and the Silencing of Nicki Minaj

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet You guyssss, I love this stuff. We gave up cable after the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, but come next year I might need to go back on my steady diet of roundtable talking head shows. I KNOW.

This January 2015 New Year resolutions post from Jen Hatmaker speaks to myTHREENESS big time. (Also I did not promise you timely links, just interesting ones.)

Speaking of threes, Three-ness Gone Wild! Success and Achievement as America's Top Values.

As someone with resources who is STILL struggling with ensuring her small business is legal, I am tremendously sympathetic to the people in Baltimore's "informal" economy.

What I know about Ta-Nehisi Coates I know from following him on Twitter and readingThe Case For Reparations in the Atlantic. Now he has a book out (I haven't read it) and everyone is writing about it. Here's David Brooks, here's New York Magazine, here's theWashington Post on his "radical chic"

And now for The Two A.M. Feed's only regular features:

This Week In Nazisremains of Jewish medical experiment victims found in FranceEdward VIII giving the Nazi salute in pictures, and the 94-year-old "bookkeeper of Auschwitz" appeals his sentence."

This Week In Seattle: RENT CONTROL? You WISH you could browse the conversations happening in my neighborhood listserv.

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The web we miss

I just read a piece called "Tiny Letters To The Web We Miss". It will be most fascinating to those of you who've been around blogging a while, but I think it's interesting regardless. It's useful as a super brief history of how those inclined have been exposing their insides via the World Wide Web. It also articulated something I haven't been able to pinpoint: 

 In 2003, the internet felt like it was just us.

Self-publishing online was fluid and inviting in the early years because the community was self-selecting — the sort of people who would know what Blogspot was in 2003. I didn’t worry about my boss finding my blog... We didn’t have the same worries over public personas, because the internet felt like it was just us.

Blogging before social media was like drinking with friends. If someone adjacent to your conversation said something interesting, you would pull up a chair and invite them in. 


I continue to mull what this place is for, now, and whether it should still exist. Same for my Twitter handle. Some women wonder whether they'll go back to work once all their kids are in school, and some of us wonder whether we'll keep our social media accounts. 


Packing, Planning, Blathering Recovery

I'm trying to put my life in order which is pointless considering that we're going on vacation in 3 weeks (THREE WEEKS) and when we get back it will be summer vacation and there's never any order during summer vacation. Does it really matter if I organize the art supply bins? Does it even matter if I put them back where they're supposed to go post-Blathering? What about putting the winter coats away? Or organizing my desk? WHAT IS THE POINT. 

I cleaned and decluttered for the kitchen designer to come on Monday and he ended up canceling and seriously, I should just make myself a t-shirt that says I HAVE STOPPED BOTHERING.

Things I Still Need To Do For Our Trip About Which I Am A Little Bit In Denial

Buy another Bubble Bum

Borrow the Rider Safe Vest from our friends

Get powers of attorney for the time period when Phillip and I will be in Paris and my parents will be road tripping with the kids

Rent a car for Italy

Figure out the best way to get from the Stansted Airport in London to our Southwark apartment 

Think about what I want the kids to do during our trip and buy the appropriate supplies (keep a scrapbook? write a blog? Write reports?)

Make packing lists (I do not want to do this. I do not want to do this. I do not want to do this.)

Make sure everyone has appropriate shoes

Research tube tickets for London 

Find out how much WWII-related stuff I can do in England without driving my family insane

Figure out if we have any money left over to see a musical in London

Emotionally prepare myself for my beloved sainted in-laws having hourly anxiety attacks about losing children in London (quoth my FIL this weekend: "You need to buy LEASHES for the kids!")

Find someone to housesit and/or pick up mail and water plants

Worry about all the things I'm forgetting

I feel like I can't throw myself full force into trip planning because there is STILL big stuff happening - Jack's first communion is Sunday and there's a lot involved in that. Saturday we have to go to the rehearsal and then make a banner for our family's pew the day of - who knows how long that will take. Sunday is the big day and after Mass we're having a lunch at our house. It will also double as Jack's family birthday party because his birthday is the FOLLOWING Sunday (Mother's Day.) And because I'm kind of big on birthdays, I feel like he should also have a FRIEND party so I have to figure out how we're going to do that next Saturday (day BEFORE Mother's Day...) I was going to throw money at that problem, but all the options are so MUCH money and have so many restrictions with how many people and times and all that... it just doesn't feel worth it. 

That's a lot of stuff, right? 

I DO feel recovered from the Blathering, which, well, I wasn't sure there for a while. I am not a young lady drinking too much wine in someone's back yard anymore! My age is showing; also my introvert. Man, my poor introvert was silent screaming by the end and I had to give her a few days of intense solitude. Thank goodness that's over - I'm sort of a BAD introvert and can't stand spending days on end by myself. I can tell I'm all better because I spent the better part of the morning trying to find someone to hang out with Emma and me and feeling MOROSE when no one was around. 

I didn't even tell you about the Blathering, did I? Maybe I'll write a proper post, but for now I'll just say that I was so stinking proud of Seattle, you can't even imagine. The weather was DIVINE. The views were GORGEOUS. The food was YUMMY. The party bus did NOT get stuck in my cul de sac and none of my neighbors have dropped by to interrogate me about the horde of women who showed up that Friday night. I was so so happy with the way everything went off. I was beyond delighted with the sunshine. I did my best to spend time with individuals and small groups - I'm best via email, but if I must be endured in person, it's best to endure me in small groups - and I felt like I got to talk with a few more people than I usually do at this event. I'm just PLEASED. And proud of my city, which is dorky I know, but you know what I mean. 

Feeling like I've outgrown blogging/Twitter/the Internet is a frequent topic here (sorry, also how meta, also eye roll), but oh I would missssss yooooooooou. 



I updated, meh, why am I even bothering OH LOOK COOKIES

Oh HELLO THERE. I am feeling crankypants towards the blog - I wrote this super huge post last week - a post I actually tried to WRITE WELL and put THOUGHT INTO - and Typepad ate it. @)#%*#$)%*#!)%$!)#*!)@#*%!#()_$*%

And having to rewrite an already perfectly written blog post is a HUGE BUMMER so I didn't bother. And now you will never know all the GOOD things that happened on my Colorado trip, you only get the return trip drama. And I suppose you only get that if you follow me on Twitter. And now I wonder how many sentences I can start with the word 'And'? Clearly I am not working hard on writing THIS post well and/or thoughtfully. 

I suppose my Colorado post boiled down to the following points: 

1. Always, ALWAYS, meet up with your internet friends. @kate_welsh and I had a great time in a hotel bar in Charleston, but now we've had a great time at a restaurant bar in Denver and now I want her to live next door. 

2. Hanging out with 9th Grade BFF was exactly what I thought it would be, only a frillion times better. I am not kidding. I was weirdly un-nervous (I AM ALWAYS NERVOUS!) but it honestly never occurred to me that seeing her again would be anything but fantastic, and I was right. I love being right! I'm a quasi-military brat, she's a true one, and it was so fun for both of us to realize that HEY we DO have someone who "lasted". I am busy getting the guest room ready for when she visits. (WHEN ARE YOU VISITING?)

3. Colorado Springs is a WEIRD PLACE, YO. I don't use 'yo' lightly, but there's really no other way to say it. What a weird WEIRD place. I felt that way the first time I went, about 8 or 9 years ago, but it's exactly how I remember it. Only more of it. It might be my inner city girl, but I swear it's not just me. 

There you have it. Only there was a lot more in my previous post. Perhaps you are relieved. 

As I type this out, all my internet buddies are retweeting my super casual comment about Thumbprints introducing a monthly cookie subscription box. And... well, my corner of the internet has proved its extreme awesome over this last week, but I never dreamed they'd love the FPC's and my little bakery as much as they do. There's no way I could have started a bakery without you guys and you're showing that there's no way we'd be moving forward without you either. I planned to do some obnoxious tweeting tomorrow and the next day, some Facebooking, etc., but you are doing it for me. I'M GOING TO CRY NOW.

ALSO today is Father's Day. I suppose I should write something shmoopy about fathers. 

I know I've told you this before, but I'll tell you again. When we were in college, Phillip and I did a camping trip with some other friends (possibly the last time I went camping). We weren't dating yet. In the morning I crawled out of my tent looking and feeling like Death On Toast. I caught Phillip's eye - he was looking at me kinda weird, but never said anything. A few years into being married he told me that when I crawled out of that tent I looked like a mom and he'd had this flash of some day in the future when we'd be camping with all our kids. (ALL OUR KIDS. HE SAID THAT.)

I COULD have taken that the wrong way, but I didn't. And I'd always sort of known he'd be an amazing dad to the bunch of kids we'd have. In the future. When we got married. If we ever started dating.

As for my adopted dad, the sainted FIL, not sure I know a cheerier, friendlier, takes-care-of-absolutely-everything-you-need sort of person. Really. I mean that one zillion percent. 

And MY dad... I would write something about him, but that would probably make him feel WEIRD and while he thinks it's lovely that *I* have internet friends, he's not sure that HE wants internet friends and could I just please leave him alone in his library? Unless I would like to talk about the article on Ukraine I just read, or Israel, or have I read that book he gave me about education yet, did I see what so and so wrote about that, maybe we just need to sit down and discuss what is wrong with US foreign policy? That sounds good. Do we have an entire afternoon? Did I bring enough Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars? Excellent.  



I did a bunch of things this weekend that gave me a whole bunch of thoughts and part of me wants to record them all here and part of me is totally over blogging. Weird, huh? I think, at this point, it makes more sense to just keep a journal, but I've grown accustomed to the Typepad interface and also the occasional interaction. I never got tons of comments here, I was never Popular, and I no longer think about how I *could* be Popular - that seems like an era of blogging that is long over. (Is it?) And now so much of the "community" takes place on Twitter and I love Twitter. I am constantly defending Twitter to the people who are all, "No one cares what I ate for breakfast!" Whenever someone busts out the Internet Is A Dangerous Place thesis I am quick to announce that the internet can be used for good - in fact, I have heaps of personal experience. Would they like to hear my stories?! Which is weird, because I am rarely quick to defend anything. That's one thing I could never quite do when I was considering shooting for Internet Popularity. Having opinions is something I do much better one on one, or in my own living room. Never on the internet!

But here I am, because I just can't QUIT you, Typepad, and I think about how Third Baby will have ninety-five percent fewer stories than her siblings. It's not like I keep an ACTUAL baby book. Also I worry that if I stopped writing here - and I don't think it would be a sudden stoppage so much as a drifting away and forgetting - I would lose contact with all of YOU. I am better at reading Twitter than participating, and Facebook isn't the nice self-selected group I have here... you see what I'm saying. 

A few weekends ago I visited Blondie and Blondie is one of the very first people I ever wrote about on this website. I STARTED this thing one million years ago when Phillip and I went to China for three weeks. It was my excuse to start my own blog. Blondie was a friend of friends and we were basically going to China to keep her company while most of her coworkers (our friends) were on vacation and that sounds really weird, I know, but it worked. INSTA-FRIENDS. Maybe the three of us were absolutely determined to like and enjoy each other. Maybe we somehow knew there just wasn't enough time to do the usual get-to-know-you type stuff. Whatever it was, it worked, and those were three of the best weeks of my life. In no small part due to Blondie. 

(I call her Blondie because she's, well, blond. A super white blond girl who spoke fluent Chinese. In China.) 

BUT ANYWAY. She lives stateside now. She's married with two kids. Life is SO DIFFERENT. For both of us. That WAS ten years ago and we sped through those ten years in the two hours I spent at her house. We are older and tired and even though hanging out with her was, again, the easiest thing in the world, those ten years had made a difference in us. 

And my great-aunt passed away last week and my mom is calling me and talking about Big Stuff and getting older and I keep wondering what I'll be thinking ten years from NOW. And ten years after THAT. Jack is going to be seven in May. Seven! Remember when we were all having our first babies and writing about the horrors of breastfeeding and how to get them to sleep and baby gear and whoa. Sometimes I think that if Phillip and I were to have another one (CALM DOWN, PHILLIP CHEUNG, IS RHETORICAL) I wouldn't even know what to do. And my youngest is only 2 and a half! I just feel BEYOND that, for some reason. Ready to bring on the big kid activities. We went to Molly's dance studio's "Afternoon of Dance" today and it just felt like YES. This is what we do now. We do this. 

Blogging isn't the thing it was when I started, but I'M also totally different. If anything I'm MORE open and transparent and not at all bothered by anyone knowing any of these things I write about myself... I just don't know if I need to write it all out anymore. I don't know if I always need to explain myself to me, or hope that the comments section reflects me back to me. I've wanted to be funny, I've wanted to be a terrific writer, I've wanted to have Deep and Amazing thoughts, and maybe I've been all three of those things at one time or another. But mainly what I've done here, I think, is write everything out so I know what I think. I might be doing that now. I guess the difference is, this isn't the first place I think of or need when I want to do that. Not anymore. 

I hope this is a nice big sign that I Am A Grown Up. I was thinking that in my 20s I was still the same person I was when I was 16 and 17, I just had much better friends (and a boyfriend, heh.) But in my 30s I think I'M different. I have those same friends (how great is that?) (and the boyfriend stuck around), but *I* am different and by that I just mean I've shaken off so much of the stuff I tried on in my 20s. Turns out I like makeup and I have an appointment to light-ify my hair. Turns out I don't need to read every important book and see every important movie. I have politics. I have opinions. (I just don't write about them!) I care SO MUCH LESS about what people think of me. 

(Since I cared SO MUCH, this is still not enough not-caring. But it's a start.) 

(And is this a reason I'm not compelled to blog every night?)

I have less time. That's the biggest reason. But you make time for the things you want to do. I keep surprising myself at the things I choose to do over sitting down at the computer. And you know I'm not saying that all the reasons I write here and all the reasons I'm not writing here so much are also YOUR reasons. Right? I would very much like to read your blog posts about how and why you started and why you're still here. I find this fascinating! 

I was going to write "I am just finding myself LESS fascinating!" Except, GOD, would that be the lie of the century. Surely that is not the reason I am slowing down on the blog front. It just must be that I am finding other ways to navel gaze. Or other ways of navel gazing are a better fit for me at this stage of life. God forbid I ever stop poking around for lint, right? 


An update that is more like an update about updating soon.

Oh Internet. I am SO TIRED. And I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. But I am SO TIRED. I know being too tired to update your blawg is a first world problem of the utmost degree, but it's not like you expect me to be above such things. 

There was a Party, the start of a New Job, and a Mysterious Ailment; there's the continuation of the Shower Saga, a few existential thoughts on Should We Continue To Throw This Christmas Party, and then a whole heck of a lot of Bakery Lessons. I reeeeeally want to get your opinions, but I went to bed at 2am last night and you guys, I'm pretty sure the last time I saw 2am I was in high school. Even in college I went to bed at Reasonable Hours, to the massive irritation of my various roommates. I had to put part of a bakery order together after the party, then I had to assist my sister in delivering that order to Tacoma by 9am this morning, and I was so tired I fell asleep in the car on the way home and dreamed I was dating Macklemore. I KNOW. That is VERY TIRED. 

I know that you are not particularly dying for me to share any of these stories, but I feel like I'm forgetting things and this is the only Baby Book/Journal I've got and I have to keep it up. For ME. So, if you are still reading, stay tuned for more first world problems, more starting-a-business-while-having-absolutely-no-experience ruminations, and eloquent explorations of All The Stuff Going On. (Also, I plan to start reading what you are writing again. Sheesh.)

Tenterhooks, folks. Be on them. 


I believe I can FLYYYYYYY

There are a couple Charleston moments I want to capture here before they disappear into the murky mist that is my brain, but the only one I feel capable of doing justice tonight is this one:

Everyone wanted to know about the bakery and everyone wanted to help. Everyone. Marketing, graphic design, relatives who started coffee shops who'd love to email with me, Kickstarter campaigns, fundraising - Noemi even knows a local coffee distributor. 

POSSIBLY I am tearing up as I write this. I didn't expect anyone to think this was something that might actually happen. Least of all myself, right? Right now this bakery only exists in the imaginations of my sister and me and chances are high it doesn't go anywhere else. But every time I talk about it - which is hard, because ACK, I am publicizing my future FAILURE - it gets a little more real. I have yet to talk to anyone who doesn't think it's a good idea, but you guys make me feel like we could actually pull it off. You're our customers, you're the people we want to be there, you want to come, and you want to help. It's just amazing to me. 

I MIGHT burst into song. 

We're going to call it Thumbprints. I bought a URL. (Don't look. Nothing there.) I started a Twitter account and a Facebook page. I looked into branding packages on Etsy. We know what we want it to look like. (All the visioning Katie and I did two weeks ago came to life when I stepped into the Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston to pick up the Friday night cupcakes. Seriously. I took pictures of their set up. I pestered the staff.) 

I feel like it's a good idea that can only go sour because of the vast inexperience and naive optimism of the CFO, a totally unqualified and un-profit-oriented English major. But thanks for believing in us, Internet, especially you Blatheringers. I am really truly touched. 

Support my friends! Go Internet!

Hey guys! I'm totally packed, but my house is a DISASTER and I have to print out my boarding passes and important Blathering documents and make a big list of How To Do Everything At Home for my husband and in-laws and ACK. 

But before I go panic about that, let me show you: 

Shalini's book cover! My friend [Shalini] wrote a book [a real one] and this is the cover [actual cover]. I KNOOOOOWWWWWW. It's amazing. 


Also, the pseudonym is an anagram of her kids' names. SO SWEET. SIGH. 

Also, lovely blog reader Sara asked me to share this information with you:

I have a four-year-old son Max. My fifteen-month-old daughter Lucy died of dilated cardiomyopathy last Mother's Day. Pediatric CM is rare, but deadly, and there is a desperate need for increased research and awareness. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote that explains it better:

I have formed a team for the Austin (TX) Heart Walk. Team Lucy is doing so well, but every dollar we make will help American Heart and the world sit up and take notice and help the kids still suffering from this disease. It is a terrible disease and you feel so helpless and isolated as a parent watching your child suffer from this disease no one knows about. 

Here is the link to our page:

Here is a video tribute we made to Lucy:

I am determined to take out the disease that took my daughter. 

GO TEAM LUCY. I hope this helps. 

To Katie, who emailed me about her cousin, I will get back to you! But for now: yes! I'd love to! 

To the Internet: I wish you were ALL going to Charleston.