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In which I have no act to even pull together

In which I move to Canada

Hi Internet

I'm writing to you from the other side of the street fair, our third so far, and does anyone have a trick for figuring out What's Worth Doing for street fairs? I spent a long time today staring at the [really lovely super nice] ladies selling jewelry next to us and thinking, "If THEY have a bad weekend, at least they don't have to throw out all their inventory!" We had a good Saturday and a not so hot Sunday, which is how these things go, I think, and, well, we made SOME money? I haven't sat down to calculate exactly how many hours Katie worked and how much she got "paid" per hour, mainly because I'm afraid to know. The food business, guys. I don't know that I recommend it. 

That said, I kind of love sitting at these street fairs. We've only done the one in my neighborhood, which is pretty small and tame, but I suspect the bigger the fair, the wider the swath of Bizarre Humanity. The older I get the more fake extroverted I become (fake because I still need that alone time to decompress no matter what) and I quite enjoy interacting with all the various Batty Ladies, Toothless Vagabonds, stressed families with babies, people who can't decide, people who ask me if my macarons and sugar cookies are sugar free, people who think we're selling soap and can't BELIEVE you can EAT THOSE!, Spacey Teenagers, people who can't walk past a Seahawks-themed cookie without feeling obligated to buy it as a token of their devotion, people who want me to open a store, people who come back for seconds, Random Conversation Starters, people who pay in dimes, THEY'RE ALL AMAZING. Especially the ones who walk by, stop in their tracks, and squee because OMG MACARONS THEY'RE MY FAVORITE. These people inevitably ask what MY favorite is and I always say, because I am a tremendously bad liar, that I prefer a massive fudgy brownie to one of these foppish silly little cookies. I know, I need to work on that. 


So here I am, wanting to unwind in front of some fun Olympics television viewing, and I CAN'T, because stupid NBC has me on a West Coast tape delay. I am not a huge Olympics/sports fan so I don't know why this has me so het up, but I keep getting excited to watch certain events with my kids and I keep getting disappointed/frustrated because nothing comes on until so late! And we already know the results for all the swimming because hello, internet, and UGH why don't I live closer to Canada so I can watch THEIR Olympics coverage. 

Maybe Trump will win and the Cheungs will relocate to Phillip's company's Vancouver location and we'll get to watch Canadian Olympics coverage NEXT time!

I come up with the greatest solutions to things. 

We're starting week 4 of Bathroom Remodel. (SEGUE! THERE WASN'T ONE!) It's... ok. So it's going slow - this last week was a hard one for our contractor dude's personal life - but I'm dead serious about having the lowest of low expectations and I am unfazed by Slow. And I think we're actually out of the really slow part, where it's all boring plumbing, and we've moved into framing and actually putting in some bathroom-looking type things. I really like the guy we hired, even though he wasn't around much last week. I also thought having the kids at home during a remodel was going to be horrid, but instead it's made me feel less awkward about having a stranger in my house all the time. Kids give me a reason to do stuff in my own house rather than feeling like I need to escape every day. We've had some design issues come up, but nothing we haven't figured out. I'm nervous the final product will be terrible because 1) I picked everything out and can you trust me and 2) what if the design sucks? But... too late for that! 

I am so Fine about the bathroom remodel that I've been sitting here looking at kitchen remodels on Pinterest during the NBC sucky coverage. I KNOW. 

Honestly, all I'm nervous about right now is that there's going to be some sort of Bathroom Emergency when I'm in Chicago this week and I won't be around to swoop in and Make A Decision. But that's what texting is for, yes? Also: CHICAGO. I am QUITE looking forward to seeing two of my favorite ladies and also feeling QUITE guilty about being gone longer than I've ever been for Something Fun. (Volunteering at Urbana is longer, but volunteering at Urbana is for GOD whereas hanging out in Chicago with @lizritz and @notthatyouasked is more like, hmmm, threatening to my liver.) 

All right. I wanted to watch the men's relay medley, even though I already know who wins, but it's almost 11 which is, like, years past my bedtime, and it's like NBC doesn't actually want anyone to watch the Olympics, don't you think? GAH


ccr in MA

I totally agree that "it's like NBC doesn't actually want anyone to watch the Olympics", and I also think they have not put together the idea of their delayed and fluff-packaged 'coverage' with the world of the internet today, where you honestly can't avoid hearing what happened even if you try. It's frustrating. I'm going to look at their online coverage and see if there's any way to watch something, as it happens, all the way through, but there probably isn't.


Did you know that in 2012 the USA was the only country (in which the Olympics were broadcast) that didn't broadcast Usain Bolt's gold medal race live? And think about how much extra NBC are paying for the Olympics than broadcasters from other countries, and all they do with it is transmit things on a delay.

Do you have a smart tv/firetv stick/PlayStation/Xbox/anything that would let you get the NBC Sports app for the TV? Because everything is available live through the app. That's how my six year old has been binging on the equestrian events.


I am NOT extroverted - fake or otherwise - but you make sitting at the street fair sound QUITE entertaining and amusing! Also your Chicago trip sounds delightful. Hope you have a blast!


We get CBC and it is SO much better for Olympic coverage. Although we did watch NBC last night for the men's synchronized diving. The abs.... The kids kept walking in front of the TV and I kept having to yell at them to move. :)


I miss Canadian coverage so much. I used to live right near the border and I loved having two options for my Olympic viewing. Of course, now we have a dozen options with all of the different NBC-owned channels anyway, but it's been driving me nuts that everything is SO late. I was happily watching the end of gymnastics last night and playing on my computer when I looked at the clock and was like, "11:30? Holy crap, I need to go to bed." Alas, I stayed up to watch the medals and I am sleepy today. And I give you credit for getting through a bathroom remodel calmly. We've had a handful of things happen at our house in the last few weeks (broken A/C in the middle of 90-degree weather and a bee infestation, among others) and I am exhausted just worrying about that...let alone being down a bathroom and all that. And I just came back from vacation (ok, the kids were there so it was a "trip") so there is no rest in sight to recover...


I'm from Baltimore so we have to watch the swimming (MD is well represented). I am so tired by the time it comes on, I'm dragging the next morning. I agree, the coverage has not been the best! But, I love all the back stories and seeing all the moms and dads in the stands!


Woah. What a coincidence! I'm doing a bathroom remodel too! Can you share some photos here and let's exchange notes?

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