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We'll just forget that ever happened


So this is what's up. I stopped blogging. I told myself I was done blogging. I told my friends and family I was done blogging. I MIGHT HAVE CRIED A LITTLE, OKAY?

Then I went to Hawaii over Spring Break, spent a lot of time sitting in the sun drinking cocktails and Mulling Life, and I realized: NOPE. 

The week before we went to Hawaii was a nightmare. 

The Saturday before - the night before Easter - I was about to hide the kids' Easter baskets when I noticed that they were covered, no, SWARMING, with ants. We are fighting neverending battles against ants and they won this one big time. I found myself wandering Target at 10 o'clock at night, damning the entire population of Seattle for buying up all the Easter baskets (because I'd thrown everything away, all of it) and staving off tears by writing despairing texts to everyone I knew. 

Easter Sunday we found lice in the girls' hair. 

Monday we realized our leaky washer was getting worse, what with the ants and the lice laundry. 

Tuesday we paid a company called Lice Knowing You to comb the girls' hair because IT IS THE WORST JOB IN THE UNIVERSE.

Wednesday we worried about the washer. And the water damage on the floor. Phillip left work early to go buy a new washing machine at Home Depot. I had never been more in love. 

Thursday we went back for a lice check. All clear! 

Friday I drove to Vancouver with friends for a much needed ladies' weekend away and our new washing machine was installed.

Saturday Phillip texted to tell me that um, hmm, it actually wasn't the washer, he thinks the leak is in the WALL. 

Sunday evening Phillip called to tell me that our contractor would NOT be starting our bathroom demo on Monday as planned, he needed to undergo a biopsy to see if his acid reflux was actually CANCER. 

That's when I cried. 

(I've since returned to a more balanced human being who is more sad for her contractor-who-became-a-friend than her postponed bathroom. But I might have reached A Limit that night.) 

When I came back from Vancouver the bathroom plans were up in the air, the laundry room was still taking on water, and we were going to Hawaii on Thursday. I asked Phillip, "Are the locusts next?" 

The morning before we went to Hawaii we had a plumber come, cut out water damaged section of wall, and fixed our leaky pipe. I'm not mad about this. I got a fancy new washing machine out of our lack of House Handiness. But, you know, there's a gaping hole in the laundry room wall. 

So I'm sitting in Hawaii thinking about all this and WHAT IT MEANS. And I realize that I really miss my blog. Which I always told everyone I would always write on, even if the only reader I had was my mom. Which was true of my blog's early years! (YEARS!) How many times have I said that I don't know what I think or how I feel about something until I write it? 


So I'm back. And things are better. We're interviewing new contractors this week. Phillip and I are slowly coming back from that edge where everything makes us want to push the other one off. The kids are doing well. The weather has been MAGICAL. 

I took a lot of people off my Twitter and I took Twitter off my computer. I'm keeping my Facebook account because it's basically my mom's Facebook account. I have my phone numbers for emergency texting. I'm dialing it back, for real. But I had gobs of fun revamping this place to look (I realized afterwards) just like my bakery website (shrug) and I MISSED YOU, BLOG, I REALLY DID. 




Oh, I am so relieved. :) Welcome back.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

YAY! Welcome back!

Also, that sounds like a HORRIFIC series of events and I'm so glad you are on the other side of all that.

Dr. Maureen

Good to have you back.


Yikes. Is the contractor ok? I'll admit...I just flew over to Twitter to check if you still follow me :)

(Oh, and now I see on Twitter he's not exactly ok. Praying!)

I missed you! Glad you're back.


So happy you're back! I missed your voice.


Oh my lord, I feel like I have to comment given we are both in the remodelling the bathroom in Seattle boat. All the rest a test of your resolve and fortitude. I hope there was wine. At least there was Hawaii and Vancouver....
Our remodel is due to start at the end of the month at the princely sum of $30 more an hour than you were quoted but we cannot, cannot, talk to and get quotes from anyone else. It better be the best damn bathroom in the world. Only it won't be, because we cut out all the fun stuff to adhere to budget.
Hang in there and yay for blogging again!


Never leave me, Maggie.


So I've been reading your blog since before Jack was born, way back before I met my husband and had my own two babies, and the concept of having a family felt so far-off! I think I found you via Arwen, who was a regular commenter on my friend Rachel's blog, Finding Wonder in the Mundane. You've been in my feed reader ever since, and I'm glad you're not hanging up your keyboard for keeps! Welcome back!! 😄


So glad you're back! Was starting to worry!


Yay, Maggie!!! This blog looks very nice. So glad you're back - good to hear your voice.


So glad for you to be back. I keep taking extended breaks too. I'm so sorry for your contractor. I have a hole in my wall too - we got a new hot water heater out of the ordeal for the exact same reason.


So glad you are back! But honestly, do what is best for your. You definitely had some rough times recently! I hope that your contractor friend is doing ok.


Praying for the contractor! Glad you're back. :)


Gosh, I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. I think I've said this here before, but I am totally the type of person who needs to vent and process through my blog. Also, I don't want to say that if I didn't blog about it it didn't happen, but the way things go these days, sometimes that's how it feels. It is my helpful memory bank. But the processing is huge when I'm dealing with stuff. Recently I've felt a bit boring or not as insightful or whatever, not that anyone reads it besides my mom and my oldest friend and one random periodic commenter I don't know, but I still feel compelled to do what I can, for my sake and maybe someday for my kids (ha). Glad you're back :)

ccr in MA

What a terrible week! I too find that I process better by writing things out, so I hope you find it keeps helping you and you keep writing here.


I love your blog and your writing. Keep it up, there are so many people who enjoy hearing your tales.


Thank you for coming back! I missed you!


Yay! Missed your blog!


Despite all of the horror, this is a dream blog post (for me!). So often one of "my bloggers" disappears and I am left bereft. But SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK! It's rare but THE BEST and I'm so glad you did! Welcome back from this internet creeper:).

Sarah in Ottawa

THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE BACK. And I am so sorry about your contractor. So many prayers to him.

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