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  • the incredibly long, annoying, confusing, and frustrating process of finding a contractor, by which I mean the incredibly long, annoying, confusing, and frustrating process of my husband figuring out if he could EVER be comfortable with ANY contractor; 
  • not really having any idea of how to divide our Why Did They Design It This Way??? main floor/master bathroom in a sensible way;
  • and the remodel money slooooowly yet suuuuuurely drying up (thanks, Stock Market!); 


In April. Our contractor dude will probably start demo the week we go to Hawaii for spring break - oh, did I mention that? - which is why I will not be at the Blathering this year. I can't go on a family trip, remodel a bathroom, AND see Britney in the same month. I am extraordinarily self-indulgent, but even I have limits. 

Here is the CURRENT floor plan and the DESIRED floor plan. 


For a while we considered keeping the double vanity and putting the toilet on the other side of the bathroom with the shower, but marriage is about compromise, friends, and Phillip Cheung wants the biggest shower he can possibly get. With a foot or so saved for some type of deep linen closety storage (the above picture is not to scale, heh), his new shower is really not going to be all that bigger than his current shower. But configuring it this way earned me some wife points and also ensured that we'll have to pay more for plumbing. SURE, WHY NOT!

I still have to get in touch with our Builder Dude and discuss exact measurements and all that, but I have a GENERAL idea of what I want and how it will look. That is, until I start thinking about it a bit more and then everything is back up for debate. Maybe I really DO want to have a tub and we'll do a shower tub combination with this lovely piece of porcelain, isn't it pretty? With a shower curtain because is there anything more hateful to clean than a shower door? I'd lose my storage there at the end, but I'd have enough space for a tiled shampoo ledge/bench. Who cares about where the towels will go!

Speaking of tile, I'm a big fan of sparkling white with MAYBE some aqua glass tiles thrown in somehow, but you know what's nearly as hateful to clean as shower doors? GROUT. I HATE GROUT. Which is why, when I stayed at a fancyish hotel earlier this year, I spent the better part of every shower examining the... vinyl? wallpaper? siding? material?... that lined the shower. I mean, it was NICE. It was like waterproof textured wallpaper. All white. Vertical grooves. Only a handful of seams in the whole shower. IT WAS SUPER COOL. And I cannot find anything like it anywhere on the whole internet, which makes me think maybe it WAS wallpaper and what were they thinking putting it in the SHOWER? But I loooooved it and I would totally put that in my house. 

(OR MAYBE I can put in a narrow stall shower and one of those tiny Japanese soaking tubs. OOOOOOOHH. (No.))

As for bathroom vanities, I don't like anything. And I have looked at all of Pinterest, all of Houzz, and all of the rest of the internet. I want modern, but not ugly. I want clean, but not operating room sterile. I want as much storage as possible, while realizing you don't get that much in a one sink vanity. Do I want one that comes with the countertop included? I want an undermount sink (pretty much all of my choices are based on what is easiest to clean). How does a built in vanity work? Can you put something together with kitchen cabinets? 

The thing I hate most about my current bathroom is the linoleum floor. It's ugly, torn, coming up in places, UGH I HATE IT SO. What is an AWESOME floor? Dark? Tiled? WHAT? 

The small guest side of the bathroom, I kind of don't care. Probably whatever floor we pick for the other side, a teeny tiny wall mount sink that I assume I'll get at Ikea, and a super plain shower - heck YES we are ripping out the tile we put in ourselves. In addition to it's ugliness it wasn't a very good job and although we needed to do it at the time and it worked out and we saved ourselves a few bucks, if we're going to remodel everything else we're going to get a PRETTY shower too GOSHDARNIT. And because it won't be used that often, I'm more okay with grout. White subway tiles sound nice, but so do those ginormous rectangular tiles where you need, like, seven for the whole shower. Clean lines, white, boom. 

Anyway. Do you have any THOUGHTS? Feel like throwing me into additional design tailspins? I'm planning to buy everything before April, stash it in the garage, and then Hail Mary my way through the actual process. I am fine making nine million decisions about fixtures and grout color and blah blah blah, but I would like to make them NOW. 



I have many thoughts, having remodeled a bathroom this summer. First thought- stick up on liquor. Will email you with other thoughts. Also, ours was worth every bit of money and stress in the end.


I am working on our master bathroom remodel in Seattle too this spring. Also funded by the stock market so thanks Bear Market...Good times! Like that bathtub, I may steal it. My solution for the grout problem was to think dark gray grout with white tile - do you think that will work? I bloody hope so. We are going Scandi - white with some real wood here and there. Light blue accents. I DESPAIRED at vanities because I hate fancy/scrolled/overdesigned ones so I finally settled on the white one from Ikea, yes Ikea!
However, I stalked it on CL because I refuse to put drawers together, I just do. It never ends well. And lo, a couple in our next door neighborhood bought one, assembled it and it didn't fit their bathroom - so we got it half price, brand new and assembled. Win!
We also found one of those Euro towel heater units on CL for dirt cheap - so it sits waiting too.
I'm thinking that gray wood grained plank tile for the floor...
Oh heck, are you on Pinterest? We can follow each others boards...
Especially curious to hear about contractors you have known....


I have never left a comment, but I feel like I should. We redid our bathroom, and my husband was adamant that we use black grout, because he also hates grout. We used the 12"x12" tiles that are a white/gray marble looking tile, with the black grout, and then a stripe of glassy looking tile that has variations of grays and silvers. The black grout was an amazing decision and I just decided my tile with that in mind (aka more grays and less creams). We also used kitchen cabinets, as they are taller and provide more storage. But they are taller, so they are harder to reach for the younger set, if that's a concern at all.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Ooooh a bathroom remodel! I would love nothing more than to remodel our master bathroom, so I want to hear Every Decision. White with aqua glass tiles sounds so fresh and lovely, but YES. GROUT ICK GROSS NO.

I do hope you get a billion points for giving up the dual vanities, though. That's... that's a sacrifice right there.

Good luck! I hope it goes smoothly!


I would title as the king of the changeovers!! Perfect fittings for any kind of work! Awesome services! And the service we received believe me folks, it have been an amazing experience!

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