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I don't know how many years ago now I was pointlessly tweaking the blog and somehow deleted the chunk of code that collected visitor numbers and referral sites and all that good stat stuff. Good and bad came from this screw up. On the good side, I am 1) no longer obsessed with who and how many people are reading this drivel and 2) no longer disappointed when I discover the only who and how many is my mother. On the bad side, I DON'T KNOW WHO IS READING. Not many people are reading blogs anymore, so it seems a silly thing to fret over. But people are just WAY more google-able than they were when I started this thing. Hardly anyone knew what blogs WERE! There was safety in that! I continue to be more or less okay with being embarrassingly open book about my entire life, but I feel like maybe I should, you know, mentally prepare myself for the day when a super rad teacher I don't know at my kid's school is introduced to me and says, "Oh, you're the one with the blog!"

(That day was Friday.)

SO ANYWAY! This is why, even though I am dyyyying to write about The School Boundary Situation Happening In My Neighborhood, I'm not going to. Yet. Especially since I seem to be the only person who thinks the school district might NOT be a Nefarious Mustache-Twirling Villain in this whole mess. I'm hoping for Merely Clueless? Understandably Doesn't Like To Admit They Made A Mistake But Will Quietly Make It Right? I'm sure I'm being naive, but I'd rather be naive (for now) than publicly lambaste anyone. Besides, people were throwing around the phrase "media strategy" at the meeting I went to this afternoon, so I'll get to participate in a whole PLAN for that. I do enjoy a good plan. 

(If you are interested enough to email me, I will happily share the details. If you're local and don't know what I'm talking about, then especially you.)


I've thrown myself into researching all this school stuff (in my district and others), which is new and good, but with Emma even more independent in preschool, I'm sort of wondering what to do with myself. Yes, I do remember that little boutique online bakery, but with Katie moving and us streamlining what we do, there's not a whole lot to work on. I do have a pile of paperworky things I need to finish and we continue to get orders on a fairly regular basis (without advertising! kind of amazing), but Thumbprints has sort of lost its luster for me as a PROJECT. Which I think is the part I liked best. We can't grow it right now so I've lost that feeling of having something to work on.

I realize now that I LIKED having something to work on. I'm remembering things I did before I had kids, like teaching myself Access to build databases at work (which was not my job, and actual tech people are putting their noses in the air, but this was huge for me). I taught myself HTML and CSS. For a while I was revamping the blog all the time, just for fun. I LIKE building and creating things, I like getting something going out of nothing. I think I'm probably more skilled at the part where you KEEP it going, but that part is definitely not as fun. (Oh, poor those of us with the spiritual gift of administration!) 

So I don't know. Maybe this thought process will actually take me somewhere, maybe I will shove it to the side and sit in front of the TV with a bag of chocolate chips. (Let's take bets!)



I need the school details, obviously. I hate the huge gap in classes/opportunities between different schools in this same district.

If you need a project, I will offer up my children. Neither of them can read yet and I am despairing. Books are my world!

ccr in MA

I should speak up as a not-your-mother reader. And, being way over on the other coast, and not having kids, I should be both safe to vent to, and ignorant of the nuances, if you need an ignorant ear!

And I too generally prefer being naive to lambasting. I hate eating crow later.


I don't know about betting but I think I could VOTE for the chocolate eating (FIRST) and then the being productive (LATER)!. And can I also just say how much I HATE that reading blogs has become passé? I still love reading blogs!


I'm with SarahD - I love blogs still and getting a peek into peoples lives.
I'm interested in school districts as we live in said (wide) school district but on the other end of the city where all is woe and despair, no matter the boundaries. Their proposal to divide it into North/South last year REALLY got me going - as if the South is not already way underfunded/under performing. But all that being said, my kid goes to a private school due to a variety of convenience and tuition discount factors, so. What do I have to say.

I mostly jumped in to say that yes, I am a project based person too and it's the maintenance that drains the life out of me. I like ticking a box - I just don't like ticking that same box a year later. This is not a great human trait but I remain convinced there is some sort of job out there that can best use that kind of energy from an introvert who also doesn't like planning events, right?


+1 for a non-mom reader.
+1 for another that still loves blogs and isn't a fan of their decline.
+1 for also enjoying the creating/building part of a process.


Just popping over (from Feedly! must load the actual site!) to say that I'm still reading and when a new mighty maggie posts shows up I get mighty excited.

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