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A Litany of Complaints

Okay friends, if you've got any pep talks lying around, I could use one. 

Things are not HORRIBLE. At all. Much of Twitter is experiencing Actual Horrible right now and all I've got is a leak in my ceiling. 

But we already had someone out to fix the leak! And we were going to get a guy to come repair the ceiling and that was going to last us until the spring when hopefully we'll have enough money to gut the whole bathroom and start over, which is what REALLY needs doing. But as soon as I got out of the shower this morning the kids shrieked, "THE CEILING IS DRIPPING AGAIN!" and lo, it was so. Our top [main] floor bathroom is situated directly over the bottom floor bathroom [the kids use this one] and we thought it was the toilet, but maybe now it's the shower? 

We had our 5th contractor come out to give us a bid on the bathroom and while this is our first Fairly Reasonable In Our Opinion Bid, it's still a huge chunk of money. And he didn't include redoing our shoddy shower tile job, which we're pretty sure we want. 

TANGENT: If you had one bathroom on your main floor that served as the master bedroom bathroom AND the bathroom everyone in your home uses during the average day, including guests, would you:

OPTION ONE: Divide into 2 bathrooms, creating a hall bath with a toilet, large shower, and teeny sink, and master bath with double sinks, small shower, and toilet, or

OPTION TWO: Keep as one large bathroom, but replace giant tub with giant shower and replace current shoddy tile job shower with a sink, so that the pocket door dividing the bathroom would actually be USEFUL (giant shower/double sinks on one side, toilet and new sink on the other side). 

(I suppose it would be helpful to note that the bathroom currently has one giant soaking tub, double vanity, toilet, and shower, but a pocket door that divides it into tub/sinks and toilet/shower. It also has a door on either end, one into the master bedroom, one into the hallway, IT MAKES NO SENSE, your Christmas party guests feel like they're walking into your shower.)


I'm also sick and I've been sick for going on three weeks and I AM OVER IT. 

I tried REALLY hard not to go over my grocery budget this month, but no one in this house is cool with being a vegetarian except... oh wait, probably everyone is cool with it except Phillip. And Molly, I guess. Future Post: How Molly Is Mini-Phillip.

I screwed up Molly's Halloween costume. Royally. 

I absolutely hate my hair, but if I chop it into my preferred long bangs pixie I'm afraid I'll look even fatter than the nearly 40 extra pounds I've gained this year OH YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT FORTYYYYY. 

Also, I spend an inordinate amount of time each evening ogling the gray hair multiplying over my scalp.

But you know what, I might be okay with all of these things if my four-year-old would literally get her you know what together and figure out how to use the potty. I pretty much never want advice about anything, but people, if any of you know the tiniest thing about potty training while on Miralax PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your assvice in the comments I BEG YOU. (I should note the other aspects of potty training are good, including night training, in fact, that was the first thing she mastered A YEAR AGO. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS KID?)

Let us pause while I figure out if there's anything else I want to sob about. 

Eh, I think that's it. Time to open that bag of Halloween candy that put me over my budget WISE DECISION, SELF. 


Dr. Maureen

I am posting to sympathize. I do not know how to solve your potty problem except to say maybe she has to help clean it? Which maybe you've tried? I don't know, I'm at a complete loss for you. And the thing that made AM decide to use the toilet was taking her to Target and letting her pick the prize she wanted for poop in the toilet. I'm sure "bribery" is already in your arsenal, but that is what did the trick for us.

Regarding your bathroom: I think I'd split it into two, but that is if the cost is the same. If it's cheaper to keep it as one but with a fixed pocket door, do that. At least, that is my answer if my understanding is correct. It sounds to me like the pocket door would essentially divide it into a master/guest bath anyway? Oh! And here is another thing: Do you USE the huge tub? Do you never use it but still have to clean it and it is a pain? In that case, I'd say get rid of the tub.

I am sorry everything is terrible.


Hey, flabby fist bump to gaining 40lbs as that is exactly what *I* did this year as well.

I have zero assvice on potty training, as I have yet to get my 5 almost 6 yr old to stop messing his pants EVERY DANG DAY. Gah! This is stressing me out.

As for bathroom! Is there an option for a small half bath for guests- sink & toilet, then YOU can have big shower for master? Guests can use downstairs shower, yes? That would be my preference, anyway.


I feel you on the plumbing issues. If only I could post a picture in the comments! There's an excavator in my yard, tearing it apart in an effort to give us running water.

As for your bathroom, I think I'd divide it in two. I've never had a master bath, so don't much care about them either way, but it *would* be weird to have guests going into a bathroom connected to your bedroom.


oh man Maggie, none of this sounds good! I don't know if EJ would respond to this, but did you do the thing with getting rid of all diapers and pull-ups with her and never using them again? (She exchanges them for a toy at Target?) Then whenever she has an accident be over the top (faking it of course) understanding and clean her up? Like you don't really have a dog (horse?) in the race.


p.s. we stayed in the house for 3 or 4 days for the most part. Pee trained in 2, poop in 4? I feel silly posting this b/c you've probably already tried it. . .


oooh! sorry maggie, no miralax knowledge. :(


No knowledge. Just sympathy. I can't even weigh in on the bathroom (despite having used it many times) because it's monday and raining and my brain is broken.

And funny story- after FIL passed, I made photo books of lots of pictures of his whole life and MIL was showing one to a neighbor. One of the photos included was a wedding photo for me and Daniel. The neighbor (who only knows the family vaguely) looked at the picture of me and D and whispered to MIL "is that the same wife that he has now?". Massive weight gain for the win :)

Hope the ceiling and the potty training and the haircut and all resolve soon. Hang in there.


Ah man. Sorry Maggie. These are all stressful things.

Jen (SaitoAbroad)

I'm sorry it's been such a tough time.

I don't have much advice to share regarding potty training other than, she'll come around. I know that's not very helpful at this moment though :(

But I do want to chime in on Miralax. My son, right around when he turned 5 started complaining of tummy aches. They made him feel so bad that it tanked his moods and he would throw tantrums etc... Took him to the ped and was told that he was constipated so we went on Miralax (this was in May).

I kept trying to ween him off it but pain would come back immediately. His diet wasn't awful so it was so frustrating to me to think he needed to be so dependent on Miralax,

My husband is lactose intolerant, his symptoms were different from my sons so it didn't initially register with me but after about 6 months of Miralax I experimented and took him off milk, ice cream, yogurt. And it turned out that, like my husband, my son is lactose intolerant. Constipation being the main symptom. He can still eat cheese and yogurt just fine, drinks Lactaid milk and he takes a lactaid type pill before ice cream. It's been a fairly easy resolution. Worth testing out for you guys maybe?

I hope everything starts looking up soon!!

Alan Stevenson

I hope things get better for you soon!

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