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This week's Two A.M. Feed

Phillip is all, "Why don't you just post it on your website? What's the difference with this newsletter thing?" The truthful answer is I DON'T KNOW and maybe it's all redundant and stupid, whatever. Sometimes I sort of wish certain blogs still had the old school "subscribe by email!" link so maybe this is that. ANYWAY. Herewith is this week's Two A.M. Feed, just delivered via email and posted here for non-subscriber yet faithful blog reader enjoyment. (Or boredom.)

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The We Support The Teachers! Edition

This Week In Seattle gets bumped to the top this week because OH MY GAWWWWD the teachers are on strike andit does not look good. The Two A.M. Feed is the proud progeny of two Washington state public school teachers, one of whom spent many an evening away as part of a bargaining team. In Two A.M.'s teenage years she was forced, on multiple occasions, to give up her bedroom so the visiting DoDDS union rep could sleep over, so it's not like she's TOTALLY pro-Union, but she can't really argue with anything on this list.  The Seattle Times thinks the teachers are "at risk of becoming a symbol of excess for those who oppose more school spending", but when you read this condemnation of the Washington State legislature, you feel like throwing your shade towards Olympia instead of the picket lines. 

In other news!

Picking vs. inheriting religion: Catholics Who Aren't Catholic 

Where are the rich Gulf states in the midst of the refugee crisis? Social media is wondering the same thingMore from the International Business Times. No idea how I started following Hisham Melhem on Twitter; this piece of his is intense and makes you think. 

Wondering where to give or how to help? This list of organizations complied by CNN seems legit. The work being done by Migrant Offshore Aid Station is especially inspiring. Catholic Relief Services has good information too. 

I admit it. I mocked. And now I take it back. Evidence the ice bucket challenge may have worked.

This piece on Madeleine L'Engle made me feel rotten for not liking her books. Maybe I should return to them as an adult (albeit one who still hates reading fantasy) and give her another shot. 

A brief history of the British royal family. This is so so great. 

Bucking a trend, some millennials are seeking a nun's life. (I know a handful of young women living in an old convent near me. Some are discerning, some aren't, but none of them have taken me up on my offer to spend a few hours a week with three delightful children UNFORTCH.)

And now it's time for...

This Week in Nazis: I cannot WAIT to read this book. The Atlantic interviews Timothy Snyder who has a new book on Hitler himself: Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning. When you read this stuff you can't help but apply the things you've learned to what's happening in today's world, and the interview goes into a bit of that. Fair warning (though pointless as there is probably exactly one of you who might read this YO RACHAEL!): Timothy Snyder's previous book, Bloodlands, is the last book I had to stash in my freezer, Joey-style. I don't expect him to hold back in the new one either. (GONNA READ IT ANYWAY)

Nothing else happened this week. Let's hope next week's Feed consists of celebratory SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION articles, shall we? Excellent. 


Salome Ellen

Try L'Engle's non-fiction. Two Part Invention about her marriage, The Summer of the Great-grandmother about the death of her mother.

Sarah in Ottawa

I know one of the nuns in that article! Well, as well as you know a cloistered nun. The Canadian, Sister Mary Cecilia, worked with/is friends with two of our closest friends. We ordered some of their stuff last Christmas (it's AMAZING) and she wrote me the loveliest note.

It's an interesting trend. Here in Ottawa, there's an amazing order called the Queenship of Mary and other than the Mother Superior, all the sisters are under 35 (and they have just welcomed another bunch of young postulants). They are such kind, joyful women.

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