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The web we miss

I just read a piece called "Tiny Letters To The Web We Miss". It will be most fascinating to those of you who've been around blogging a while, but I think it's interesting regardless. It's useful as a super brief history of how those inclined have been exposing their insides via the World Wide Web. It also articulated something I haven't been able to pinpoint: 

 In 2003, the internet felt like it was just us.

Self-publishing online was fluid and inviting in the early years because the community was self-selecting — the sort of people who would know what Blogspot was in 2003. I didn’t worry about my boss finding my blog... We didn’t have the same worries over public personas, because the internet felt like it was just us.

Blogging before social media was like drinking with friends. If someone adjacent to your conversation said something interesting, you would pull up a chair and invite them in. 


I continue to mull what this place is for, now, and whether it should still exist. Same for my Twitter handle. Some women wonder whether they'll go back to work once all their kids are in school, and some of us wonder whether we'll keep our social media accounts. 




I've had my blog for 7-1/2 years now. No one reads it except my parents, a couple friends, one random person, and sometimes my husband. Definitely not the same following you have, so no pressure there, but there are moments I wonder how long it will last. I need it for my own mental health, and I love that my kids lives have been documented forever. Heck, just last night I got nostalgic and read a series of secret posts I wrote three years ago when I was barely pregnant with #2 and posted a couple months later when the news was out. I love knowing that these fleeting moments of parenthood are documented somewhere because it's all too easy to forget. That's my reason for sticking with it, but even that won't last forever.

You have to do what works for you. I know lots of people would miss you, but if your heart isn't in it, what's the point? A little something is better than nothing, from my perspective, but... :)


De-lurking to say don't go! Your blog is one of my favorites!


I miss the way it was too. I'm on hiatus from blogging, on twitter very little and feel excluded a lot when I am on there, and facebook is mostly family. Instagram is the only place I feel at home still and facebook messaging with a small group of people. I wish the internet was still so inclusive and accepting. Mostly I just feel judged and found wanting.


Oh the good old days. I miss them too. That all ended for me the day my mom found my blog. That took so much steam out of me. And also, as you say, now I worry that my kids' right to privacy or decorum or whatever might be violated by the things I share and so I self edit myself right out of writing anything. But I really miss it, and think about going back to it often. And I do hope you will continue to share your thoughts, because yours is one of a very few blogs I faithfully follow and I would miss you very much!


I read mommy blogs for about 7 years before having my own child, and often think of things I've read years ago, as I now go through things myself. It's been good and bad for me, more good than bad though, the effect of reading about someone else's life online. I wish people still blogged as freely as they once did but I understand all the reasons people stop, or at least cut back.

Off to read the article you linked to. Oops, my own baby just woke up and is calling for me...maybe not!

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