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The Great Pet Plan

Soooo I have been spending a LOT of time browsing I KNOW. I mean, maybe you don't think I know, but I KNOW. I KNOOOOOW. 


We're not getting a pet. We aren't. The reasons are as follows:

1. Phillip only wants a cat. 

2. Maggie only wants a dog. 

3. Phillip doesn't want to pick up dog poop. 

4. Maggie is terrified of cats. 

5. Phillip is ALLERGIC TO CATS. ("I'll just take a Zyrtec!")


I continue to browse Petfinder in hopes of finding a nice fluffy white living stuffed animal doggie in need of a Furrever Home (GAG!) who wants to curl up in my lap while I watch TV and follow me around the house while I do laundry and basically be a Sweet Sweet Doggie Friend. 

The closest I've come to convincing Phillip is: "Maybe when all the kids leave home and you NEED a dog." 

We had a dog when I was a teenager, but as I had already mentally removed myself from Family Life by the time he showed up, I honestly don't even remember paying attention to the dog, let alone enjoying him or taking care of him. I have no idea how to take care of a dog. I don't know what you're supposed to do. And I admit it, there are many things about owning a dog that would potentially be terrible and maybe it would be terrible. 

Then again, I've talked to several people lately who are in love with their little dogs. People who love the addition to their families and going for walks and seeing their kids interact with a pet and having a little furry companion. I THINK I COULD BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. 

I do not want a big giant slobbery dog, although I occasionally enjoy other people's big giant slobbery dogs. My neighbor dog is one of these dogs and if I happen to leave the garage door open she will invite herself in and make herself at home. It's okay because in addition to big giant and slobbery, she is friendly and lovable. But I want a little stuffed animal dog, preferably some sort of Poodle mix, no terriers. Today I found myself perusing the sites of people who breed mini goldendoodles. OMG SO ADORABLE.

Then I saw someone selling a mini goldendoodle on the Nextdoor site. I made Phillip look at the picture and he refused to say the puppy was cute. DOES HE HAVE A HEART OF STONE. 

(Note: I promise not to buy a dog off some random person on Nextdoor.)

I am reminded of the time I was 9 months pregnant with Jack and driving downtown. I'd just dropped off Phillip at work and as I was pulling away I saw one of those downtown apartment dwelling hipster people walking a BABY BULLDOG. And I thought I might die of cute. Seriously. At that moment I told myself, "Self? You just need to have this baby."

Well folks, pretty sure Phillip would rather have a dog than a baby. 

I'll keep working on him. Picture me tapping my fingers together Mr. Burns-like. My goal is to know for sure that I DO want a dog (because it's true, I should weigh more pros and cons than I have) and what KIND of dog and how to acquire such a dog and how to take care of a dog by, say, when Emma is in kindergarten. And then I'll just wear him down until he says yes. Because mawwiage.  



Do it! It took a couple years of wearing my husband down, but he finally said yes to getting a dog. We have the best little cavalier king charles, who is very easy-going and great with kids. She is really smart and has been pretty easy to train. For as much as my husband grumbled about getting a dog and pretends to be a real hard-a** about it, she is seriously his little baby! I am the strict one about kennel training and he is the one bringing her into bed with us. Now I'm off to Google mini goldendoodles. Squee!


If the two of you have time to take care of the dog, I think you should get one. If you don't like it, then give the dog to someone else. They're much easier to get rid of than children.


This was sort of how Garrett was when we were having the "Should we get a dog?" discussion. Maybe slightly less heart of stone, but very focused on how much more responsibility there would be BLAH BLAH BLAH. I think we never would have pulled the trigger and actually gotten a dog.
Anyway, I highly recommend just finding a dog (Buster was just roaming around in a random neighborhood and despite us harassing shelters, hanging signs at vets and groomers for a month, no one ever called about him.) Because once the dog is in the house, THE MEN CAN'T SAY NO! :p I know, that is no help at all because you can't just creepily troll the streets for someone else's dog. But maybe you could temporarily foster a dog through a shelter or something? Low commitment, doing a good deed and hey -- temporary -- or so you could tell Phillip. haha I feel like I'm being a terrible influence here. But you only have to look at my instagram feed for like 1 second to see how our dog fiasco worked out. It's THE BEST THING EVER. And I say that without an ounce of hyperbole. Good luck!

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