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A few thoughts on Pants, Fit Of and the chances of losing children in the London underground

Packing, Planning, Blathering Recovery

I'm trying to put my life in order which is pointless considering that we're going on vacation in 3 weeks (THREE WEEKS) and when we get back it will be summer vacation and there's never any order during summer vacation. Does it really matter if I organize the art supply bins? Does it even matter if I put them back where they're supposed to go post-Blathering? What about putting the winter coats away? Or organizing my desk? WHAT IS THE POINT. 

I cleaned and decluttered for the kitchen designer to come on Monday and he ended up canceling and seriously, I should just make myself a t-shirt that says I HAVE STOPPED BOTHERING.

Things I Still Need To Do For Our Trip About Which I Am A Little Bit In Denial

Buy another Bubble Bum

Borrow the Rider Safe Vest from our friends

Get powers of attorney for the time period when Phillip and I will be in Paris and my parents will be road tripping with the kids

Rent a car for Italy

Figure out the best way to get from the Stansted Airport in London to our Southwark apartment 

Think about what I want the kids to do during our trip and buy the appropriate supplies (keep a scrapbook? write a blog? Write reports?)

Make packing lists (I do not want to do this. I do not want to do this. I do not want to do this.)

Make sure everyone has appropriate shoes

Research tube tickets for London 

Find out how much WWII-related stuff I can do in England without driving my family insane

Figure out if we have any money left over to see a musical in London

Emotionally prepare myself for my beloved sainted in-laws having hourly anxiety attacks about losing children in London (quoth my FIL this weekend: "You need to buy LEASHES for the kids!")

Find someone to housesit and/or pick up mail and water plants

Worry about all the things I'm forgetting

I feel like I can't throw myself full force into trip planning because there is STILL big stuff happening - Jack's first communion is Sunday and there's a lot involved in that. Saturday we have to go to the rehearsal and then make a banner for our family's pew the day of - who knows how long that will take. Sunday is the big day and after Mass we're having a lunch at our house. It will also double as Jack's family birthday party because his birthday is the FOLLOWING Sunday (Mother's Day.) And because I'm kind of big on birthdays, I feel like he should also have a FRIEND party so I have to figure out how we're going to do that next Saturday (day BEFORE Mother's Day...) I was going to throw money at that problem, but all the options are so MUCH money and have so many restrictions with how many people and times and all that... it just doesn't feel worth it. 

That's a lot of stuff, right? 

I DO feel recovered from the Blathering, which, well, I wasn't sure there for a while. I am not a young lady drinking too much wine in someone's back yard anymore! My age is showing; also my introvert. Man, my poor introvert was silent screaming by the end and I had to give her a few days of intense solitude. Thank goodness that's over - I'm sort of a BAD introvert and can't stand spending days on end by myself. I can tell I'm all better because I spent the better part of the morning trying to find someone to hang out with Emma and me and feeling MOROSE when no one was around. 

I didn't even tell you about the Blathering, did I? Maybe I'll write a proper post, but for now I'll just say that I was so stinking proud of Seattle, you can't even imagine. The weather was DIVINE. The views were GORGEOUS. The food was YUMMY. The party bus did NOT get stuck in my cul de sac and none of my neighbors have dropped by to interrogate me about the horde of women who showed up that Friday night. I was so so happy with the way everything went off. I was beyond delighted with the sunshine. I did my best to spend time with individuals and small groups - I'm best via email, but if I must be endured in person, it's best to endure me in small groups - and I felt like I got to talk with a few more people than I usually do at this event. I'm just PLEASED. And proud of my city, which is dorky I know, but you know what I mean. 

Feeling like I've outgrown blogging/Twitter/the Internet is a frequent topic here (sorry, also how meta, also eye roll), but oh I would missssss yooooooooou. 





Aww it's so cute you are proud of your city. I feel the same way about suburban Cleveland.

Would love to hear about the blathering, but hey if you don't get to it, so what?

2010 when I went to Chicago seems so long ago. It is unbelievable how fast time flies. Sounds like life is very busy for you, but with wonderful things. Enjoy the spring and your upcoming trip to Europe with your family!


Some London travel tips:
- take the stansted express train to Tottenham Hale, change on to the Victoria line on the tube, change at Green Park to Southwark or Waterloo - whichever is closer.
- get an oystercard for the tube (available at any tube station) - it's pay as you go, and a day's travel for an adult will cost about £7. Children travel free.
- download the city mapper app - best way to navigate public transport and walking around London.
- go to the imperial war museum!
Feel free to email me any qus. I'm a long-time London reader of yours.


Oh, and if you do make it to a musical, go see Matilda. It's amazing. Or War Horse.


Seriously, I was having heart palpitations about the bus. Some of your neighbors looked out their window at us when we were arriving and it was as though we'd swooped in topless on the back of ponies. (Basically the same, actually. THE BUS WAS SO BIG.)

Then, when I got back ON the bus, I made it a point to tell the driver that I was so happy he was able to turn around so easily and he looked at me like I was a weirdo trying to hug him or something. FINE, SIR.


You should outsource packing lists to Elizabeth.


We would miss you so much if you stopped blogging! Especially since you are about to embark on this wonderful trip. Saw Jack's First Conmunion picture on IG and he's so handsome. My son makes his this Saturday and we are having 35 for a celebration after. Totally not ready and the contractor is not finished the deck/screened in porch yet so there is a big dumpster in my driveway.
Can't wait to hear about your packing lists.


Seattle, and you, were amazing hosts for The Blathering. It was delightful to meet you.

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