It matters to me
Promise I won't bring this up again for at least another six months

December tastes like macarons

Things I Want To Write About, Maybe

  • the cancellation of Selfie
  • what it's like to go from silky smooth, fine, flat, healthy, dark brown hair to feels-like-straw, doesn't-require-hairspray-to-hold-a-curl, way damaged bleached blond hair
  • gaining weight
  • skincare routines, specifically my lack thereof
  • the dude who ordered a cake and then didn't respond to any of my follow up emails so he's not getting a cake tomorrow, sorry about that
  • signature cocktails for my Christmas party
  • planning my Europe trip and how Phillip wants to go to Paris but not to see ART or HISTORY but to see if he can catch a glimpse of Nadal at the French Open
  • relatedly: does anyone ELSE want to go to Paris with me
  • what to get Emma for Christmas
  • shoes. I want to look at shoes.
  • what to get PHILLIP for Christmas BIG FAT SIGH

And I would have written about any (all?) of these things today, but I was glued to my BAKERY EMAIL and also my BAKERY INVOICING PROGRAM and YAY? but also OMG THIS MONTH MIGHT GET US COMMITTED. And as someone who has actually for real considered COMMITTING HERSELF, this is NO JOKE.

Please note: we DO have people we can hire to help out! We just... don't want to pay anyone! I know. But when you aren't paying YOURSELVES it sort of kills to think that you're paying someone else with the money you MAYBE could have had left over for YOU. That said, if we keep getting orders for 100 decorated sugar cookies in one go, we will just HAVE to hire out. Because. I mean, FIVE decorated sugar cookies and I'm done. I have absolutely no idea how Katie is not rocking in a corner at this point (75 candy cane macs, 75 clementine macs, 75 gingerbread macs, and 80 decorated sugar cookies are headed to Big Local Company Holiday Gathering tomorrow AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST CORPORATE CATERER ORDER ON THE CALENDAR.)

I am absolutely no help, if you are wondering. I am allowed to make three, maybe four, of our cookies. Everything else is a Katie job. And under absolutely no circumstances am I allowed anywhere NEAR anything that requires PIPING, HA HA HA. (Poor Katie.)

She doesn't know how to embed code for an online store, though. I AM USEFUL FOR SOME THINGS! (Don't tell Katie how stupid easy it is to embed code. SHHHH!)


No seriously, soon I am going to write about the TRAVESTY that is the cancellation of Selfie ie: no more John Cho on my teevee, but now I'm going to bed. Gotta rest up for another day of Bakery Email! I CAN DO IT!





I loved Selfie! I thought the pilot was sort of meh, but then it started to sort of gel and they cancelled it. I think John Cho is so incredibly good looking and I really liked the concept of the show, although I think they built the sexual tension up a little too quickly for it to have lasted without moving the relationship forward faster than they really should have. That sort of thing needs to be a slow burn. I will miss the red-headed Koreans... So definitely post about Selfie.


I also have no skin care routine, and I'd love to come to Paris with you.


When you said, "teevee" it reminded me of TiFaux and made me wonder if you still use that. Because it's very important that I know.

I had my finger over the "Add to Basket" button on your ordering website (Red Wine Brownies, duh) but then thought, maybe I'll order brownies as mid-January gifts instead, in the interest of Maggie's sanity. ;)

Also interested in your other topics, particularly skincare because lately, despite having turned 40, I'm totally uninterested. (But still want to grow old gracefully, heh.)


Selfie. I admit I heard the title in the previews and said, oh no! hell-to-the-no. Then I read about the premise and was slightly intrigued. AND THEN, I accidentally started watching it. I was enjoying it and Manhattan Love Story. So, of course, they were the first new shows to get axed.


I find Nadal kinda hot.

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