The only thing that really matters in this post is that I placed my first Boden order YAY

I bought a Rainy Day Mac, you ENABLERS!!! I have never ordered anything from Boden, but it helps that 1) I've always wanted to order something from Boden and 2) they were having a sale. I mean, it's still a pricey rain coat, but I LIVE IN SEATTLE. Right? Right. Sad part is that I bought the plain black one because: cheapest. But still. Black goes with everything! AND I ordered two clearance dresses. I told myself that this is my Does Boden Work For Me order, since that's what has always held me up before. 

(You know, like J Crew? J Crew does not make clothes for people with my body shape. I mean sometimes? If I get really lucky? But otherwise, they're a big nope. I strongly suspect Boden requires a JCrewish body, but WE SHALL SEE!) 

It's been a weird day. I took a very long nap. Even though I didn't really NEED to nap or WANT to nap, it just sort of HAPPENED. And then there was the whole "what huh smrph" jolted wake up when my alarm went off. (I have an alarm now. Remember when I slept through school pick up? I told you about that, right? GAH) And then Emma has been Constipated (and yes, with her it is a capital C) meaning that the phrase "I mixed her prune juice with Miralax" was uttered at dinnertime. The kids are on a big string game kick and ate dinner an hour later than usual because they were busy making videos of themselves demonstrating Cup and Saucer and Cat's Whiskers. Dorks. 

I had a weird cake order today too, with an out of state customer wanting it delivered to someone who just happens to live in my neighborhood and the phone kept cutting out and I was toeing the line between Cheery Positive No Problem! and OMG GET THIS OVER WITH. Also I continue to feel like I pull information out of my ass. How much? What flavors? UHHHHH. I need to make myself some sort of cheat sheet and tape it directly to the wall above my desk. It's embarrassing. 

Katie and I met up yesterday to talk about Halloween treats. We're pretty sure no one will order them, but we need some new fun pictures for the website. I don't think anyone's ordered cupcakes from us (are we coming off the cupcake trend?) but we're going to do a bunch of Halloweeny ones and they're going to be SO CUTE. We also thinked up the menu for a tasting we're doing for another catering company this month and staaaarted talking about Christmas. Right now we are just ASSUMING Christmas will be nutballs, but as soon as we start talking about how busy we'll be, we're both like, "Oh, but maybe no one will order anything from us and we'll feel REALLY STUPID." So. Super professional over here, making all the right businessy decisions, totally prepared, extra chipper. That's us!

Oh, I wanted to tell you that we went to the Home Show over the weekend because (VERY EXCITING) we are probably going to remodel the kitchen in the next two years (okay, maybe that isn't that exciting, two years is kind of a long time, EXCEPT I CAN COUNT IT ON ONE HAND I DIDN'T THINK I'D EVER GET TO DO THAT) and Phillip was curious. The Home Show was not half as fun as I thought it would be, more boring convention than crazy people state fair, but we did pick up a whole bunch of flyers and business cards and got some good advice. Like no one would think we're crazy if we called them 6 to 9 months before we wanted to start our project. And also that we should probably start thinking NOW about what we want. I mean, beyond a Pinterest board. So. Right now all I've got are solid slab of something countertops and an undermount sink. Did you remodel? Is there a feature you cannot live without? Like one of those hidden mixer cupboards with the shelf that moves up to counterheight? SO COOL. 



We remodeled sort of... I mean, a tornado hit my house so I got to redo the whole house and thus a new kitchen. It counts! (I totally told the tornado story in your comments before and won an HGTV magazine subscription for your bday!)

What I LOVE about our new kitchen = extra tall cupboards that go to the ceiling, with crown molding. Looks extra fancy and so much (too much) storage for stuff rarely used/seasonal stuff.

I also love the soft close doors.

And a spice rack vertical cupboard - love it!

Jenna H

Our kitchen was remodeled shortly before we moved into it. The thing I super LOVED was the induction stove!!! Best Thing Ever. I couldn't stand the cabinets though. Firstly, they were white- which is all pretty and trendy and SUCH A PAIN to keep clean!! If you're one of those people who either never use their kitchen or love to clean every day, white cabinets are not a problem, unfortunately I am neither of those people. Secondly, there weren't a lot of cabinets/drawers and the ones that were there were either too large (which meant quite a bit of space wasted unless we bought shelves for the shelves) or too small (ALL I could fit in one cabinet was stacks of bowls) and/or an odd shape (which meant that it was tough to organize and you'd have to dig through stuff to find anything). Thirdly, the cabinets were those cheap ones from IKEA, aka more or less contact paper over particleboard, and after awhile the contact paper started separating from the particleboard (especially over the dishwasher where the steam would come up) and it just looked ugh. Also, while it was great that they put counter space in an L shape, they didn't put any cabinet space underneath the corner, which also meant a lot of space wasted (yes that space is hard to get to, but its so nice to have to stuff away all those cooking supplies your husband insists on keeping and actually uses once every year or so). Also the pantry annoyed me- it was built into the house so no changing that- but it had a very narrow door, was very deep, and had very few shelves. Which of course meant that you could organize very little thanks to the four shelves and everything got shoved into the way back so it got forgotten about (I made sure to never keep anything with an expiration date in there) and you could see very little when you opened the narrow door so there was lots of digging when you did actually want to find that thing in the back. And heaven forbid anything get moved to the back of the top shelf- you'd never be able to reach it again!! Also the kitchen had no backsplash- also cool and trendy but it meant I had to repaint the whole kitchen in semi-gloss to ever have clean walls again (because I am one of those silly people who actually use their kitchen). Also the floor was a very light tan tile, and after a year or so of living there I forgot that the grout had ever been a color other than a dingy, uneven grayish brown. Totally didn't mean to turn this into a rant about my awful old kitchen (I didn't realize I'd had so many problems with it when I first started writing this lol) but now maybe you have a nice list of things to think about?


I have only had one bad experience with a Boden item, however, J. Crew is DICEY for me. (No pants. No shorts. Only certain skirts that are a-line). It's not that I think Boden vanity sizes, it's just that I think they're cut and made differently.

I hope you love your coat!


Moen hot and cold (room temp) filtered water faucet installed sink side. Best thing ever. Not cheap. Also I got this awesome sick that was d shaped and so deep you could wash anything in it. Pull out tall cab shelved were amazing as well. And if you frequent need a step stool there is one you can buil in to the toe kick which is very cool. Double stacked silverware drawer with soft close. Awesome. I loved that kitchen. It cost a fortune and was still small but
Also, cabs over my new cut out of a solid wall bar had glass doors which I loved.

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