Spring Break meanderingness
This is the lady that wrote "I am ninety-six and a half!" on our Christmas card

Were you missing your daily dose of drivel?

That was maybe the longest break I've taken from blogging... EVER. But half of it wasn't my fault. Typepad being down and all that. And even then, what ticked me off about THAT is that my BUSINESS WEBSITE was down! That was horrible. That and the hourly phone calls from my mother wondering when I was going to fix it. 

You may have noticed there that I linked my BUSINESS WEBSITE - that's because I've received considerable feedback re: how come my BUSINESS WEBSITE is not linked anywhere on my BLOG? And by "considerable" I mean not so much quanity, but quality. The people annoyed about this are vocal indeed. And why HAVEN'T I linked my BUSINESS WEBSITE anywhere nearby?! I think maybe it's because this place is not so first and foremost in my mind anymore AND I am always surprised when people read it! I have spent a lot of time focusing on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and it never really occurred to me that I should link my BUSINESS WEBSITE here. 

Easter was nice! I'll have to get some pictures up eventually, if only to appease Lindsay. And my mother. She's making quite the appearance here this evening, isn't she. We went to church (where my children were absolute perfect angels in a packed and overlong service, WHAT GOOD KIDS) and then headed to my folks' house where we feasted on one hundred different kinds of sugar as Jesus intended. The weather was beautiful, everything was really nice. 

Kind of a bright spot in a couple of unpleasant weeks for me. Be relieved my blog was down during the worst of it - who knows what I might have written here! Spring Break combined with SSRI withdrawal combined with bakery stress combined with GOD MY HOUSE IS A STY stress... I somehow managed to sort that all out without blogging. Can you believe it? I KNOW. I did have to write things out - in purple Sharpie on recycled computer paper - and I did have to neatly arrange those papers in an orderly way - via masking tape on the living room wall - but the end result of that is that I have a housecleaner coming tomorrow morning. I would be quivering from excitement if I weren't anxious about all the stuff I have to get ready to be house of my house for two hours tomorrow morning. 

I have to go grocery shopping and I have to go to my sister's apartment so we can discuss bakery business. There's a lot of bakery business. Which is funny, because we have hardly any orders right now, but there is ALWAYS something to talk about. We got one big thing crossed off the list, though: our application for a food processing permit was mailed Saturday morning. GOLD STARS FOR US. It will supposedly take 4-6 weeks to hear back and then you know what's funny? The permitting process starts all over again June 30. So say by some miracle we are approved before June 30. We will have to do it all over again for the following year's permit! So I'm actually sort of hoping they draw it out just long enough to skip having to renew a week later. And in the meantime we are going to start renting the real kitchen. Tomorrow morning I will call an insurance agent, on the PHONE, and buy $500 worth of liability insurance because apparently those giant mixers are huge PITAs. 

Half of me is all THIS IS TAKING FOREVER I'M TIRED I DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE. And the other half of me is absolutely floored that we've come THIS far. (And there's another half that is completely totally freaked out by getting into the wholesaling gig, which is the next step, BUT LET'S SAVE THAT FOR ANOTHER POST.)

I should go get on my treadmill. I haven't yet today - church, Phillip went out to run errands, and then I took Molly to a birthday party. A FROZEN birthday party. Those were some serious princesses. I have no problem with princesses, actually, and the girls were pretty cute in their dresses and quoting lines from the movie and all that. But I picked up a VIBE. It's a vibe I haven't noticed with Molly, and not just because she's my kid. Just the way some of those girls talked... not inappropriately, not obnoxiously, not anything BAD. Just sort of... grown up, I guess. Where Molly hasn't said one word about cliquey girls or best friends, I had this feeling that THESE girls knew all about it. They weren't the mean girls, but they knew what was what. The way they interacted with each other, the way they opened presents, the way they rushed off to the birthday girl's bedroom to play when it was all over. Molly didn't know any of them well, but even around the kids she knows well she still seems small and obliviously cheery. I can't really describe it. They were every one of them sweet and adorable and SMALL, but Molly seemed so... young? next to some of them? Young is probably not the right word. I don't know. And I was only there for an hour. And I am an accomplished social scientist with a large and diverse sample size, so just believe everything I say. 

Okay I'm getting on that stupid treadmill now. 


Dr. Maureen

I DID miss the daily drivel. A LOT.


Me too. I know what you mean about girls in the know. Sophie is the same around the girls in her class-"obliviously cheery" is a great way to describe it. She can quote Frozen and stuff, but she seems so young and immature really, compared to girls in the cute outfits who really want to be princesses, whereas she would rather run around and play superheroes with the boys. I'm alternately glad she's not obsessed with clothes and too mature for her age and worried about how these other girls are going to mistreat her in the future. Sigh.


Bravo! Browsing your cookie site now!!!



I too missed your drivel! And will patiently wait for pictures.


Yes, missed you! So excited about how far you and Katie have come in such a short time, and the website is looking so great! And as Lindsay #2 I can't wait to see cute Easter pics of the kiddos :)


Yes I missed it!!! And might've panicked a little bit when Typepad went down...

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