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Oh yeah, I used to write about my kids

ALL RIGHT. Things are looking up. There was a sudden influx of capital to Thumbprints Baking Co., for which the owners are terribly grateful and over the moon. We have picked a kitchen. We have insurance. The next step is formalizing the agreement and the step after that is (OH GOD) going through the county health department food business application process. I am guessing I will need to restock the liquor cabinet. 

But I want to exercise my mommyblogger chops tonight and write down a few things I've noticed about my kids. Before I forget. So you can leave now, it's okay, I totally won't be offended. 

So there's this huge amazing CRAZY thing I've been more and more aware of lately and that is the fact that my two biggest kids seem to be best friends. This is wild to me. It's not that they never fight (they always fight) but they also really really like each other. They don't really want to do anything without the other. We keep asking them if they're ready to stop sharing a room (when are a brother and sister too old to share a room?) and neither of them are interested. Well, they're very interested, just not right NOW. Even when I make a point of reminding them that Molly would share with Emma and we'd move the girls into the room next to Jack's so he wouldn't be alone downstairs. No no, they don't want to do that yet. 

And they play with the same things and play the same way. They would both choose to do an art project over almost anything else (except perform Let It Go in princess dresses for their parents and all their parents' friends.) They make up plays. They build elaborate forts in the living room and pretend that Emma is their kid or their pet or just some random baby they get to boss around. They squabble constantly and accidentally hurt each other all the time, but I'm not sure either of them has ever been purposefully vicious to the other. 

My brother and I are the same number of months apart as Jack and Molly. I suppose it's possible we liked each other when we were very small? But my main memories of my brother are of him barging into my room (which was 1) not allowed and 2) totally unnecessary, no I am still not over this and have refused to "just ignore him" for 34 years), messing up my stuff, and being mean to me. Always! My whole life! Not that I was a total peach to him - I remember my dad telling me, many many times, "Some day he'll be bigger than you, Mag! Watch out!" So yes, I shall grudgingly admit that I possibly beat up on him too. I sort of remember playing outside with him, making mud soup and charging through the patch of forest across the street from our house and riding bikes. My mom is probably reading this and thinking, "You did TOO have fun together!" Maybe it wasn't until we were a little older that he became my main reason for wanting to hurry up and go to college already. (Like 5th grade older.)

But I don't see that with Jack and Molly. Really. I suppose it's possible and I'm sure one day they won't want to do the same things all the time and play with the same kids and feel bad that having a "boys only" birthday party means Molly can't come. (Jack is turning 7 next month. Omg.) But still. They really really like each other, they look out for each other, they give each other heads up when their mom is on the warpath. I'm starting to wonder if they're going to be the kind of brother and sister who are buddies growing up. Who don't have to turn 30 and live in separate houses before they finally tolerate each other. (You may think I'm being snotty about my brother, but I bet you anything he would agree. Also, he called the other day to talk about the bakery and wanted to give me some feedback and he had to say, "Look, I'm not being a jackass like usual, I'm really trying to help." SEE? EVEN HE SAYS SO.)

And you know what, I'm writing this on April 1, which is basically my brother's personal holiday, the day on which he switched out my morning cereal for dog food, shortsheeted my bed, and set my alarm clock to go off in the middle of the night. HOW APT.

So yeah, my heart IS warmed over by the affection my two oldest show each other. (Ask me again when they're teenagers.)

Emma, however, worships the very ground on which her brother and sister tread. All day long I am reminded that something is Molly's, something is Jack's favorite, something is what Molly wants, something is what Jack did. Everything - EVERYTHING - relates to her two favorite people, some way or another. She will play any game they want to play. The big thing right now is "putting Emma to bed" - in the middle of the day, for whatever reason, and she gaily goes along with it, climbing into her bed with her stuffed cow and her pacifier and staying there however long they require. She's the baby and she has her manipulative moments, her fickle devotions, her sudden wails of distress. But for the most part she's all about being where they are, doing whatever they are doing. Including homework. Emma does lots and lots of homework. 

I just think they are the neatest. I could have never dreamed them up. My creative, sensitive, sweet little boy. My absentminded, giggly, kind little girl. My utterly charming, delighted by everything two-year-old. They are just perfect.






Love hearing about your kids! They sound wonderful. My nephews have similar spacing to yours and at 7 and 6 they are absolute besties. It's quite something to see and must be rewarding after doing the work of pretty much having 2 babies at once.

Dr. Maureen

Awww. Seeing my kids be sweet to each other and take care of each other is pretty much my favorite thing ever. Mine aren't as close as yours though, and it sounds awesome.


this is so sweet!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Jack is NOT turning seven!!!
They all sound so truly wonderful. What joy to have in your life!


Your brother sounds like a character.


sigh. That was the sweetest. Also, My older two are 19 months apart and my son the other day said "we might as well be twins" and my daughter said he's her very best friend and they will spend hours playing a video game together, at 17 and 18 years old. And it makes my momma heart so. happy.


Oh Maggie this warms my I often comment, my 2 oldest are 15.5 months apart, boy and a girl like Jack and Molly. They fight of course, but they do everything together! Coloring, puzzles, bike riding etc. They have preK 2 of the same days but the other days when one is at home they ask for the other and say they miss him or her.
My third also is like Emma, he looks up to them so much and wants to do everything they are doing. I so hope that my fourth (third and fourth are boys) has a relationship with my third like the older 2 do! (Ages are 5, almost 4, almost 2 and 9 wks...biggest spacing is 22 months apart between 2nd and 3rd.)

Jessica Cinefro

I love hearing about your kids and all their sibling dynamics because you r kids seem to be a future picture of where our kids will be at. Julian and Laura fight constantly, but I can also tell that they really like being together. I catch them enjoying playing together more and more often now (mostly outside). Oscar is just barely able to track them visually and he is already FASCINATED by them!

I also have the question about room sharing. Julian is 3.5 and Laura is almost 2, so I know we're not there yet. I'm a little relieved to know that Jack is 7 and you're not there either.

I also agree with your concluding thoughts. Aren't our kids just really neat? They are their own amazing little people. Can't wait to meet yours again and vice versa this summer!

Erin G @ebum1101

Maggie. I love this. This sounds so much like Nathan and Anneliese (love each other! obsessed! never want to be apart! yet always bickering!) and at first it made me sad because I thought I would have a big kid 1st grader and "the girls" (who are closer in age anyway, both girls, and neither in school yet) but NOPE. It is still Anneliese and Nathan 4evah, and it still feels very much like I have 2 big kids and a baby. Someday Charlotte will be swept into their inner circle (I hope, I hope) but for now instead of lamenting what isn't, I am going to celebrate what is, because my big kids being besties is -- as you pointed out -- very very cool.

Great fun post. :)

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