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Pink potties, rabid fans, days off

Miss EJ spent the majority of her day wearing various pairs of hand me down Dora underpants and getting them dirty. I honestly don't know what possessed me today, thinking we would try potty training. I think I've overheard various people talk about their potty trained two-year-olds over the past few weeks and maybe it just caught up with me. IS THERE SOMETHING I AM NOT WINNING?!?! 

So EJ and I and EJ's cousin, who I was babysitting, and who was thoroughly unimpressed with the entire thing, went to Target and bought a pink and white potty with a crown on the lid that plays a triumphant tune when it detects, ah, contents. And then I dug out the underpants because hey! EJ loves Dora! And you guys I have NO MEMORIES of how I potty trained the older two. I know it didn't really happen until they were three. Ish. I also know that whatever I tried didn't work and I basically just had to wait until it happened. But for whatever reason this hasn't deterred me from attempting to control the situation with Baby #3. Apparently SOME children take to this whole training thing. Some of them are not much older than EJ! 

Anyway, in case you are concerned, I am not COMMITTED or anything. We are basically going to not care about wet pants for a few days and see what happens. I am totally fine with sticking the potty in the closet for a few months and trying again later. But I have also notified the trainee that she gets ice cream if she goes in the potty SO. We shall see. 

Why I decided I was up for this after the impromptu Super Bowl shindig is beyond me because DUDES. That was EXHAUSTING. I find caring about sports teams sort of exhausting in the first place. I get, you know, EMOTIONALLY INVESTED. Even when I actively try NOT to be emotionally invested. My sympathies for the losing team made me a less than valuable high school sports player. (My team always won. It did. Not because of me. HA HA HA. My school mysteriously had the best girl AND boy athletes in the league. Every year. For every sport. I should count myself lucky that they let me warm the bench let alone get any playing time.) 

But the whole CITY has gone MAD, people. I've been volunteering in Jack's Sunday School class and even the kids (the ones who showed up on Sunday, anyway) were rabid Bronco-hating football know-it-alls. (Even Jack, who was obviously making it all up. Poor kid.) I do love me a good theme party, so I was pretty excited to have a house full of crazy 12th men, but whoa. I think what got me was all the preparation for the kids. I knew no one wanted their game interrupted with "can you get me a drink?" so I did my best to make spaces for the kids and provide them with their own snacks and juice boxes and all that. ANYWAY. There were lots of people and lots of kids and lots of yelling (and then lots of "THIS IS BORING") and I could barely pick myself up off the couch to go to bed last night. AND THIS IS SOMEONE WHO CARES NOT MUCH ABOUT THE BIG GAME, SEAHAWKS OR NOT.

It is fun, though, to see the people you love get all excited and happy. Isn't it? 

The rest of this week involves bakery orders. Which is great! Each order is a new challenge for me, packaging-wise. I should probably just invest in a good supply of boxes from Nashville Wraps, but in the meantime I've been hunting in various less-than-stellar stores and since everything is special order I'm never quite sure what's going to fit in what. And this week I am shipping CROISSANTS and OH GOD we are very nervous about that. The croissant buyer has assured us she is well aware of the risks, but we still had to CONFERENCE today about HOW TO SHIP THE CROISSANTS. (My ideas were flatly rejected. Apparently I know nothing about the special needs of baked goods.) Anyway, each order is always a teeny bit nervewracking until I figure it out. I have several of those this week. 

Oh! We have a Facebook page. You should go Like it. (This is where I bat my eyelashes at you and smile prettily.) 

OH WAIT! I didn't tell you about my day off! Dudes, it pays to publish your whiny screeds to the internet, because sometimes your husband reads them and takes action. Friday night Phillip drove the kids to his parents' house and didn't come home until SATURDAY NIGHT. Like, straight-to-bedtime Saturday night. I hardly knew what to do with myself! It was crazy! I had already made plans to meet friends Friday night, so I did that, and then I lulled myself to sleep with a good history book. Early Saturday morning I had plans to meet another friend for coffee and after THAT I got my hair cut. Sort of. It was more of a Maintenance Trim. Right now I am shooting for this. I don't really want to grow it OUT grow it out, but this is long enough to mess with while short enough to be short and maybe if I keep coloring my hair it'll feel kicky and not too mommish. 

I spent the rest of my day doing some bakery errand running, packaging up some orders, baking for the Super Bowl party, and lying on the couch with my book. Man, I LOVE lying on the couch with my book. Other women fear turning into their mothers, but I am turning into my dad. The type of book and all. HRRRMMM.

Anyway. It was a lovely lovely day and I was so HAPPY to see my husband at the end of it. A saint among men that Phillip Cheung. 




:) :)


What a super hero husband! A day off is The.Best.Gift.


I seem to recall you telling Miss Molly big girls who wear big girl underwear get to go to Disneyland and that motivated her to get potty trained. :)


Iris thinks the potty is for pansies and I really don't know what to do with that information. Like at all.

And that hair is cute!

And your husband is marvelous.


That haircut is cute. Also, the other night when I was watching Sherlock, I thought Mary Watson's 'do was pretty cool, and surprisingly versatile too. ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/galleries/p01n3s18 ) -- but then, I don't wear my hair short, so ignore if you think it's terrible. :)

Sara Farmer

I have to say that "12th Man" is a registered trademark of Texas A&M University. It has been licensed since 1990 and was in use since 1922. The Seahawks started using "12th Man" illegally and A&M took them to court. I don't know why, but my alma mater agreed to license "12th Man" to the Seahawks in 2006 with certain restrictions. The Seahawks fans are NOT the 12th Man and most Aggies, myself among them, are extremely displeased that the Seahawks first stole and have now bought a tradition that is the cornerstone of our school spirit. I cannot stand hearing them call themselves the 12th Man.
I know you aren't responsible for it, Maggie, and you probably didn't know. But this really, really bothers me.


Maybe we shouldn't hold the use of the 12th Man against today's Seahawks fans, since they have nothing to do with it being adopted by Seattle and maybe we could instead be flattered the team would use a phrase possibly inspired by our fans. (Also, hey! We get royalties for their use of it so the Seahawks' success benefits our campus. Win-win!)

I just don't think it does anything for our fanbase by being angry at individual Seahawks fans over this. Maggie had no idea (as I bet many fans Seahawks fans have no idea) so instead of making their first impression of A&M be of bitter fans, let's offer them a sincere congratulations for winning the Superbowl.

Home Sweet Sarah

Honestly, this is like apples and oranges to me. Yes, they're both football teams, but they're two completely different fruits, so to speak. You can't compare college ball with pro football as the two will never, ever meet on the field. More power to both teams and whatever it takes for them to be great football players, in this case, the extreme benefit of their respective 12th men.


I think it's obvious that Maggie is writing these comments under many false accounts.
She's a notorious fake alias comment leaver.

Sara Farmer

Btw, I'm totally excited for you with the bakery! So proud you're doing it. I liked the FB page!

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