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I've been busy with this:

I had absolutely no intention of launching a website until we were LEGAL. And also had our official logo and pictures of everything I wanted pictures of and I had, you know, learned to build an ACTUAL website instead of merely taping together some chunks of code and crossing my fingers. However. I delivered our first big and not-for-friends-or-family order today, 30 tiny boxes filled with 3 pink macarons each (one vanilla buttercream, one raspberry buttercream, one passionfruit buttercream) for a baby shower. That means 30 people taking our label and therefore our website URL home with them. If, by any chance, they happened to VISIT the website I wanted something to be ON the website. It seemed to me that if they simply saw the lame-o We're Not Quite Done Page, they wouldn't go back and wouldn't remember us next time they needed their own order of baby pink macarons. So I put up the website. 

It KILLS me because there are at least a dozen things I want to fix and edit, but WHATEVER, I need to, you know, go on with my life. 

SO HELLO! How are you? Here's what I'm going to do this week. I'm going to start watching Veronica Mars on my treadmill again, that's for sure. Baking everything in the world to get ready for your bakery website photo shoot is not super conducive to one's barely-committed-to-in-the-first-place health kick. I'm going to my kids' school's weekly assembly tomorrow morning to see Molly's class sing 'Stayin' In Line' to the tune of 'Stayin' Alive'. I'm going to schedule a haircut now that I've completed the baby shower order for my stylist and can reasonably assume things went well and I can get my haircut without embarrassment. I'm going to open a business bank account GOSHDARNIT I am, I mean it, all I have to do is ask FIL to come up and sleep on my couch while Emma takes her nap. 

Oh, and I'm going to figure out what kind of food we're going to have on Sunday when hordes of friends who are suddenly interested in football descend on my house to watch the Super Bowl. I have what you might call a passing interest in football. By which I mean the only football-related thing I've ever cared about is Petyon Manning because he's SO NICE and he's SO FUNNY on SNL and he just seems like a GOOD GUY, you know? Love good guys. And way early on in this season I jokingly said to Phillip, "What if the Seahawks play Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl? WHATEVER SHALL I DO?"

(Unjokingly: I am still not sure what I am going to do.)

In the meantime I am THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINED by all the Seattle- and Seahawks-related commentary happening on my newsy websites. I am SO INTERESTED in all the psychological analyses! Have you seen that article or chart or whatever it is that shows that absolutely no one in the country is rooting for the Seahawks except that teeny tiny dot in the upper lefthand corner? And how everyone thinks the Seahawks are obnoxious thugs? This is fascinating to me because I am normally totally repulsed by unsportsmanlike behavior and have no patience for giant displays of I'M THE MAN!!!!! etc. But I keep finding myself defending Richard Sherman (IN MY HEAD, TO NO ONE, ONLY MYSELF) because it seems I am one of the suddenly interested in football people. And it's my team! "MY" team! HAAAAAA. I haven't had a team since high school. And even then I didn't have enough school spirit to care. 

Anyway, I read one article in particular (and of course I don't remember the link) about how this jerky badassery is GOOD for the Seattle Psyche. We've just never had anything to BE badass about before! THIS IS SO NEW AND EXCITING!

Oh, the other thing I have going on this week is something called "Watching Day"? I signed Molly up for ballet lessons at an actual dance studio. It's close to my house and didn't cost too much and it's at a time I can deal with. Those were my requirements. But there's this WATCHING DAY thing where you're supposed to go and get a little preview with the current students? And then fill out a "Performance Packet"? With a "Commitment Sheet"? WHAT THE HECK. Are they going to turn me into a Dance Mom? Can we just go and have fun? Does someone know what those things ARE?

(Stay tuned for the post wherein I ask you to convince me to sign both big kids up for piano and Tae Kwon Do IN ADDITION to the ballet class OMG IT'S STARTING.)



I never watched VM, but since I'm finally through West Wing, I started it Sunday. I watched nine episodes, so it's fair to say I liked it.

Ellen W

Down here in Houston my husband and boys will be cheering on the Sea Hawks. He grew up in Montana and is a life-long fan. Since the Texans flamed out early in their season, I will be rooting for Seattle as well.


Ugh, that studio sounds like a little much, but my guess is they want you to commit to a big year-end recital (and possibly put down money toward a costume and recital fee). Try to have fun! Being a non-dance-mom dance mom is fun. :)


I'm rooting for the Seahawks specifically so I can root against Peyton Manning. He annoys the bejesus out of me.


We're big Denver fans (me because I used to live in TN and Manning went to UT) and Daniel because he used to live in Denver. We're still cheering for Seattle, of course.

I like the idea of Seattle being bad-ass. I doubt we can pull it off for long though.


Hooray for launching your bakery website! clicking thru it has me drooling...especially the breakfast treats page. Holy YUM! My favorite photo is the one of EJ and your niece as the official taste testers. too stinkin cute :)


the bakery site is gorgeous!! So exciting! And I love your football talk. Seattle, you're so cute. :)


I am going to a Super Bowl party. I am CANADIAN. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do. I know nothing about football. I live in BC so I guess I'm cheering for the Seahawks?

Margaret Kessler

Congratulations on the website - it all looks so yummy that I am sad that I live all the way over on the East Coast :(. BTW - I care so little about football that I didn't know who was playing until I read your post.

Elizabeth Mather

Beautiful website.

The Sojourner

Your website makes me want cake. Seriously, I am considering making some cake right now.


OMGOSH! That website is SUPER FABULOUS! Seriously! And you and your sister look so cute! I can't wait to hear about all your successes. :)


Uh, I want to order and eat EVERYTHING you guys make. YUM.

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