A million unintentional words on anxiety
An update that is more like an update about updating soon.

There's only room for one man cold in this house and it's not going to be MINE

I'm trying super hard not to man cold it up around here, but JEEZ LOUISE I feel hammered.  And not the good kind. I pretty much zombie walked through my day, and when EJ decided she didn't feel like napping, I didn't let that prevent MY nap. I just stuck her on the couch with me and gave her my phone. The tiny bit of sleep I was able to eke out had an Angry Birdsish scent. 

Katie came over this afternoon and figured out the Baking Plan, which is good because I was in no shape to organize anything and someone has to run this business. We have a whole bunch of things due Sunday, which is terribly inconvenient as my Christmas party is Saturday. A certain someone (NOT ME!) is planning to wake up at 4am Sunday morning to let the croissants rise. Hey, she chose that department. I will be sleeping until I really shouldn't anymore, then trucking a giant breakfast pastry order down to Tacoma. And then I will pass out on my parents' couch for the remainder of the day. 

Oh wait, no! I will come home and put more bakery orders together because WE! ARE! BUSY! 

(This week anyway.) (I am wondering if I have to give up my Christmas party in the future.) (NEVAH!)

Speaking of, if any of you just happened to show up at my house next Saturday night I would be DELIGHTED. 

It's not just the baking about which I'm a teensy bit twitchy, we still have the matter of the Bloody Shower. I like to refer to it this way because 1) it's red, and 2) my secret inner Parliament MP enjoys saying Bloody in reference to hugely aggravating things. Oh, and it's red because on Monday I slathered three coats of RedGard over the whole thing. TECHNICALLY we can start tiling any time we want but, ah, we are frightened. Basically I don't want to attempt tiling without Phillip, and because Phillip has been working late every night (ISN'T THIS HIS LAST WEEK?!) and also I've been SICK, tiling has not been happening. 

So the PLAN is to go get our Christmas tree Friday evening when Phillip SUPPOSEDLY will get home early, and then we'll have the whole weekend to destroy our Bloody Shower. Is it possible? I am under no illusion that we will have the whole thing finished by Party Day, but I think we could at least get the rest of the bathroom USABLE. Right? We have to tile, grout, put up trim to hide where we tore off too much drywall, and order and install a shower door. NOT HAPPENING BY NEXT SATURDAY. But I think we could get the tile up. Maybe I'll even experience a burst of confidence (and health!) and take the rest of the project on myself! 

I bet your favorite posts are the ones where I basically process everything on my to do list. Those are So! Interesting! Whatever. I'm going to bed. It's 7:48 PM. Bite me.



I get the zombie walk thing. I always feel like my IQ lowers with the intensity of a cold, especially when I have to breathe through my mouth. I hate being a mouth-breather. I'm just getting over a nasty cold myself.


I was thinking that you had a client's BABY SHOWER to cater and were calling it a Bloody Shower and OH BOY was I confused.

Glad you're busy!


I actually really do like posts where you process your to do lists. I like knowing what my friends are up to. Plus, sometimes you remind me of things that ought to be on my to do list.



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