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Let's just say this is my Christmas card this year

I am running on fumes, guys. GOOD fumes, cookie-scented and decorated with twinkly lights, but still. Fumes. You too, I bet. Let us all gaze at my favorite picture for a bit and we'll feel better. 


(credits: ummmm, a nun at a monastery in Dubuque, IA painted this for a Christmas card. I believe. And I break some sort of law every year by posting it on my blawg, I'm sure.)



I really love this picture and can't quite explain why.


I'm not Catholic (so, shall we say, less of a Mary fixation than some), but this is truly a beautiful picture. I love that Mary is stepping on the serpent's head...and yet is still so peaceful and loving toward a downtrodden Eve. Awesome.


Fumes here too. But you are right, gazing did make me feel better.


Oh! The heel crushing it's head. I LOVE THIS!


Their expressions had me staring for quite some time.

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