I'm allowed to finally tell you that (DUN DUN DUN):
A million unintentional words on anxiety

Bakery update! First shower reno update! (Note to self: LAST shower reno.)

Katie calls them Pity Orders, but you have to start somewhere, right? So far Internet Katie has ordered cookies, Internet/Real Life Carrie ordered a cake, Real Life Friend ordered a cookie box, and we have two more orders from real life people. My mom's BFF wants to order a bunch of things for a brunch she's hosting and a friend of mine wants to order little holiday cookie treats for all of her coworkers. I deeply DEEPLY appreciate our friends' and family's enthusiasm and YES, I WILL TAKE THEIR MONEY. Thank you! 

It was super hard to put that proposal together tonight because we're still not sure how much everything COSTS. I mean, we know how much it costs to make a certain item and we know the rule of thumb Katie's pastry school profs recommended for pricing things, but it's still hard. You don't want to give anyone sticker shock, especially your family and friends are throwing you pity orders (THANK YOU), but you also want to 1) stay with the going rate and 2) know your worth. In accordance with every "how to price your cakes" article I've read on the internet, we don't want to be known as The Cheap Cake Lady. 

We still haven't done the final read through on our application. I wasn't motivated to do it over Thanksgiving, knowing we couldn't mail it in yet anyway. Besides, we were busy tearing out a shower. 

OMG THE SHOWER. Okay, so I've had a pretty firm "Let's hire professionals!" stance on most home improvement projects. I feel okay about paint, but not much else. But Phillip, who is still reeling from the small fortune we spent on our deck this summer, refused on principle to hire anyone. "WE CAN DO THIS OURSELVES!" he proclaimed, loud and far, and FINE, PHILLIP CHEUNG, let's get it DONE then. I finally declared that Thanksgiving weekend was The Weekend Of The Shower and he grudgingly agreed and then? 

On Thanksgiving night WE TORE OUT THE SHOWER. Okay, I should say that Phillip tore out the shower. And I cannot overemphasize the CRAZYPANTSNESS of Phillip and me doing a home improvement project on our own. Neither of us knows anything about anything. Thankfully there are many tutorials on YouTube and thankfully we also have two handy friends on speed dial. Not that we've needed them. (Yet). 

I'll have pictures for you later, but right now you can imagine the Before: boring gray square ceramic tile, disintegrating grout, sliding shower door. And the Right Now: New cement board backer with taped seams, ready for its first coat of RedGard either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how I feel. (The rest of this project is pretty much mine, Phillip having done all the heavy lifting and ripping and cutting and garbage collecting, poor guy.) 

I have to admit I was thinking that we'd just knock a couple tiles off, see how the backerboard was doing, and stick some more on. I did not realize (BECAUSE I AM AN IDIOT) that we were going to rip it down to the studs. I did not realize that even if the backerboard underneath IS fine, the easiest thing is to rip it down to the studs. So that was exciting! HA! It was filthy and gross and we weren't sure what we were doing, but when we got to the part of the shower where the drywall (BECAUSE THEY TILED RIGHT ON THE DRYWALL) was WET (WET), we felt vindicated. 

But you know, I'm pretty sure that's the original shower and the house was built in 1988 and hey, that's not too bad, right? There were some teeny tiny dots of mold on one stud, but no other damage that we could see. So I feel like even if our tiling job sucks, at least we're using much better materials and everything should turn out okay. 

Speaking of materials, as I was taping the seams yesterday I decided that the white subway tile we bought was probably going to cause a divorce. Like, it just seemed SO small and tedious and the walls are not especially level and I was freaking out about bumps and AUGH. I didn't want to stand in my shower every morning and get mad at the tile. So I told Phillip we should probably return the white ceramic tile for the big tiles Home Depot sells at the end of the tile aisle. We found a grayish beigeish stoneish 12 x 12 tile for CHEEEEEAP and I picked out some coordinating mosaic glass tile for an accent row at the top. (That's about as artsy as we're going to get.) And I'm disappointed. It is NOT the clean, bright, white/aqua shower of my dreams. It's greige and neutral and HO HUM. I don't think it's ugly - I think it's FINE - but it's definitely not my favorite. BUT. It was super duper crazy cheap (while still being Quality Wall Tile For A Shower) and now I don't feel too bad about splurging on a frameless shower door. (The shower door frame is the entire reason I hate cleaning the shower.) 

BESIDES. One day we're going to remodel the whole bathroom, split it into two, maybe even enlarge the master bedroom side, and THEN I will have a PROFESSIONAL make me a beautiful sparkly white-and-aqua shower. SO THERE. 

I know. You don't care. This was entirely too many words about tile. I understand. 




I can't believe you are doing this too. I am very impressed! Also? YOU CAN DO IT! It is going to look great.


I never understood why my mom splurged on a frameless shower door when she liked the aesthetic of the (cheaper) framed shower door.

And then one day I GOT IT.

Being a grown-up stinks...until you eat cake for breakfast. :)


Just the way you write about it sounds like you know what you're doing, well enough I'd say. We remodeled our bathroom last winter and the tile isn't perfect, but it's still pretty fantastic. The glass shower door is also my favorite thing ever.



Holy eff balls, I can't believe they TILED THE DRYWALL. I figure when I know jack about jack and STILL gasp out loud at something someone did--that nonsense is no bueno. Dang.

And T is perhaps the same as your Phillip. "I got this. I GOT THIS!" Oh, do you? Then let's get crackin', sir.


Absolutely NOT a pity order whatsoever. If I were on the ball I would have put one in for St. Nick's but alas I am not on the ball. I will email you about ordering a little something for Christmas/New Years - I'm thinking the salted caramel thumbprints.

SO impressed with your bathroom project. Our master shower is circa 1988 with the nasty sliding shower door and GROSS tile & grout. Matt has been hinting at a winter house project (his slow time for work)and now you've got me dreaming of a new shower.


Is the bakery website up and running and taking orders? How do you place an order :)


NOT A PITY ORDER! It made me happy, because I had just read an article about how most stores have nasty fake frosting and I didn't want to go to the fancy store and then I remembered you and FPC and I could order over email without talking to anyone in person AND support a friend and I won!

And the cake was freaking amazing to look at and taste. NOT A PITY ORDER! :)

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