In which I learn my child has an alternate (and better behaved!) personality when he's not around me. (OBVS)
Bakery update! First shower reno update! (Note to self: LAST shower reno.)

I'm allowed to finally tell you that (DUN DUN DUN):

I prepped for this post (HAAAAA PREPPING FOR A BLOG POST!) by delving into my own archives, specifically November 2012 (the reason in a moment) and UH OH. This whole time I've been saying, "We can't have Thanksgiving at my brother's house because it's our turn to go to Phillip's parents' house! Sorry! We TAKE TURNS! We just CAN'T! And also, my mother-in-law makes sticky rice stuffing! Have you TRIED sticky rice stuffing?" But my November 2012 archives tell me that we actually went to my in-laws' last year, which means this year we should be going to my brother's house. So now I feel terrible. A wiser person than me would just keep this little historical tidbit to herself, but I have never been a good liar and even not writing about what I found out in my archives just now feels like LYING and OH GOD DID I RUIN THANKSGIVING? 

Whatever. Phillip and I were both incredibly blessed with families who, upon finding this out, will go, "Eh." Can you imagine the kind of guilt complexes I would have if other people besides my own self were making me feel guilty? I mean CAN YOU? IMAGINE? 

Okay. Now that I've made my little confession there (SORRY MOM) I can get on with the Main Subject of this blog post which is: 

... in the space of what feels like three hours, Phillip applied for, interviewed for, negotiated with, received an offer for, gave notice at his current one, and accepted the offer for: a new job. 

*deep breath*

And the reason I was going through my archives is because it's practically a YEAR TO THE DAY that we were happy dancing about quitting the previous job and accepting the current one! In fact I was having this existential philosophical carthasis about the whole thing. I was just so thankful the TRAVELING was going to be OVER. That things might return to normal-ish! 

That job, that came at what felt like the last minute, that rescued our family, that sped Phillip out of a place where months later much of his team was laid off, it's been SO good to us. The commute is hell, but it wasn't until Phillip accepted the new new job that I realized how RESTFUL this year has been. For ME. There was no travel. There were no late nights. Sometimes there were 10pm conference calls to India in the office downstairs, but mostly Phillip came home in time for dinner and he knew what was going on with us and Work wasn't hanging over everything. 

Except. Phillip likes work. And he never felt completely IN this job, I think. And there was this company that's been on his radar for a long time, a local company experiencing a lot of success and growth and one night he went out for beers with an old classmate who works there and a few days after that he was applying for a job and a few days after that he was interviewing and BAM. He wasn't really looking, he was actually in a great place with the current job, but things happen. This thing happened. Actually, what I think, is that we prayed. Not FOR the job - it's a long story and I have to get permission to tell it - but more like we were trying hard to put God in his rightful provider place in our lives and then... things started happening. I hope I get to share that. Sometime. 

Anyway. He starts December 9. Everything is so amicable and friendly and positive and Phillip is so happy and I am so proud of him. I am delighted for him and slightly nervous for myself. I think there might be a return of Worker Bee Phillip, perhaps a disappearance of the Phillip Who Remembers To Call Me To Tell Me He'll Be Late BEFORE He Is Actually Late. This is what triggered my little anxious episode last weekend (which has completely dissipated, by the way). I stood up straight and said, "SO. I'm a little WORRIED." And told him why. And instead of an argument he said, "Huh! I see what you're saying!" 

MIRACLES ABOUND in the Cheung household, folks. 


Dr. Maureen

Awesome! Congratulations!


I love that our husbands both went through this craziness and have great new jobs! Daniel starts 12/9 too. Good luck to P!


:) :) :) :) :) :)

I can't wait to hear about the Provider Thing!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

(SERIOUSLY, so happy for you guys!)


This makes me quite happy. Congratulations! To everyone!


Excellent, I hope you are both ecstatically happy in this move!

Also, isn't it great when communication actually works?


We have had a lying-awake at night financially stressful year, so I love the image of God the great provider because it's true. As much as I stress and as tight as our finances are, money has always arrived in the nick of time to cover what has needed covering.


Wonderful news! So happy for you!

Angela (@Aferg22)

Congratulations! I am thrilled for you and your family. :-)


Oh, this is SO GREAT.

I'm happy for you guys.


Yay! for all of you. What great news.

Laura Diniwilk

Wow, that is exciting news! Fingers crossed for you that you get to maintain some semblance of normalcy though, I know the uncertainty has to be stressful even during a happy time.




Yay! Way to go, Phillip!

Kate P

Late to add a yay, but yay and how wonderful!


Yay and I want to hear the story behind all this!

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