Wondering how you a) manage recycling and b) after school activities and c) yes, this is a really boring post
I believe I can FLYYYYYYY

Support my friends! Go Internet!

Hey guys! I'm totally packed, but my house is a DISASTER and I have to print out my boarding passes and important Blathering documents and make a big list of How To Do Everything At Home for my husband and in-laws and ACK. 

But before I go panic about that, let me show you: 

Shalini's book cover! My friend [Shalini] wrote a book [a real one] and this is the cover [actual cover]. I KNOOOOOWWWWWW. It's amazing. 


Also, the pseudonym is an anagram of her kids' names. SO SWEET. SIGH. 

Also, lovely blog reader Sara asked me to share this information with you:

I have a four-year-old son Max. My fifteen-month-old daughter Lucy died of dilated cardiomyopathy last Mother's Day. Pediatric CM is rare, but deadly, and there is a desperate need for increased research and awareness. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote that explains it better: http://kittymomma.com/team-lucy-wants-you

I have formed a team for the Austin (TX) Heart Walk. Team Lucy is doing so well, but every dollar we make will help American Heart and the world sit up and take notice and help the kids still suffering from this disease. It is a terrible disease and you feel so helpless and isolated as a parent watching your child suffer from this disease no one knows about. 

Here is the link to our page: 

Here is a video tribute we made to Lucy:http://operationforever.com/lucy

I am determined to take out the disease that took my daughter. 

GO TEAM LUCY. I hope this helps. 

To Katie, who emailed me about her cousin, I will get back to you! But for now: yes! I'd love to! 

To the Internet: I wish you were ALL going to Charleston. 





I am jealous of all you blatherers and your ability to escape this weekend. Think of those of us still stuck at home and have an extra drink in our honor!


Thank you so much, Maggie! And have SO MUCH FUN in Charleston!


Enjoy your girls' weekend! My cousin has already fallen in love with Seattle and she just arrived this week.

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