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In which an English major attempts financial projections (and panics)

I believe I can FLYYYYYYY

There are a couple Charleston moments I want to capture here before they disappear into the murky mist that is my brain, but the only one I feel capable of doing justice tonight is this one:

Everyone wanted to know about the bakery and everyone wanted to help. Everyone. Marketing, graphic design, relatives who started coffee shops who'd love to email with me, Kickstarter campaigns, fundraising - Noemi even knows a local coffee distributor. 

POSSIBLY I am tearing up as I write this. I didn't expect anyone to think this was something that might actually happen. Least of all myself, right? Right now this bakery only exists in the imaginations of my sister and me and chances are high it doesn't go anywhere else. But every time I talk about it - which is hard, because ACK, I am publicizing my future FAILURE - it gets a little more real. I have yet to talk to anyone who doesn't think it's a good idea, but you guys make me feel like we could actually pull it off. You're our customers, you're the people we want to be there, you want to come, and you want to help. It's just amazing to me. 

I MIGHT burst into song. 

We're going to call it Thumbprints. I bought a URL. (Don't look. Nothing there.) I started a Twitter account and a Facebook page. I looked into branding packages on Etsy. We know what we want it to look like. (All the visioning Katie and I did two weeks ago came to life when I stepped into the Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston to pick up the Friday night cupcakes. Seriously. I took pictures of their set up. I pestered the staff.) 

I feel like it's a good idea that can only go sour because of the vast inexperience and naive optimism of the CFO, a totally unqualified and un-profit-oriented English major. But thanks for believing in us, Internet, especially you Blatheringers. I am really truly touched. 


Dr. Maureen

Hey, if you need advice on how to set up books, I can sort of help you with that part! I am a self-taught bookkeeper, so I can give advice to a person who knows nothing about keeping books because that was me.


I told you I would do your identity work! Email me!


I love the name. You are going to be great. Let me know if you need to bounce ideas off/help for getting the word out to publications/newspapers.


As a fellow English major, I think that degree gives us imagination and creativity. Definitely two skill useful in venturing into a small business. I love the idea and the name!


Call on me, my dear. I'm your girl and I want to help so bad. And I'm so glad I got to see you this weekend. Maggie, I felt like this weekend was the weekend that assured me we'd be in each other's lives forever.

That was a really wonderful feeling.


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