In which my imaginary kitchen cabinets become a metaphor
If this were a paid job I would have been fired ages ago

THIS is the last day of summer

Up to this point in my year my chief achievements include, and are pretty much limited to:

painting Emma's dresser

spending many thousands of imaginary dollars on kitchen and bathroom renovations

putting a slide on my deck

memorizing all the words to 'Royals'

getting a tan

reading more fun fiction books than depressing nonfiction books

but TOMORROW? Tomorrow begins the first day of Two Big Kids in School, All Day, Every Day and HOO BOY the productivity is gonna start exploding around here. First up is a trip straight to the treadmill after school drop off. EJ Cheung is going to the Kiddie Playland Paradise whether she likes it or not while I try not to die. It's been a while, folks. A long while. I hope the not dying isn't TOO painful. 

THEN I might go to the grocery store or (be still my heart) Target. I have to buy groceries not made of carbs and/or preservatives and also Jack's classroom has requested some snacks and antibacterial wipes and glue sticks and whatnot. Then we'll come home and have some lunch and then Princess EJ will go down for her nap while I... WELL GOSH, I DON'T KNOW! Maybe I will read a book! Watch TV! Nap! HAVE A LUNCH HOUR! Or fold clothes. But I could fold clothes WHILE I watch TV and no one will be bothering me for a snack or the iPad or complaining that his/her brother/sister is breathing on him/her! 


But seriously, the treadmill. It needs to happen. 

SO YEAH. Molly's first day tomorrow. Feels a little anticlimactic, but whatever, we have picked out the first day outfit and I don't expect any tears. From either of us. Well maybe a few from me, but later, in the car, after I've had enough time to Dwell. Molly might be a little anxious at first, but she's had a whole year of going to school every day and waiting to have her own classroom, she's met her teacher several times now, she's totally comfortable with the student teacher, she even seemed to have made a friend at orientation. My little preschool drop out has grown up! Sniff! 

AND today is Phillip's birthday. He woke up this morning mumbling to himself and the only part I could make out was "thirtyFIVE?really,thirtyFIVE?" We left the kids with a babysitter last night and had ourselves a Totally Typical Night Out by which I mean we went to dinner and wandered around a fancy mall wondering what else we could spend money on. I indulged the computer stores and car stores and the half hour we watched a 3D printer make a plastic bracelet. Then today we went to my parents' house where he watched a whole football game without anyone bothering him and blew out candles on a cake from a Chinese bakery. (The sort of cake I refer to as "cake".) 

Last year I wrote a shmoopy birthday post. This year... this year I am not making any comments about the fact that he wants to buy a very expensive Practically Professional DSLR camera when neither of us has any idea how to do anything other than point and shoot. Both things come from a place of love and eternal devotion. 

If you would like to leave a birthday comment or send a birthday tweet, you can say something here or @ him at @pcheung. And there's no real reason to do this other than entertaining me, your trusty blogger pal, and piling up more anecdotes for my future memoir entitled The Internet Is The Best Thing Ever.




I loooove that song! I so wish I lived near you or you near me so that we could be friends!


I almost burst out laughing at work reading the "Whole New World" lyrics Maggie. Thanks for that. Happiest of birthdays to Phillip!


Daniel was SO jealous of the birthday celebration. And his birthday is in a couple of weeks, so we may have to do the same wandering the mall and looking at things outing.

Happy birthday, Phillip!

PS- my two were at school Thursday and both were gone for 4.5 hours and I didn't stop smiling the whole time :)


Treasure that time while EJ is sleeping. For the first few weeks just indulge yourself with lots of reading or Internet time. You can start being productive in October.
But start the treadmill right away or you may forever procrastinate like me!


Oops... almost forgot. Happy birthday Phillip! Hope your 35th year is awesome!


So, most awesome people are married to other AWESOME people (obviously & sadly not always the case)... Since Maggie is super awesome, I have concluded that you, too, @pcheung must be very rad!

Birthday blessings to you! May this year be full of dreams fulfilled, passions ignited, and the miraculous!

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