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Supah Glam Cheung Photo Shoot

It feels like a million years ago, but do you remember when I was all, "Dudes! A fancy photographer is volunteering to take pictures of our chaos!" and you were all, "DO IT!"??? Well, tomorrow I'm headed to Lindsay's studio to see all the pictures and ORDER. Whee!


(I just totally stole that from her Facebook page. MY BAD, LINDSAY!)

The photo shoot itself was awesome. Wait, first I have to tell you about the clothes. OMG the clothes. 

So I bought everyone NEW CLOTHES! And then my sister was all, "No." So then I bought more new clothes! Actually, everybody got something new except for Molly, since we based the whole color palette around her little aqua sundress with orange embroidery. We put (and this was a total We effort, even though I DO feel like I'm half decent picking out clothes, sigh) Jack in a white polo and bright orange shorts from Old Navy, EJ got a pink/orange/aqua shorts and tank set from Crazy8, my sister insisted on a bright aqua polo for Phillip, and I found a pink flowy racerback tank that did its very best to hide my middle. The original outfits I picked were a mix of white, navy, and lavender, but I love that we ended up going with my favorite colors. Hello, aqua! 

Oh, and the other thing is that we did the shoot at my HOUSE. Which... I honestly didn't know where else to go. Afterwards I thought of different parks or the lake or even the UW campus, but at the time I preferred to feel awkward in my house where at least no one else could see me. I was so worried about what Lindsay would think! (What did you think, Lindsay?! Not to put you on the spot or anything, HEH.) I mean, *I* like my house, but I have that awful Chinese rug covering the carpet hole and the kindergarten project fabric canvases on the wall and the giant television and it just happened to be rainy and dark and OH DEAR. I was fretting. 

But the whole planning session with Lindsay beforehand was about what, exactly, we wanted to capture in our photos. And for me, that's home. Hanging out. Doing our thing. But did we really want a bunch of pictures of everyone parked in front of their preferred screens? 

SOOOO the first thing we did was have the kids read to each other on the couch. That's what you see in the pictures above. They were SO CUTE. Maybe I just think that because they're MINE, but the big brother reading to the little sisters makes my heart go all smooshy. Then we played Jenga. Then we piled in Emma's bed. Then we took family pictures on the couch. Then we went outside. Then they played with those magic noodle things (basically colored styrofoam that you get wet and stick together) on the dining room table. I don't know. A bunch of totally random why-would-you-take-pictures-of-this stuff. 

And me being me, I felt like a dork the ENTIRE TIME. This was not Lindsay's fault. Lindsay is like this little sprite with a camera, flitting around your space, and you hardly have any idea she's there except for when she chirps up with a compliment or enthusiastic noise or "That's SO CUTE!" I kept thinking, "If only I were getting MARRIED" because seriously, best photographer experience ever. I felt like I needed something to DO. Or an event to capture. A Momentous Moment. But again, this was ME and Lindsay's enthusiasm about the whole thing made me feel better. More like, "Yeah! My family is cute! We deserve cute pictures of our cute lives!" 

One fun thing - she took a whole bunch of pictures of just Phillip and me. This was decidedly more fun than I thought it would be. For one thing, Phillip is a funny guy and we just laughed through the whole thing. But whenever we started to feel stupid or posed or silly, Lindsay had another idea for us (and also plenty of compliments - flattery gets you everywhere.) 

I haven't seen the pictures yet, just a few teases, and I'm excited to see the slideshow tomorrow. What's impressed me most - though I'm sure I'll be impressed by the pictures - is Lindsay's SERVICE. Like I am totally wowed by all the materials and information and fun little packages she includes, all beautifully designed and presented. I'm into that stuff, I know. Wannabe graphic designer and all that. But really, from the first consultation when she made me a special drink and treats and I got the first glimpse at all her professionally branded materials and products, to the box she mailed after the photo shoot with a sweet note, information to help me order, and JELLY BEANS, it's so much more than what I was expecting when she first contacted me! Everything is SO PROFESSIONAL and SO PRETTY and it DOES make me feel special, gosh darn it! 

I would like her to please make friends with all of you so she'll want to come to the Blathering and be our weekend photographer. A GIRL CAN DREAM.

Anyway, I fully intend to beg for digital images for Blawg Publication. Lindsay is offering us a photo on a large canvas, designed especially for one of my annoying empty walls and I get to pick it out tomorrow! I wish I had someone along to help me decide, but at least 1) I'm pawning my children off on my sister so I can think in peace and 2) Lindsay has promised to provide opinions THANK GOD. ISN'T THIS NICE OF HER? 

In other news: First grade started today. We are total pros. Kindergarten starts Monday - that's the day I expect to feel All The Feelings. Sigh. Also: I burned my finger on rice cooker steam and THAT is the kind of evening we are having around here. I would like to fast forward directly to Picture Picking Out Time. Stay tuned!




Your three reading on the couch is WAY beyond cute! They look so cozy and natural. Can't wait to see more shots from the shoot!


Those pictures are lovely.


Super cute pics of the kids! Love them!

We did a professional shoot this summer with the 5 of us and I LOVED the results. We did ours in a big open field with a white barn in the back. The photographer did get some shots of just hubby and I which is awesome because I feel like the last time we did that with a professional and not all just family pics was 5-6 years ago for wedding and maternity pics!


You're so sweet, I loved reading what you thought about this whole photo making thing ;) You guys totally rocked that session, I seriously seriously LOVED it! I wish more people chose to do sessions in their homes because it just feels so real and so special. I get warm fuzzies imagining the kids looking back at the photos when they're all grown up, remembering the house they grew up in. I wish I had that.

When I walked into your house, I was like, YES big windows and then- ooo awesome colors, and it felt like such a tranquil place to come to. I'm jealous of all your pillows and space and peace and quiet!

And believe me, I've used a rug to cover holes in carpet before (thank you, puppy- see, another reason to wait to have a dog- first get indestructible floors, :S )

P.S. I think the Blathering sounds fun, I'm up for making friends and taking photos :) 


That's your house?? It's so pretty! And totally looks like a perfect background for an adorable photo shoot. I'm impressed. (We've lived here for more than a year and I've hung a total of three pictures. I need a decorator.)
Also, we're having oldest daughter's senior portraits taken in a week and the photographer is coming to the house (so we can include the dog. Is that weird?) - but I'm sitting her wracking my brains for cool barn looking places close to here for a back up plan. Because, my house? Just doesn't seem like the perfect backdrop. But you're making me rethink that. :)


When did your kids get so BIG?? Also, I LOVE your house. I'm terrible at decorating and we have basically nothing on the walls.

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