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Someone's in a big girl bed! Also: job update. Because you were on tenterhooks I'm sure.

We're not surprised I bought Emma a toddler bed today, are we? Of course not This is EXACTLY the kind of dumb thing I do that drives my husband crazy. Case in point: I just put the toddler to bed and she is SUPER PISSED that she no longer has bars with which to prop up her feet. She kept holding her leg out to me and grunting indignantly. "Where are my bars, woman?!" 

I bought Emma a toddler bed not because she needed or wanted or was ready to leave her crib behind, no, I bought the bed because I wanted a WHITE bed, a key element for the Redecorating Of Emma's Room. With which I have thrown myself with GUSTO. Up next: wall paint, curtains, PAINTING A DRESSER. Oh yes. This is what happens when I have to put my unused Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit in my garage. 

Yeah, I'm ridiculing my own self right now. It was fun to take pictures of her in it, but I'm not so sure about the SLEEPING in it. She's become a half decent sleeper, even if she does wake up almost every night and thump her head/kick her feet/moan herself back to sleep. At least *I* don't have to do it, right? Why am I messing with that? I WAS NOT THINKING!

Okay, here's what I was thinking:

  • Emma is too big for the pack 'n play so when she stays overnight with Grandma she's going to start sleeping in a toddler bed
  • My sister needs a crib
  • Our crib is the wrong color for my Grand Scheme
  • Even though it's basically the same size, I have a few more furniture arrangement options if I move her out of the crib
  • I thought she was too little still for a twin bed

The end. Not QUITE enough evidence for moving her you say? I guess we'll find out. I've been anti-toddler bed, even. Why do people want to move babies out of cribs! Keep'em in there until they're five! Go right to a twin! Toddler beds are silly!

And yet, here I am. I suppose I could have just painted the crib white. Nahhhh

Today was a blissfully dull one (until Jack contracted some mysterious YMCA Day Camp illness and barfed in the car on the way home. I think he was carsick from a bus ride? Or just hot? He IS a delicate little flower, the sort of native PNWer who says, "Mommy, it's too sunny," on a 65 degree day in April.) I appreciated the Dull since yesterday was the opposite. I would have written the longest blog post ever published, but most of it goes against Blog Policy. Bummer! 

Things I CAN say: the naturopath appointment was awesome. I'm not sure if my new hippie treatment plan will actually WORK, but the appointment itself was hands down the best health care experience I've had since I've had to pay for it myself. I'll write more about it later, including all the parts that will make my pharmacist bff cringe. Heh. Also: acupuncture. I KNOW. 

Another thing I can say: I didn't get the job. But I did get two more emails from the principal late last night thinking up ways I can still get myself employed at her school. Basically I can be an office assistant SUB. Did you know they do that? I didn't! So that means I could work once in a blue moon, but gather the necessary experience to better qualify me to work the following year, which is a possibility because the school is growing. Honestly? This sounds better to me. I wasn't QUITE ready to leave Emma, even part time. Amongst other things I wasn't quite ready for. But the possibility still remains and I will be in the know and yes. So far this sounds good. 

I went on and on about this with Phillip and IRL friends last night, so I feel like I'm boring you and/or repeating myself. But when I heard I didn't get the job I wasn't disappointed - I mean, it's never fun to hear you were rejected, obvs. But I just kept thinking of all the things I wasn't going to get to do. Things with Emma, getting back in shape at the Y every morning (we'll see if this actually happens ANYWAY), starting to write again, house projects, saying yes to prayer conferences, getting back to pursuing the whole mom-friendly bakery idea. I was SO looking forward to a year where the schedule would be the same every day, a year where I might actually get BORED. A year where I would realize hey, I NEED to go back to work! Even though this was only part time, it was going to be a big wrench in family life and I just... I just wasn't SURE. I think if I'd been offered the job I would have taken it. But signing up to be a sub instead, just sticking a toe in the water instead of a whole foot, it feels like a grace year. It feels ridiculous too, like I'm a spoiled brat or a kept woman! If only other women were so lucky to have the choice, right? So I'm aware of that. Well aware. 

Another observation to cap off this post: this might possibly be the nicest summer I've ever had in Seattle. I think I can count on one hand the number of times it's rained in the last two months. It's been glorious - bright, sunny, HOT, beautiful, glittering water everywhere. Someone please help me remember these days come November. 



I laughed at your description of Emma and her need for a footrest. What a character! Good luck with the bed transition. It's all so kid-dependent. Vivian was up all the time when she was in a toddler bed. Ethan has STILL not figured out that he can get out of bed without permission. I am not exaggerating. Every morning he waits for us to tell him he can get up. He never climbed out of toddler bed or his bunk bed. Not once. Even though he see Vivian do it...

I wish I had something that I could pay you to redecorate so that you could use your skills to my advantage, since I lack all decorating skills. But sadly, this house came pretty much finished.


This whole story about Emma's toddler bed cracked me up. I love how impulsive you are. (I mean this as a compliment.) I always have to do research, ask friends for advice, weigh the pros and cons before I can ever make any kind of semi-big decision. Sometimes I wish I could just make a decision on a whim and go with it!

Also, I'm sorry about the job. However, I think you're looking at it the right way. The sub thing sounds perfect for you. It would be a really easy first step back into the working world. I am still working full-time, but I'm actively looking for ways to go part-time so I can be home with my little one more. The only problem is I have to have insurance and hardly any part-time jobs offer health insurance. We looked into independent insurance, but not only is it really expensive, but they won't cover you if you get pregnant and we're trying for another baby. And did I mention my husband's insurance to add me and my daughter is outrageous. So, if anyone reading this blog knows of an independent insurance that covers pregnancy please let me know!


I want to see lots of pictures of Emma's new room! I hope the crib to bed transition goes well. Elizabeth's went much better than I expected it to.

Kate P

Is it weird to say congratulations on not getting the job? Because the outcome seems to hold so much cooler potential for you at this time.

And definite congratulations to Miss EJ on the big-girl bed.

My family's very into alternative medicine so I'm glad it's helping you (are you taking EJ too?). I still hate that I had to stop acupuncture when I had to take a lower-paying job. Still heading to the chiropractor on occasion, though!

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