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A poor substitute for the post I wrote last night that vanished DAMMIT TYPEPAD

Last night I wrote this huuuge post about a bit of shopping I've done lately, replete with pictures and links and actual opinions and all that. And somehow I messed up and it didn't post and POOF. Last night I was just angry, this morning I am taking it as a sign that I am not to even pretend to be a fashion blogger. 

But I did provide you with a little write up of the new home section at JCPenney and it seems that this is the section I am most bummed I didn't get to share with you. Interesting! I think it's because I've finally found my dream dining room table - at PENNEY'S. I know. And it's $1300 which means I will not be purchasing it, maybe ever, on account of buying a deck instead. 



Okay, fine, you can barely see it. This is because it's a shiny white LACQUERED table and I am IN LOVE. It's from the Jonathan Adler collection and it's too expensive and it doesn't seat enough people and it doesn't come with an extension and I don't care because IT'S SO PRETTY. I may have to re-envision my entire future dining room around a white laquered table.

Anyway. Here is what I thought about the new JCPenney Home department, which you have definitely heard about if you a) watch/read financial news or b) see a commercial on HGTV. It's awesome. I know! Much like their dress department, where I am finding 99% of the dresses I like lately, the home department is my kind of stuff. A lot of it (and not just the uber-bright Jonathan Adler stuff) is the modern that isn't SO modern it looks uncomfortable, but with clean lines, interesting shapes, shiny, mixed materials. I have to compare it to Home Goods, where I went over the weekend in search of couch pillows. I like a lot of the stuff in Home Goods, but I'm thinking I'm not... I can't think of a good word. Like I'm not so much into chalkboard paint. I love their rugs and their lamps, but I think I'm not enough into the vintagey style. Anyway, the JCP stuff isn't cheap and not where I'd go in search of some wall art or a bathmat, but if I was seriously looking for something substantial? I'd totally check them out. 

And now we need to talk about couch pillows. Why so expensive, couch pillows?! The few I liked at Home Goods were $25 each and at JCP they were between $20 and $40. I have a ginormous couch and there's no way I could buy enough pillows at that price point. Such a bummer. I may have to go to JoAnn's and pick out fabric and con my mother into sewing them for me. 

The other stuff I bought, just some dresses. I'm on the hunt for maxi dresses that skim over my lumpy parts and also a pair of sloppy khaki pants. I cannot find a pair of loose, easy, lightweight khaki pants ANYWHERE. I don't want skinny or cropped or stretchy or work-like or nice material or fitted or God forbid LINEN. Ugh. Basically what I want is a pair of Phillip's worn out Friday casual work pants in my size. Something to wear with t-shirts and tanks and sandals. That doesn't make me feel muffin toppy. That doesn't lower my self esteem like jeans. That isn't out of season like leggings or heavy yoga pants. That's messy but MEANT to be messy. Where are these pants?! I used to have a pair, pre-children, and I wore them ALL THE TIME. WANT. 




I have these capris from Kohls:

I am far from being a fashion trendsetter BUT, these are very flattering and I love the material. Wipes clean easily, dries quickly if you are at the splash pad and a child comes and drips on you. The only downside is that they do not have pockets, only fake pockets but...they really are so flattering and such a nice material that I still bought them and wear the heck out of them.


Also, Lands End or LLBean. That's where the classic khakis of the world go to hang out and plot their comeback.

Kate E

Starfish pants from Land's End, come in cropped or long. Very flattering to all stages of mamahood. Love, Love, Love! I've been living in them this spring/summer.


Macy's! I am looking for the same types of pants but apparently they are not "in" anymore:!fn=PANT_STYLE%3DCargo%26sortBy%3DORIGINAL%26productsPerPage%3D40&!qvp=iqvp


I really do like that table! Maybe Ikea makes something similar?


I buy men's clothes because they're cheap and comfortable. Pro tip for being a slob like me: dress like a guy!


I walked through JC Penny's new home section the other day and found some things I want VERY MUCH.

Also, I've had good luck finding flattering maxi dresses at Ross.


I was hoping to read through the comments and find a recommendation for exactly those pants becasue I want some too. Please let us know if you find something!


I surprisingly found a good pair of summer khaki-ish pants at H&M last year. Generally I only shop for my daughters there, but every now and then, I find a little something for me. (Unlike today where I shopped at Ann Taylor and only found something for my daughter. Which I think we can all agree is just not fair.)


Ignore my comment above that suggested Macy's...I struck out there. But tonight I found capri cargo pants that fit my needs (cheap, comfy, not too long cause I'm short, casual looking) at Kohls. Specifically these: The waistband has an elastic part in the back (not shown in the pics) and according to the sticker the front has a "tummy slimming secret panel" or something but whatever, it fit all my needs, maybe it'll work for you too.


Oh wait, you don't want cropped. Sorry. :(

Auto Paint Orange County

I like a lot of the stuff in Home Goods, but I'm thinking I'm not... I can't think of a good word. Like I'm not so much into chalkboard paint. I love their rugs and their lamps, but I think I'm not enough into the vintagey style.

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