The Memorial Day Club
In which I seem to have a Mental Block against Dinner

Perhaps I should try a home improvement television cleanse

I think I've overdosed on HGTV. Which doesn't mean that I am sick of watching HGTV (AT ALL), it means that I spend way more time thinking about my OWN house and everything it NEEDS. Technically it needs nothing. Un-technically it needs EVERYTHING. And I just feel... it's like I feel MAD about it. I'm mad that we can't fix ALL the things IMMEDIATELY.

Deck demo was supposed to start today but it got pushed back to Thursday. Fine. But we're waiting to see what the construction guys find before we decide how to fix the deck and I feel so twitchy and annoyed about it. I don't want to talk about getting other bids and how to finance it and blah blah blah I just want to get it DONE. I have an answer for all those things (whatever is easiest and fastest) and I'm READY. 

And after that? GRAND plans for the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. Total gutting. Knocking down walls. All new everything. But you know, if that's too expensive I have less grand ideas and those are okay too, I just want to get MOVING! Let's DO this thing! 

It's not just remodeling, it's wanting brighter couch pillows and a bigger better new rug, a king sized bed, new paint for Emma's room, ooh maybe I can PAINT our dining room table, and we'll need actual outdoor furniture and OMG STOP IT CRAZY LADY. 

I actually quite like my house. I mean, for the dozens of things I hate about it (GRAY TILE EVERYWHERE), it's got a lot of great qualities. "Good bones", I think they'd say. I just wish I could go into a room and not instantly reimagine it as something else. We'll update everything eventually, I really think we will, and things will be perfectly pleasant in the meantime. This schizophrenic Pinteresting I'm doing - hire a kitchen designer! bathroom tile! appliances! landscaping! diy shower install tips! Ikea cabinets! - needs to stop. BLARGH.

The forecast looks like a long string of sunny days ahead and THANK GOODNESS, because I wouldn't be surprised if the rain and gloom and stuckinsideness is part of the nonstop house wantingness. Also part: spending hours cleaning up the kitchen and vacuuming and creating a dozen piles for Goodwill and things STILL look dirty and cluttered. AND: the baby. Oh, the baby. As my mother would say, she's "asserting herself". The fact that Phillip is currently entertaining all three in his office downstairs is probably evidence of the sort of attitude I had when he got home. SORRY.

In other news. Molly Cheung jumped into the swimming pool during lessons today and submerged her whole head. Not on purpose of course, but the point is: SHE DID NOT FREAK OUT. She wasn't HAPPY about it, but she wasn't shrieking and howling for me. In fact she was smiling not five seconds later. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT! So proud of my girl. 

Oh you guys, I just had to erase a whole paragraph about diy remodeling and if YOU had done it and SERIOUSLY, PLEASE BEGIN THE INTERVENTION.



I know exactly what you mean! In my eyes, the house is always a work in progress.


YES, my house suffers the same fate as yours. Never good enough, even though it is fine.


That is the reason I stayed away from Pinterest for so long, and still force myself not to look at the pretty rooms and stuff when I'm on there now. I would drive myself nuts dreaming of the perfect house. I often look around my house and get cranky about the stuff I'd like to do--mostly because I always know there's a better use of the money and my husband's not into that stuff so I'd be on my own, etc. I think it's harder when you're home a lot, because you're constantly looking around and noticing things you'd like to see improved. I did that a lot on maternity leave, but now that I'm back to work and preoccupied with baby stuff in the evenings I only have those issues on weekends when I'm there for extended periods of time. I have little things on my list--new dining room chandelier, new storm door, new bathroom sink, photo wall in our office, a couple other blank walls, storage in my son's room, desire for a TV in my bedroom--but I keep telling myself we don't NEED them. But then I think how much those things bother me, and if I could just fix them for a little money, it would improve my overall quality of life. Tough call, for sure.


I feel the same way! There's nothing technically wrong with my house. But, I can find a million things I want to change about it. However, my husband and I are not very skilled in the home improvement department. I so wish he was more handy, but that just isn't one of his strong suits. We have no idea what we're doing when it comes to the big stuff- like pulling up carpet, laying tile, changing countertops. And HGTV just reinforces all of these changes I want to make. Not only that, but my husband is not so thrilled about spending all the $$ I'd like to put into the house either. So, needless to say, we haven't gotten very far.

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