Big fat complainy having your kids at church post, I'M SORRY
All right I feel better. Which means this post is pretty boring.

Today's REAL accomplishment is that I did not raid the Easter candy

Thanks for all your kids-at-church thoughts. It is LOVELY to know that I'm not alone. I think the feedback peaked with the call from my mother reminding me that she used to take all five of us to church, ALONE. My mother, so encouraging. 

Actually, she really was, telling me about how her mother used to take her to the Italian Mass, just HER, and my grandpa would take the other kids to the regular Mass, and how super special it was. So now I am thinking that the easiest thing for Team Cheung to do is have the morning person take a kid to an early Mass (me) and the not-so-morning person take the oToday's ther kid to another Mass (him) and no one takes the baby anywhere because she's SO GODAWFUL. I am hoping that we will settle into a new parish by September, sign the kids up for Sunday School, and maybe Emma will have pushed back her nap an hour or two bringing joy and immeasurable patience to her parents. 

I would also like you to know that I finally called Children's hospital and set up the appointments. After a big mix up about ultrasounds and x-rays and what these referrals were actually FOR. I managed to commit myself to going to the hospital twice in one day, the second time probably with all the kids, and ugh, we're just not going to think about it. 

Especially because: DUM DE DUM DUM! Emma is walking! YOU GUYS! I KNOW!

Okay, so, it's not like walking is her preferred mode of transport. And it's not like she really does it of her own accord. And she absolutely refused - plopped down on her bottom in the middle of the hall - when I tried to get her to walk for the kindergarten moms at school pick up. I can't say we're all the way there. But she's MUCH steadier than she was in that video I posted a while back, she can cover more space, she can stand up on her own, and on the very rare occasion takes a few steps on her own. Like everything else with Emma I think the progress will be Wretchedly Slow, but DUDES. Finally. I'm looking forward to a child who doesn't make everyone think she's miserably handicapped and her mother doesn't care enough to buy her a board with wheels to make the scooting easier. 

I feel like this news should be Momentous and deserving of it's own blog post, but the fact is she's been doing this for about a week now and I just wasn't sure when I could Officially Call the walking, you know? Her grandparents have been saying "any day now!" since CHRISTMAS and perhaps the news is more a relief than occasion for champagne and cake. 

(Oh you guys, like I would ever say something is NOT an occasion for champagne and cake.)

I also cancelled the dentist appointments that took me an entire year to schedule because I last minute-ish decided to go to California for Spring Break. Just me. Oh yeah. What, you don't get a Spring Break? I DO, SUCKAS! God bless the state of Washington for putting on the Spring Fair that week, my parents for wanting the kids overnight so they can take them to the Spring Fair, and my husband for not minding single parenthood over a weekend. I better start slathering on the fake tanner now so all the Californians won't be blinded. 



Hooray for Emma walking! You know she's trying to do you a favor and let you enjoy her so adorable baby-phase extra long :)

And HOORAY for a spring break trip sans little people to California! Have fun!!


Yay Emma! And yay for your spring break! (Although, obviously I'm totally jealous.)


I'm thrilled for your spring break! Soak up lots of sunshine for us!

As far as Childrens goes. It's the most amazing and most difficult place to hang out. Because whatever is going on with your child is so much easier than what so many other parents there are dealing with. Routine appointments with Ethan's doctors leave me down for days. BUT- it's still wonderful to have such a resource on our doorsteps- everyone there is helpful and happy and amazing. Hopefully EJ won't need any help, but if she does, know that you are in the best possible hands at Childrens. Seriously. And to cope with appointments, I usually take the kids to U Village and buy them whatever they want. And buy me some unhealthy treat as well :)


Hooray for walking babies and kind parents and solo travel! This post made me happy! :)


"A while back"?? It was LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AGO. Way to go Emma!

Megan @ Mama Bub

I live in California, and I'm the whitest of them all, so fear not. Enjoy your vacation!

Crystal Payne

Congrats to Emma! And to you for keeping the faith!

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