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Pie in the sky

Jack went back to school today. And instead of calling Children's Hospital to make appointments, I started digging in my backyard. 

Yard Plans 2013 (in no specific order)

1. Expand garden, plant seedlings before all the roots intertwine in their little plastic greenhouse. Need soil, fertilizer, ten tons of MiracleGro. 

2. Get bamboo stakes and netting for beans and snap peas. 

3. Buy a few pavers or tiles or whatever to create a little path through the garden. Actual Garden Design can be saved until 2014. 

4. Plant raspberry bush and blueberry bush in the raised bed in the backyard.


6. Dig out the absolutely ginormous lavender monstrosity. (2014: create a little patio in its place?)

7. Cut down little dead trees. Rent chainsaw? Call tree people? 

8. Dig out weeds/grass from the not-grass area in the front yard, cover with bark. Or get a lawn service to do this. Because I've already dug it out once and that obviously got us nowhere. 

9. Find shade-friendly plants for front yard.

10. Plant dahlia bulbs. Where? Uhhhh... 

11. After stairs are built, figure out what to do with the flower bed and vines and peonies and rosemary, but save that for 2014 because DUDE, just getting the stairs built will be a miracle. 

12. Develop arm muscles/upper body strength via new million dollar idea: Power Gardening: Dig and Weed Your Way To Definition!



I read pavers as prayers and rosemary as rosary. Religious gardening is where it's at?! ;)


Ask your contractor if they can do my bathroom too. PLEASE!!! I don't have phone phobia or anything but just the whole process, the money, EVERYTHING. I am rendered immobile.


My garden plans this year are: 1. Pick up the stuff that blew over in the windstorm a few months ago. 2. Maybe plant some strawberries in a bucket.

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