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Phillip and I are suffering from a bit of... well, I'm not really sure what you'd call it. Whatever you develop when you've gone overboard in your consumption of HGTV. 

It started with the deck. Well, really, it started with buying the HOUSE, but the deck is the first big tangible fix/upgrade/change since we took out the weirdo fireplace the week before we moved in. There are a ton of things we want to do with our house, but deck stairs is the best combination of affordable/doable/most needed. And then I went and added that slide. (Phillip: still not sold. I mean, he's sold because I HATH DECREED IT SO, but, you know, he's still raising an eyebrow whenever I mention it. LOSE THE EYEBROW, PHILLIP.) Anyway, it's meant a lot of Pinterest browsing and contractor researching and all that housey stuff. 

THEN my sister, the one who got married last summer, went and bought a brand new super huge house and duuuudes, that's pretty exciting. I keep getting jealous, then I remember that this house is a good 50 minutes away from my beloved city and I feel better. But THEN I remember it's within walking distance of the best babysitter in the universe, that babysitter being MY MOTHER and I get jealous all over again. But whatever! It's fabulous! Yay my sister! It's finally finished and I got to take the grand tour today and that just puts you in the housey mood too. WALK IN PANTRY, people. Swoon. 

But the biggest thing? Phillip discovered HGTV. Now, I've known about HGTV for a while, but it's never really been all that interesting to me. I tried to develop an affinity for HGTV back when Emily Cassee was creating her House Hunters drinking game, but I couldn't get into it. But now? NOW? Maybe it's the fact that I learned how to paint things these last two years. Maybe it's the kitchen with the laminate cupboards and hateful tile grout counters. Maybe it's knowing we're here for a long time. I DON'T KNOW. But suddenly Phillip and I cannot get enough. It's actually quite embarrassing. 

Our favorite show is Property Brothers. I think it's called Property Brothers? It features these two impossibly good-looking brothers - one is a realtor and the other renovates houses. They find people (preferably a young, obnoxious, entitled couple) a fixer upper and turn it into their dream house. We think this show is amazing. We think the renovations brother is a GOD. We cannot stand the idiot whiners who end up on this show because DO THEY NOT REALIZE WHAT THESE BROTHERS CAN DO?! They should just pick the cheapest house in the best neighborhood and thank their lucky stars they landed on this show. 

Anyway, it makes us talk entirely too much about our own house and what we want to do to it. (Phillip comes up with these super random things, like wanting to replace the window in the garage with one that opesn, so the flies can fly out instead of getting stuck in the corners and dying. Yes. My ideas are more along the lines of "remodel the bathroom!") Just today we covered how we'll split the upstairs bathroom into two, whether or not we should open up the kitchen by knocking out the counter peninsula, and how exactly we would pay for all of this. In rather excruciating detail. 

Today my sister was all "I have to buy a refrigerator today! Lame! I'm never going to buy anything fun again!" And I'm all, "WHAT IS NOT FUN ABOUT BUYING A REFRIGERATOR?!?!?!?" Because I am OLD and UNFUN and ADDICTED TO HGTV.

I'm tempted to post a bazillion Kitchen Inspiration pictures, but Phillip is yelling from the bedroom saying another episode is on. Must go. Chat later. 



So, we do not even own a house, but HGTV is our favorite cable channel. The most embarrassing part? We're too cheap to pay for cable at home, so when we travel, one of the little things we look forward to is turning on HGtV in the hotel room and watching multiple episodes of our favorite shows (we like Property Brothers, Property Virgins, and Love It or List It - oh, and the one about income properties).


Gosh, HGTV. Man, I loved that in our last (practically brand new) house. Now we live in a (much larger, much better neighborhooded) older house and we dream of doing optional upgrades (Yard stuff! Deck! Repaint/refinish woodwork!) because money-pit type things keep happening. Last week, we discovered that little crack in our shower floor is not so little, has been patched before, and there's standing water under the tile. The garage door openers are literally from 1985 and barely move the doors. The HVAC is also original and is about 4 years outside it's normal lifetime already. We'll get to that point eventually, but I can't watch too much HGTV without getting the frustration rage.

I used to LOVE Yard Crashers, but then Ahmed left, and they got about 75 other -crasher type shows. Now mostly we make fun of the entitled crazies on those shows. "This couple only has a 2000 sqft house and just found out they're expecting their first child! They're looking for more space!"


We are HGTV junkies lately. We love the more design type shows. Have you seen Elbow Room? I suspect Phillip will love the engineering type stuff that Chip does as much as my husband does. There is always something with super fun moving parts. Our HGTV obsession recently led to us buying a new dining room set that is mid-century modern :)


I used to watch House Hunters with my mom YEARS ago and mock her for her love of it. My mother is a major house decorating person who redoes rooms/things in her house every year/season/holiday. This used to not really be my thing.

BUT. In December, knowing we were going to buy a new house and move in January, I started watching House Hunters. And then that spiraled into an all-HGTV all the time addiction that continues to this day. House Hunters, Property Brothers (SO IN LOVE WITH JONATHAN THE CONTRACTOR), Love It or List It, you name it.

So, when we found this awesome house and bought it, I suddenly found myself going, I could have crown moulding and tile backsplash added in my kitchen. We could put in pot lights and rip down that light box! I could spruce up this old couch with a ton of new pillows from Pier 1! And that is what I've been spending my time doing since we moved. Luckily, we had some money left over from the sale of our last house to fund our list of projects!

So far, I've redone the kitchen, painted a playroom, bought an awesome French door stainless steel refrigerator (I can't believe your sister isn"t excited about a new fridge!), and made friends with the people at Pier 1 as I buy out their lamps and pillows LOL. My husband has been doing practical things such as add weather-stripping to all the doors, replace the water heater, and get bids on replacing all our windows with sound blocking and energy-saving windows (we live in a flight path now).

I am super excited to hear more about your house projects, especially the kitchen and the slide, which sounds SO FUN!


I've been addicted to HGTV for a few years now. My husband makes fun of me, but I think it's atleast half way educational and better than all the other garbage that's on TV these days. I keep a mental running list of things I want to do to our house. We've lived in it going on 4 years now, and have done a minimal amount of upgrades. It all just seems to costly now that we have a child, and daunting to two very inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. My husband can barely fix a leaky faucet. BUT, I have declared this the spring/summer of house remodeling! I plan to start actively checking off my list of to-do's. Now if only I can get the hubby on board. :)


This probably makes me really lame, but a part of me just wants to raise my (very future) family in a townhouse/condo. I grew up having EVERY Saturday be House Project Day and I just cannot live out my homeownership days in the same manner. Is it more fun when it's yours?


I big, puffy pink heart Property Brothers and HGTV in general. When we moved into our house a month ago, I had a list of about 10 things that I wanted done Right Away. And by Right Away, I mean within the first week (including getting new vanities and lighting and tiling the bathroom since it has carpet). I think we've accomplished 2 of 10 and the bathroom still has carpet.


When Matt & I have our not often enough getaways with just the two of us, we inevitably get sucked into an HGTV marathon while sprawled on a hotel bed. The homeowners on those shows are always so obnoxious but we can't stop watching. One time we got hooked into watching hours of House Hunters International and dreaming about moving abroad. We still talk about that castle in the French countryside that was such a steal and was probably chock-full of secret passageways. (Never mind that neither of us speak a lick of French)

Megan @ Mama Bub

I LOVE Property Brothers, but I think the people are perked to whine. I mean, they KNOW the premise of the show. They KNOW they're going to be shown the most beautiful house ever, and that it's going to be laughably outside of their price range. They know they're going to see hideous fixer uppers, and no one will make them keep the pink laminate counters in the kitchen. They KNOW the mock ups of what they can do to the homes will make them weep. AND YET, they stand in those home saying, "Nope, NOOOOPE. We can't live here." I mean, you applied to be on the show, right? You knew what you were getting in to.

Perhaps I'm a touch too invested in the property twins.


I love HGTV, but I watched SO much of it while I was on maternity leave with Kalena that Brian said he can never watch it again. (He was a full time student and home for the summer.)


I love Property Brothers! And Income Property. My mom saw Jonathan on a local mall about a month ago and was very excited. I believe they are from Vancouver, and one lives here still. :) I've watched so many of the PB shows, I can definately say that most of the houses are renovated the same. I like the ones that are the episodes where the people want kosher kitchens.


I watched so many Property Brothers in a row I overkilled it like a bad song from the '80s. One thing... notice they pick out some craptastic house and Carpenter Brother says "I can put anything into this house"... but then hello BUDGET and yeah, they fix up the kitchen and maybe the adjoining living room OR the master bedroom and bathroom, but almost *never* the whole house. I sit on my couch yelling "What about the rest of the house?!" like it's mine and I feel duped. So now I watch Alias on Netflix instead. Because that's so much more realistic.

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