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Big fat complainy having your kids at church post, I'M SORRY

Another Health Kick post (but I mean it this time!)

Easter is over. Phillip's family flies home today. Everyone is well enough to go to school. Even my parents are home from their road trip and coming to visit today. In short, there is absolutely no need to continue stuffing my face with every piece of chocolate I see. Or don't see, for that matter. I am valedictorian of finding the last chocolate egg under all the Easter grass. 

Since Christmas I've been losing and gaining the same five pounds. And that doesn't even begin to address the pounds I still had to lose to reach my pre-Emma weight. Biggest Blogging Loser was not motivation enough. An Easter dress wasn't enough. Not even my friend wanting me to go to the Korean spa with her (read: NAKED SPA) is inspiring me. 


Phillip and I are going to Cabo in August. By ourselves. In my ideal world I would be 1) ten pounds lighter and 2) better toned than I am now, which, as I am not at ALL toned right now, isn't saying too much. Wouldn't it be nice? To not feel like a giant pasty slug in my swim suit for an entire week? 

Also I've been feeling nervous about Health and Getting Older and Things Our Parents Are Dealing With That We Might Have To Deal With Too and ACK. 

ALSO also, I was thinking that in order to convince Phillip that he wants to go on a Health Kick with me, I need to come up with some super strong motivation. Beyond Cabo and Health. Something like: "what's one thing you really really really want to spend money on, Phillip Cheung? Because if you reach your goal YOU CAN HAVE IT." 

And that means I can think of something I really really want too. Because that's fair. And last night when I couldn't sleep I was making a list. One of the bazillion rings I've pinned from Etsy, a Boden sundress, a day at a [not naked] spa, a trip to visit an Internet friend. THIS COULD BE FUN, RIGHT? 

So here's how we're going to make it happen. 

EATING: I am sticking with Weight Watchers. Based on what I know about Phillip and his temperament and the crapload of junk food in his office breakroom, what I think will work best for him is low carb. It's SIMPLE - eat this, don't eat this. There's no counting anything. I am in charge of dinner so I can make sure he's not eating, like, three steaks every night. AND it worked before. He lost 10 pounds in, like, a week the first time he tried low carb. And him eating low carb will be good for me because I won't be tempting myself with the things I like to overeat, Weight Watchers or no. This is going to be the hardest part. Phillip and I dont necessarily love food as we love to snack, incessantly. And everything we do always seems to require a snack, or would be more enjoyable if we were also EATING. So. 

EXERCISE: Phillip is currently dealing with a foot problem and I... well, I have a nap schedule and a desire to hoard all of my free time. To combat this we have joined the YMCA. I KNOW! We are actually really super duper excited about this. When I was trying to figure out what to do for swim lessons this year it seemed like the best option, and dudes, the childcare? Is amazing. The childcare SPACES are INCREDIBLE at this Y, and I wouldn't have to waste nap time on my run. I am already thinking about next fall when Jack and Molly are both in school and I'll go drop them off, head directly to the Y, stick Emma in the baby room, and hammer out my exercise before 10am. How awesome would that be? And save nap time for TV the way God intended! As for right now it's a little more difficult. Because of the age requirements for each childcare space and how it depends on the time of day (it makes sense, just complicated) Molly can't be in the same room as Jack in the afternoons and this is, you know, traumatic. And the mornings are hard because I don't have a lot of time between drop off and nap time. I'll figure it out. For now it's just nice to have the OPTION and we're already looking forward to swimming with the kids on the weekends and signing up for classes. It's not the same as DOING the exercise, but I feel like I've at least taken care of the HOW to exercise dilemma.

My goal: 10 pounds gone by Cabo + arm muscles. 

There may or may not be a jointly written weight loss blog by Team Cheung. I don't know if that's interesting to you, whether Phillip would find it useful, whether I would commit to it the way I did with Hot By Thirty. (OH THAT SEEMS SO LONG AGO.) But it's an idea. 

Okay. I must get back to being a parent. Today's goals are simple: do not eat peanut butter out of the jar. Remember that even though you feel pudgy you are still two sizes smaller than you were when you got married. Remember that you looked skinny when you went out to dinner last night. Remember that the number on your jeans does not determine your worth. But also remember that you are a grown up, you can eat candy whenever you want, you do NOT have to scrounge through the kid's Easter baskets in desperation this afternoon because you are bored. FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO, SELF. 



I am so jealous of you people with local Ys. I want that. I do have a local gym and I find it helps my motivation to pay for exercise as it makes me go. But it's small and nothing like a Y.


I just had a conversation with God about my eating. I am sure that sounds weird and overly dramatic...

Your plan sounds great! And it is always nice to have a buddy!

And you ARE beautiful!


My brother and sister-in-law joined a weight challenge at their local YMCA one year with a cash prize and they WON. It was something like percentage of weight lost in a period of time by them as a couple. My sister-in-law lost her baby weight after the twins and my brother lost that extra person he carried around on his gut and they won. SIL has done a great job of maintaining that weight. My brother...not so much. As it turns out, cash is a great motivator for him, but he'd need ongoing cash to keep it up. :)


Once you figure out the childcare thing you will love the childcare/gym thing! I have a two year old and it took a few months but once my son got adjusted to the childcare room and started to love it I just easily fell into a gym schedule. My kid loves spending time in the childcare, lights up when I say its a gym day, and I love getting to work out and take a lazy shower. Good luck!

Kate P

Yay for both of you, and a trip sounds like a great reward!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Cabo sounds like the perfect finish line - and a ring from Etsy sounds like a WONDERFUL reward. Or a spa day. Or whatever.

Ten pounds plus arm muscles - you can do it! Go Maggie!! (And Phillip.)

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