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The last time I went to Europe I was pregnant with Jack. It seems like forever ago. It was even MORE forever ago that I stopped going "home" (Italy) once or twice a year (Christmas, summer). So it makes absolutely no sense that I am still so happily surprised to note that traveling doesn't HAVE to be a days-long, multi-flight, jet-lagged affair where you must be sure of everything you're packing because WHO KNOWS if you'll be able to buy it THERE. 

I was SO AGAINST flying with children, because flying, to me, was (see above) a days-long, multi-flight, jet-lagged affair that took on all sorts of new neuroses after 9/11. I didn't fly anywhere for a long time. No interest. When I planned our first trip to Disneyland it was going to be a road trip. Oh yes. I was not getting on a plane WITH CHILDREN. 

But then we flew to Vegas with Phillip's family and I marveled at how easy it was. And we flew to LAX for the Disney trip. Twice. And seriously, I am still SO amazed when I am sunning myself mid-morning in a California backyard and fixing my kids dinner by 5pm in Seattle. WHAT A NIFTY WORLD WE LIVE IN!

Plane tickets are expensive and child care is complicated, but I highly recommend hopping on an airplane every so often to visit a friend. There are fare deals to be had and grandparents to sweet talk and you can make it happen! Bonus points if your friend lives in what is basically The Tropics compared to your marine temperate locale and your weekend souvenir is an awkward and unfortunate tan line. 

Elizabeth will tell you that the first time Getting On A Plane And Visiting An Internet Friend came up I thought I would only go for one night. I couldn't POSSIBLY stay longer. Not because my kids needed me or I would miss them so much or anything nice like that, I just felt like I wasn't ALLOWED. I can't go anywhere BY MYSELF! JUST FOR FUN?! So it's totally crazy to me that a few years later here I am taking off, alone, for absolutely no reason, for four days... good crazy. 

I had such a great time, you guys. And it was so nice to get away. I feel bad because pretty much my entire family was sick while I was gone - either getting sick or continuing to be sick - and I was off, you know, lolling about a beautifully landscaped yard and plotting my move to California. But after the house guests and the holidays and the sicknesses and the stuck at home it was nice to just GO. I am so lucky I'm able to GO. I am so lucky I have such great people to GO to.


And whenever you start to feel like a lame frumpy housewife, there's nothing better than parking your own car, taking the shuttle, going through security, sitting at your gate all by your lonesome to feel like a Jet Setting Sophisticated Cosmopolitan Lady. (Just me?) 

Also, airport snacks contain no calories. FYI.

Anyway. School starts again this week, I have the Great Spring Clothes Sorting to suffer through, and a six-year-old's birthday to plan. Back to real life! I kinda missed it.


ooh! ooh! Before you go, I have a serious question. How cost prohibitive do you think it would be to install a SLIDE alongside the DECK STAIRS????? (I'm calling contractors this week. I AM.)






I totally don't feel like I'm allowed to go somewhere by myself just for fun. We've basically decided I can go to the Blathering this year and still I'm hesitant, because I feel so guilty!! (I will probably go. But I'll feel bad about leaving.)

Also, I do not think having a slide installed would be that expensive. LET US KNOW.


Maybe I misunderstanding the slide. Will it be able to be used in place if the stairs? If so, that is TOTALLY awesome!

And I SO get the wonder of solo travel. It is one of my most favorite things in the world.


Right now with a new baby and an almost-five year old, I feel like I will never go anywhere again. HOWEVER...before I had kids, the thought of traveling alone seemed intimidating...until I actually did it and discovered it felt very mature and exciting! Once I had a baby and he had plenty of time to get older, I decided I needed to go visit my brother's family (new baby!) by myself, because they didn't need the chaos of my child, nor did I feel the need to pay for more plane tickets than my own. It was a cross-country flight so it wasn't cheap. It was then that I discovered that flying alone as a mom was AMAZING. That much time alone, even if it was in airports and on an airplane, was lovely. I could do what I wanted, eat what I wanted, watch a movie uninterrupted, and not respond to a million requests. It was fantastic. I've since flown with my son, and I'll admit, he did really well on a less-than-two-hour flight. Even if he would have been a little bad, I think that would have far outweighed the stress of what would have been a good two-day car trip. I'm always very nervous about flying, but with a few exceptions, I'm always SO happy that I did it because I get to go somewhere far away within a matter of hours. I've done a drive from Western New York to Chicago a couple times (10-12 hours--hellish) and the first time I flew there (1-1/2 hrs, max), I was like, holy crap, I am never doing that drive again.


I loved watching your trip to see Elizabeth this weekend. It was fun to live vicariously through you.

Megan @ Mama Bub

I went on four trips last year, ALL of them without my kids, two of them solo. And while the two solo trips were only for a weekend, I felt so grown up to be flying all alone. And when one of my flights was upgraded to business class? I felt like I had unlocked some incredibly adult achievement.

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