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Update on EJ, with whom there is always something Up

Okay, NOW the reason I'm not showing you the entry way is because I wanted to find the OLD pictures, the OLD OLD ones, from when we first moved in, and that will take me a while. Today is not really the day to spend one's free time hunting through the vast and disorganized digital photo folders, today is the day to huddle on the couch under your zebra print blanket playing back to back games of Hashi. (Attention Hashi Players: I finished that app. I FINISHED IT. I had to buy a new one. This is a sickness.)

Something is up with Emma. I don't know what. And it's hard to say anything is ever up with her, since she's sort of in a continual state of Upness. She's never napped or slept through the night or eaten or pooped or ANYTHING consistently. At times she's great at some stuff, horrible at others, and the next week it will switch. Every time we think she's going to start predictably sleeping through the night, she starts her 2am wakeups all over again. Wait, there is ONE consistent thing with Emma, and that is her perpetual good naturedness. But THAT is what's suffering lately, leading me to think there is more Upness than usual. 

She's been a huge pill for two or three days in a row now. I mean, that's not a huge deal, I know, but it's WEIRD FOR HER. Even when she's sick and not sleeping and then goes and busts her head on a chair leg, she's STILL smiley and cheerful. Not so much lately. The last three days she's had a puffy pink eyelid. I've kept a careful eye on it and that seems to be the extent of her affliction, but I finally took her in today just to see and they were all, "Huh! That's funny. Let's wait and see! Please give us a $20 copay!" 

But AT the doctor she screeched and wailed and FLIPPED OUT. Possibly because he was holding her eyelids open and being, you know, a weird doctor, but still. This baby doesn't really flip out much. So... I don't know. Probably telling is that she took an afternoon nap today for the first time in absolutely forever. Blargh. 

Okay, Phillip is home and I've tried out a WW recipe (curried barley with chicken and lentils? sound good?) and I'm ready to talk grown up talk. Pictures of paint later. Again! 



I hope you figure out what's up!

(Paul has also never napped or slept through the night with any regularity at all. And the regularity qualifier only applies to napping because I don't believe he ever actually has slept through the night.)


Poor Emma! I'm sorry that something is up with her. I hope she gets back to homeostasis soon.

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