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I want you to know that I just wasted several hours of my life searching my phone and computer (and Facebook profiles and blog posts) for Before Pictures and I only found TWO. I am BEYOND IRRITATED by this. I really really wish we had somehow 1) found a way and 2) thought it IMPORTANT enough to keep the pictures of the listing from when we BOUGHT the house. Those would be worth it for the minty green living room alone. ALAS, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THOSE ARE. 

Here's the entry way before I painted it the first time, last November or December (I can't remember.) 

Photo (26)

Photo (27)

You can't really tell (OBVS) but the walls were kind of a yellow green color. There's a Crayola name for it, but it's not lighting up in my brain right now. MUCH of the house was this yellow green color, pastel and kind of sickly. Not my favorite. Or even close. WAIT. Now I'm wondering if these are pictures I took while the new paint was DRYING?! GAH GAH GAH

WHATEVER. And then here is the entry way AFTER I painted it Boring Cream (which was really the only color I could think of, at the time) but before I painted the doors white.

Photo (15)

Photo (13)

Photo (14)

Not HORRIBLE but definitely not awesome. And I knew that as soon as I was done painting. But, you know, I had a TWO-MONTH-OLD, I wasn't going to paint the stupid entry way AGAIN. 

(The bench, which is awesome, is from World Market. The sconces are the cheapest ones at Lowe's. The coat rack is from my parents' house in Italy. The basket on top was originally full of cheese and chocolate and bread and given to me at the hospital after I had Emma. The pictures on the wall are of my old street in Italy, a street map of Venice, and random Chinese scenes we collected on our trip. Also artwork from that famed and noted artist Jackson Cheung.)

Fast forward to the summer: I painted every single stupid door in my house (except bedroom closets) white. I would find my picture of the Door Painting Assembly Line on my deck from the summer, but I already wasted too much time on the entry way. Anyway, that was an improvement. I didn't do a spectacular job or anything, but the doors are seriously nothing special and looked a lot better. I did not, however, paint the edges. I was tired and had stopped caring. SUE ME. 

Fast forward to THIS past Christmas: I knew I wanted a COLOR. Hence the AQUA ANGST. (I love it. So there.) I thought it would look awesome with the white. So I painted all the trim in the entry way, plus the first stair railing, THEN I painted it a COLOR.

Photo (28)


Photo (29)

Photo (30)

Photo (31)

Old bench from World Market, white Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea, coat tree from Ikea, rug from TJ Maxx, pillows from World Market (I bought them to go on my couch last year and didn't like them, they've lived on a shelf since then), white mirror from Target. 

This is not really how it was supposed to be arranged - I wanted the shoe cabinet in the hallway, a chair on either side of the coat tree, but the shoe cabinet was a little too wide for the hallway and it didn't fit (if we also wanted seating) on the wall underneath the sconce in the corner. So. It's where it is. It's also screwed into the wall, per Ikea's instructions. It's nice to have a little shelf there (that's the door to the garage) and I'm looking for pictures to put above it. I wanted the white mirror there, but they are two different whites (THE HORROR) and the mirror was actually too high to be useful (for me, anyway.) 

As for the BENCH... Phillip was all, "just put it in front of the window!" Which works, but it BUGS ME. I would prefer two chairs that are sort of angled towards each other. What do you think? The bench just barely fits on the wall where the door opens. By which I mean the door opens wide enough to use, but hits the bench. So I don't know. I like the bench and I like as much seating as possible (we are a no-shoes-in-the-house house), but obvs it has to LOOK RIGHT. This doesn't look quite right to me. 

And the RUG. BAH. I really really like the colors and pattern of this rug and it was cheap so it's staying. But putting anything on the floor is a huge pain in the butt. I've told you about our Pine Needle Issue before. We sweep constantly (okay, we sweep before people come over) and any rug or floor covering is going to get in the way, never stay in place, be filthy, etc. BUT it looks COLD and BARE without a rug. Anyway, this one is terrible, it's slippery, it doesn't stay in place, it's too small for the space, BUT I like the patter and the colors, it looks okay if I shove it in front of the furniture and not pretend it's a rug for the whole floor, and it's easy to shake out. So. It stays for now. 

The last things I need to do are buy faceplates for the light switches (the old ones were cream - unacceptable) and put up the white trim and hooks on the wall in the last picture. We've purchased these things, we just haven't put them up yet. Of course. That's where the kids will hang their coats and backpacks and other assorted annoying junk. 

I wasn't sure I would like the coat tree. I REALLY LIKE THE COAT TREE. We are also actually using the coat closet. I KNOW. 

I knew I would like the shoe cabinet. Phillip has been anti-this shoe cabinet for YEARS. Who knows why! But we've sort of exhausted all of HIS preferred options, and in the last several days I've heard him marvel once or twice, "All the shoes are put away!" It's kind of a weird piece of furniture, but it looks clean and it's easy for the kids to use. Infinitely better than the shoes in the bench or the metal rack we keep hidden in a hallway. 

So there it is, internet, The Aquaway TM Emily Cassee. I need thoughts re: chairs vs. bench, if chairs then WHAT chairs, what to put above the shoe cabinet, rugs. GO. 

P.S. if you look VERY CLOSELY you can tell that I finally painted the edges of the doors (the ones you see in the entry way, anyway) and I painted them AQUA. HA.



Zillow has some pictures of your house, including the entryway. (Not stalking you, but I knew there were pictures of my place on there, so took a shot). I don't want to post them here because it includes your full address. PS, love the pictures on Zillow of your living room. Doesn't even look like the same place.

I love the aquaway! Looks great!


Some Eames chairs would look fantastic- and wipe able? I like the bench for practicality, though! Oh! and the Aqua? LOVE.


Love it! The space looks so refreshed and calm. And so functional! Am jealous of your out-of-sight shoe storage and nice comfy shoe-putting-on-and-taking-off bench. Lovely all around!


It's very pretty, and I like the bench in front of the window. It looks intentional, like you wanted to have a little spot for people to sit and see out. I can see little kids kneeling there, waiting for parents or grandparents to arrive.

Also, you and I have very similar rug tastes.


The aqua rocks...and I was totally prepared for something different with it (which would not have been bad at all, I loved what I envisioned in my head) but this is EVEN BETTER! Relaxing, calm and welcoming.


just get a non skid pad for the rug to stop it moving --you could even use the waffle shelf liners....


Aqua was a perfect choice. The entry looks calm and inviting. A perfect place to welcome people into your home. I think the rug stays. With a rug pad (or using the Martha Stewart tip to put strips of silicone caulk on the bottom of your rugs for grip) it will stay in place and will then also be easy enough to vacuum. I can see a cute "welcome" print from Etsy hanging over the shoe cabinet. As for the bench, I think you keep that too. It's not perfect but it works and I don't know that chairs would be better. I say that because if you're anything like me you'll end up wanting a little table in between the two angled-toward-each-other chairs and then you're spending, spending, spending. It never ends! Great job on the room. It's come a long way!


I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I cannot believe you have painted your entry three times since you moved though. I have wanted to paint my bedroom for like THREE YEARS and haven't done it. Time to put on my big girl panties so I can be like Maggie!


Looks awesome! Color me (ha) impressed. And for the record we have two of those ikea shoe cabinets (different colors, same idea)-- one by the front door and one in our back teeny mudroom and I think they are the best thing ever. Shoes? What shoes?


Your house is so PRETTY. I want you to come over and help me do mine now.

Crystal Payne

Love it!!!!


Ok now I am going to Ikea.com and looking up Shoe Cabinet. We have a shoe cubby (that no one except me uses) and a basket (overflowing with out of season shoes) and a tray (the kids toss shoes at it, and miss). Perhaps a shoe cabinet is what we need?!

Love the aqua. Would not have thought of it, but it looks really warm and welcoming and relaxing. Go you.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I love - LOVE - the color. And I have decided I now need a shoe cabinet, like, stat.


Wonderful color.

A round, white starburst type mirror above the cabinet and some sort of arty print (8x10 in a larger, matted frame) on the wall to the right of it.

(It's fun to decorate vicariously!)

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