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Rules For Me

I know this is hard, very hard, but please TRY to remember that [lots of good, dark] chocolate in the morning makes you feel HORRIBLE for the rest of the day. Anxiety + nausea + shaky + terrified the meds stopped working = someone had caffeine for breakfast. Other people listen to their bodies and make adjustments. MAYBE YOU CAN TOO, FTLOG.

Wait a day before posting that blog post you think is going to earn you accolades and retweets far and wide. Maybe even just wait an HOUR. These are the posts that, as soon as you hit publish, give you nervous tummy for Trying To Write About Something Meaningful. Maybe just don't write these at all. People seem to like bats. Maybe get a pet bat for blog fodder. 

Wait a day before posting that blog post you think is going to get you dozens of "YOU'RE HILARIOUS!" comments, because those are the posts that no one comments on. Better yet, don't post it. 

Don't wait for your husband to stop tinkering with his computer and come upstairs to go to bed. Go to sleep NOW. Your baby will wake up at three and your husband, who went to bed at two, won't be much help.

You are the only person who feels guilty and thinks you are a self-indulgent terrible wife/mother for flitting about the country visiting internet friends. So stop it. 

No one is as interested in your war books as you are. Maybe stop telling everyone what you're LEARNING.

Don't read the news story about the violent attack on women. Don't look at pictures of concentration camp victims. Don't watch the war documentary. Don't get sucked into news about a national tragedy involving children. Just don't. Find other ways to honor those people.

Err on the side of being weird and chatty in groups of people (and you will be weird, since you are not naturally chatty) instead of hanging back and listening. Even if you are simply hanging back and listening, EVERYONE will think you are a cold standoffish you know what. And you are not! You are nice! You are just socially inept! Better to be thought weird than mean, eh?

You are not a bad person if your bathroom is dirty. 

You are not a bad person if you eat chocolate chips for breakfast. (Just dumb.)





This list is a great idea! I'm going to make my very own right now. Thanks:).


I love all of your blog posts- serious or filled with bats. Makes me feel like I'm keeping up with your life. :)


I LIKE to hear what you're learning in your war books. I just never get around to reading them myself.


Hey, speaking of war books, have you read In the Garden of Beasts? Because I think you'd like it.

Also, as someone who has been repeatedly told that I come off as "bitchy and standoffish" I need to remember to err on the "weird and chatty" side.

How do we feel about chocolate chips for lunch? Or, um, dark chocolate M&Ms? Not that I have a bowl of them right now or anything...


"You are not a bad person if your bathroom is dirty." HA! I needed that reminder today!


My commenting has almost nothing to do with what you write and much more to do with what is going on here. In other words, I always think you are awesome.

I'm having sugar cookie bars for breakfast tomorrow. Also for a pre-bed snack tonight.

Crystal Payne

I only clean my bathroom when it is really, really looks dirty. That way I can feel I've really accomplished something.

My husband comes to bed too late, too! I stopped waiting up for him, and he got the hint.

I love reading about your war stories. I recently saw The Pianist, and I had no idea beforehand that it was about the plight of a Jewish pianist inside Germany during WWII. I cried practically the whole time. If you haven't seen it, it would be a good addition to your Hitler books.

Rules are good to have, but you don't need to beat yourself up so much! Give yourself a hug. From me.

Sarah C.

Well now I want some chocolate chips! Write about whatever you want. I always look forward to it, no matter the content.

The Sojourner

Amen to the chocolate for breakfast. For me it's sugar more than caffeine (though caffeine doesn't really do it for me either). Sugar is like crack to my poor little anxious brain.

Also, I think you should err on the side of being weird and chatty on your blog too. We love you and don't even think you're weird. :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Excellent rules. Except for the ones about withholding your wonderful writing from us. You are always either funny/insightful/thought-provoking or all of the above.

And I need to follow your rule about not hanging back. I end up doing that too much and it doesn't really help advance my goals of Finding Adult Friends.


Did I forget to tell you that I really liked this post? WEll, I really liked this post. Just wanted you to know I am actually reading this. Unlike certain other peopel who never read my blog. Ahem.


I love reading whatever you have to write, but I hardly ever comment, maybe I am cold and standoffish.


I love this post!

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