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Reads & Recommends, Tuesday Night Edition

Interesting profile of a South African comedian:

"The son of a black South African woman and a white Swiss man who met when interracial relationships were illegal in South Africa, Noah jokes that he was "born a crime.""


You'll probably find this one incredibly boring, but NOT ME! What cruise lines don't want you to know. Phillip is dyyyying to go on a cruise, but they've never sounded great to me. You can't get off! I get motion sick just looking at them! I would gain 100 pounds a night! Hello claustrophobia! Here is something I probably haven't told you: in my past working life I was required to know more about maritime law and issues than the average person, and I also helped recruit staff for a US-flagged cruise ship line. The stuff in this opinion piece is a Big Deal, and yeah, I'm happy to add "foreign-flagged" to my list of reasons to keep up the Lifetime Cruise Ship Boycott. (Phillip is super bummed.)

WASHINGTON RULES. A friend of mine linked to this on Facebook and it speaks truth. I'd say it's required reading for all locals. Perhaps the colorful language is not necessarily the sort we use here on, but I support and commend the author's skill in deploying it.

On a TOTALLY DIFFERENT NOTE, Marie from Tiny Town linked to THIS on Facebook: "If I were at home, I would have died". Another entry in the home birth vs. hospital birth catalogue, but the comments are the best and most interesting part. As I read through it occurred to me, for the absolute very first time, that if I'd had Emma at home? Or at a birth center? Or even maybe with a midwife? Things would have been SO different, right? I have no complaints about my first two hospital (and medicated) births - Molly's birth was probably the Most Perfect Hospital Birth, for both provider and mother. And of course I had no intention of doing it naturally the third time. I didn't think I COULD if it was another 40+ hour labor like the others. But with hindsight? YES. I would absolutely 100% choose home over hospital. The three things that traumatized me most were 1) being alone until the last minute, not realizing where my body was in the labor process 2) being forced into delivering in the stupid bed, and 3) the whole mess AFTER the baby was out, with EJ across the room and me feeling like a slab of meat getting poked and prodded. NONE OF THOSE THINGS would have happened if I were at home. 

Hmm, sorry, did not intend to write a whole post on THAT. Oops! I still have The Feelings, apparently. (And I should say, I don't blame my nurse or the doctor, it just wasn't... you know. With Jack and Molly the hospital was a massive and comforting relief; with Emma it was... like the hospital ITSELF was the unnecessary intervention almost.)


Kill These [TV] Characters At Your Own Risk (New York Times) I wasn't surprised with Downton (I'd read casting news), but The Walking Dead and Mad Men? Game of Thrones? ARGH!


And this isn't a Reads or Recommends, but I just have to tell you: DUDES. I hung out downtown this weekend and stood on a corner, across the street from the tallest building in Seattle, waiting for Phillip to pay for parking. And that whole time I was standing there LOOKING UP, just LOOKING UP AT THIS HUGE BUILDING and it took me a whole minute to realize I WAS LOOKING UP and I WASN'T FREAKING OUT. Because my ENTIRE LIFE I've had a phobia of Looking Up [Usually At Tall Things, But Also High Ceilings] (THIS IS REAL). When I was little I couldn't walk through the mall without squeezing my dad's hand and keeping my eyes on the floor. I literally needed to hold on to something. Whenever I visited my aunt in Seattle, I couldn't ever look up lest I feel paralyzed and terrified. Not that the building would FALL OVER - it wasn't like that. I don't know WHAT it was. I just couldn't look up! When we moved overseas I HAAAAAAATED going inside giant cathedrals because I could NOT STAND THE HIGH CEILINGS. It's hard to describe. But anyway, I've noticed I'm not half as tense about it as I used to be. But this weekend was seriously the first time in my WHOLE LIFE that I looked up at something massive for longer than ten seconds, without forcing myself, and almost enjoying the view. IT WAS AMAZING. Freedom! Ha! 

All right, I have to put some beasties to bed. Night night.

P.S. I am NOT afraid to look DOWN. Interesting! 





I say that if I had a home birth I would have died, but not for any of those reasons - I did read the article - but because my hips don't shift and so my body is not capable of allowing a child down the birth canal. But because of that article I feel self conscious about that statement. Although it's true.


I like the Washington blog post except for the part about beards. Beards are not good!


Is there a U.S. flagged cruise ship line? I've gotta say that I love me a good cruise, but I was disturbed by this piece...not by the safety, but by the part about how the staff is underpaid and mistreated. We tip big on those trips because they do such a GREAT JOB, but now I think I have another reason to tip bigger.


I'm always fascinated by stuff on home birth.


I don't know that I ever want to do a cruise again since I have learned so much about them since I did one fifteen years ago.


Dallas is interested in hosting the 2024 Olympics? Noooooooo! The world does not want to come here ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Marie Green

Just catching up here, clicky clicky to your links and BAM! HA! There's my name! I thought that article was well done, and I find it interesting that you feel that way about EJ's birth. Man I could talk birth all day...

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