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I am a FIRM SUPPORTER of bangs - the start-from-the-top-of-your-head blunt cut bangs - on little girls. When else in a non-celebrity's life can one pull off what I like to call The Rainbow Brite? Blunt bangs are CUTE, they are AGE APPROPRIATE, and they are PRACTICAL. Tweenage me is cringing as I write this, but I've become one of those ladies whose inner shrew is constantly shrieking, "GET THAT HAIR OUTTA YOUR FACE!"


Bangs are a pain. You either have to haul your child to the salon every couple weeks OR you trim them yourself. I've been trimming them myself AND IT SHOWS. I hate doing it. I do it BADLY and it's just a MESS. So I've neglected them for a bit and we're back at the Do We Or Don't We stage, AKA the stage where I start to wonder if my child can even SEE through that curtain of hair. 

If we grow them out, we will have to suffer growing them out. That's no fun for a grown up and I might not survive the process as the parent of the person growing them out. And when they are grown out you still have DO something with that hair, and poor Molly inherited MY hair which is, well, uncooperative. Super straight, super fine, with wispies all over the place. It's not going to smooth back into a ponytail, is what I'm saying. 

Also, she looks OLD when I pull her bangs back. NO LIKE. 

But she won't have blunt cut bangs forever. Is this when we give them up? Or do I hold fast? I did, after all, wear MY blunt cut bangs until AT LEAST age twelve. Thanks Mom!


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She's talked a little bit about having LONG hair, but NOOOOOOOO, not until you can wash it yourself, girlie. 





Megan @ Mama Bub

I love bangs on little girls. We're growing Hannah's out because I don't have the patience for frequent trims, so we never cut them. They're allllllmost not bangs anymore, just a layer, and I can clip them back with just a clip at this point and that's it. But I adore little girls with bangs, so I fully support YOUR daughter having bangs, as long as I'm not in charge of the trims.


No bangs! With bangs is cute, but no bangs just seems to let her adorable face shine through. I had the dreaded "triangle of bangs" until I started growing them out in high school, and they were very unfortunate looking after preschool. Best to get the growing out phase over with now.


Bangs! I am entirely pro-bangs. Although maybe we are lucky because R's DIN'T seem to grow out very fast. Still: BANGS.


Good grief, apologies for DIN'T created by my stupid autocorrect. Oy.


I vote for bangs! She is so cute with them.


I am pro-bangs on Molly. So cute!

cute hair

Molly with perfect bangs. Just go a little lighter, no?


I think bangs suit Molly. She has the hair and face to pull them off. That being said, they are a pain and growing them out takes forever. But she is so cute!


Bangs! They are too cute on her!


Genetically, our family has been cursed with cow-licks, usually near the front of the forehead, so bangs don't really work (this did not stop my Mom from keeping me in bangs until roughly Molly's age though). We also have genetically high foreheads, which compounds the problem, but we are all blonde, so the wispies don't really show up. At least there is that.

I don't have this option with Olivia because tight curls do not lend themselves AT ALL to bangs. So I have no experience from which to draw.

All that being said, I'm going to vote No Bangs. Here is why. I hated bangs as a kid. And while I would really enjoy the option NOW if I could (dang cow-lick), I loved long, straight hair without messing with the bangs. Once it got long enough, I could sweep it this way or that, do the pony, two ponies, braids, buns. The list goes on (and I have the pencil-straight, super fine hair too). For me, bangs required so much more maintenance than no-bangs. This may have had something to do with the fact that we were in the curled-up and feathered-back and hairsprayed-within-an-inch-of-their-life stage of hair history (ugh, let's not relive that please), but even without all that mess there's the constant issue of keeping them neatly cut. Etc.


No bangs! But she's adorable either way obviously. :) And maybe let her grow her hair out just a little? I think little girls are so cute with longer hair!


She is so beautiful!!

Am I allowed to extol her cuteness in both photos? (NOT HELPFUL, I know!)


I think the no bangs actually looks awesome on her:).


BANGS BANGS BANGS. That is my ideal little girl haircut and it is SOOOOOO cute on Molly. You make her get married at 32 with those bangs.


With fine hair you also end up with what I call "bangs creep" where you inadvertently cut more of the longer hairs each time until seemingly overnight you have this enormous hank of hair that is all bangs that weighs a ton and takes up half your head. This happened to me several times up through my early 20s until I said enough! My stylist still tries to get me to do bangs and I resist every time. I loathe them. We've compromised on long layers that tuck behind the ear.
Barrettes, provided they stay in her hair, will help with the grow-out phase. My vote is no bangs!


She looks really cute with bangs. That said, I tend to avoid them for my girls because they are so hard to maintain. But I am having major issues with Leah's hair... she's 11 and opposed to bangs as well as *anything* holding her hair out of her face. And I hate her hair in her face. (I know that shrew voice well!) Every other day I say "Maybe we'll just get you a pixie cut?" because I am so desperate to solve the hair in the face problem! But a pixie cut is like bangs all over your head... more maintenance! Sigh. (in other words "I feel your pain!")


I am anti-bangs, but only because I haaaaated having bangs myself. But I am not opposed to bangs on other people's children and Molly does look super cute with bangs.


Bangs! Syd has them (and her hair is long AND I trim them myself and they look awful!) and it just works. She won't wear barrettes and won't keep in a ponytail bc she likes her hair to "fly." She's chopped off some sections on the sides and it's a pain to brush out in the morning -what with all the WHINING- but it suits her. I had horrendous short hair as a kid (thanks MOM) and I won't do that to my girls. It takes a little extra time and a lot of conditioner and detangler, but she loves it and so do we. Oh GIRLS. We Haz them.


i've always liked the look of bangs on little girls, but with mine I opted for no bangs because i didn't want to have to deal with the growing out thing. she looks very grown up without bangs!


If you are acknowledging that you have to grow them out eventually and that the trimming is a nightmare, I would say that it is time to figure out at what age and what time of year it will be least annoying to grow them out. The good news is that she looks cute both ways.


She's adorable with bangs, and the growing-out process is much easier with older girls who can style their own hair. If you decide to keep the bangs, scotch tape can make the cutting much, much easier. Have her tip her head back (so that the bangs end up naturally under-cut) and stick a piece of tape across her bangs with the top edge where you want the cut-line to be. Cut just above the tape. It takes about a minute, the bangs are straight, and the cut hair sticks to the tape instead of making a mess.


She's obviously cute with them either way. My daughter has natural side-swept bangs (seriously, her hair goes ONE way and that is the way of the front - I cannot get her hair in one ponytail. it is stubborn), but honestly, I had blunt-ish bangs until I was 31. FINALLY a skilled hairdresser convinced me that she could explain how to do them properly, cut them accordingly (or, I guess, not cut them) and between her and Kate from The Small Things Blog, I've been rocking the side-swept bangs since my 32nd birthday.

Anyhow, I think she looks cute with both and if you don't have the patience to deal with the growing out process now, just let it be. She's still really young.


Bangs - she's so precious!

Marie Green

I'm very pro-bang for Molly, probably because my girls can't pull off the Best Little Girl Cut Ever (Molly's exact haircut) because they all have awful cowlicks and/or widow's peak that won't allow them to hang down, but instead split right down the middle. That, topped with the fact that they quite literally don't get hair until 3-4, and we can't do this!

I can imagine it's hard to keep up, but man, so adorable. Also, the long hair isn't really all that harder to wash that Molly's length, if that helps. (Age 9 is when my girls took over 100% washing their own... they probably could've done it sooner-- and did sometimes-- but before 9, I wanted to get in there once in awhile to make sure it was clean.)

Sarah in Ottawa

She is so, so cute with bangs.

That said, I am staunchly ANTI-bangs. I am 100% biased on this. My mother and I had matching page-boy haircuts until my first communion, when I was allowed to grow them out. I then had bangs re-cut in 7th grade and kept them until I started grad school. FAR TOO LONG! And growing them out was such an enormous PITA.

Veronica has thin, wispy hair and I pull it back into a half-ponytail every day. It's not practical forever, but gah! I am so leery of going down that road.

Crystal Payne

She is so cute with bangs! And she has the hair for it! My hair curls, and that doesn't work with bangs. Unless you curl them upward and hairspray the heck out of them...wait, I am having flashbacks of my youth... But she can totally pull off the straight bangs, so if you like them keep them! Eventually she will decide if she wants to keep them or not. Right now, its your decision!


I tried growing the twin's bangs out a couple times. RUN AWAY! It was awful and there were many clippy casualties. The girls hated every minute of it, and utterly refused to go any longer growing out the bangs, which had only gotten down to the middle of their noses, but seemed like an eternity. We also keep the hair short. Until they can wash and dry themselves. I CANNOT HANDLE all the high maintenance hair of two six year olds. Call me a terrible mother, plus they get so much stuff stuck in the short hair as it is! Mostly pancake syrup. I say keep trudging along. She looks adorable! I also cut their bangs myself. They often look ridiculous. Whatever.

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