I might be biased but this IS this cutest thing ever
The only consolation

A Not Particularly Pinterest-Worthy Hot Chocolate Bar

Because Jennie asked: important information pertaining to the Cheung Holiday Extravaganza* Hot Chocolate Bar

This was my second year doing a hot chocolate bar, even though Dedicated and Forever Welcome Party Guests walked in Saturday night and went, "ooh! A hot chocolate bar! This is a great addition!" Sob

We tried to manipulate the, ah, flow? Of mingling? Guest traffic? this year and moved bars and tables around a bit. (Didn't really work. Oh well.) I have a dining table and three sidebar type cabinets (my favorite type of furniture, by the way, I love me a long counter with cupboards). That's four Food And/Or Drink Areas. (I actually need five.) Things were laid out like so:

  • food on the dining table
  • desserts on the dining room sideboard
  • wine, punch, non-alcoholic drinks on the living room sideboard
  • hot cocoa and coffee on the sideboard we moved against another wall in the dining room
  • the make-your-own cocktail bar on the kitchen counter (people are messy!)

And OBVS this was Pinterest-inspired, but I didn't try to copy any particular look. I didn't want to buy anything new serving things, mainly. (Well, "wanted" is not the right word. I didn't NEED to buy more.) Also it's sort of a lost cause, me attempting to copy a Look. Besides, once you know @ebj123 you sort of give up trying to win Prettiest Display.


Aaaand, this is the only picture I have of it. I have to say it looks pretty dull in that picture. But in person I think it was cute? I hung white sparkly snowflakes above it with fishing line (though this was a second choice - the marshmallow garlands were a big fat giant FAIL, also I HATE marshmallows FOREVER). Oh, and I wrapped the sides with wrapping paper because it's basically a shelf full of toy and junk storage and it looked messy to me. 

This year I added the coffee pot. I don't know. It seemed to fit. Options! So I had paper cups, a coffee pot, a big pump thermos full of hot chocolate (the Ghirardelli mix - last year I made it from scratch and WHYYYY?), cream, sugar, and stir sticks. For toppings I put mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and crushed candy canes in ice cream glasses, and a ton of whipped cream in a bowl. I also put out a little bucket (from last year's Target dollar section) of Pirouette cookies and some chocolate covered peppermint sticks from World Market. I know I had more toppings last year, but I didn't knock myself out too much this year. (This was actually this year's theme: Do Not Feel Exhausted BEFORE The Party Even STARTS.) 

I think it was okay? The marshmallow garlands would have looked awesome hanging in that space, but I seriously couldn't get them to work. I guess I could have spent a hundred years doing it and getting my entire house sticky in the process, but it wasn't worth it. Stupid marshmallows. (Apparently I'm not going to let this go easily.)

I also bought some red and aqua clip art frames on Etsy (I LOVE BUYING ETSY CLIP ART!!!) and made a label for everything. Which got me lots of lovingly snarky comments, but I don't care, that sort of thing makes my heart go pitter pat. 

So, uh, that's it? We made the cocoa in a big pot on the stove and somehow someone poured it into the thermos. I believe I was putting on eyeliner at that point. And the thermos I bought on Amazon last year for $20 something. 

Here is the punch and wine bar, featuring the Craigslist cabinet I bought last year and painted white. I suppose this is the Very Much After picture?


Dessert table:


Where you make your Christmas cosmo:


Food table minus the stuffed mushrooms which were still in the oven, and the lumpia and gyoza, which hadn't yet arrived, which is the only thing worth eating that isn't a cookie (IN MY OPINION. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY COOKIES I HAVE LEFT OVER? SOOOOO MAAAAANY.)


Here are the representatives of the Seattle Chapter of Bloggers Who Sometimes Peel Themselves Away From Their Beloved Laptops


I have an ADORABLE picture of my little sisters, but sometimes they don't like it when I put their pictures on the internet. YOUR LOSS.

Of COURSE there is no picture of Phillip and me. NONE. EVER. THERE ARE NEVER ANY PICTURES OF US TOGETHER. I only have this stupid one of me and my Santa star pillow, and all I hear is my mother's voice saying, "GET THAT HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE."


Tomorrow I buy a ton of tins and plasticware to box up the multitudes of cookies for neighbor and teacher and Random Friend On Whom I'd Like To Unload gifts. I cannot have this stuff in my house anymore. CANNOT. Fudge is not an appropriate breakfast food! At least not every day!


*sometimes I reeeeeally want to write about our party and party stuff and decorating and food and how much fun it is to buy Etsy clip art and make dozens of perfectly coordinated labels, but then I realize 1) I sound like a nutcase and 2) I start referring to it as the Cheung Holiday Extravaganza and 3) I suspect the majority of party guests only show up to humor me, and because many of them 4) read this blog I also suspect they are 5) secretly scoffing at any party-related post SO. THAT'S THAT.


Salome Ellen

Oooh, I am a labeler too! I saw the photo you tweeted of the cookie table and was more interested in the labels than the cookies.


Oooh I really like your Craigslist find painted white. That is some serious classy right there! Your party sounds like FUN! I'm over here in preggers-ville playing the "gee, wonder what I can stomach eating for dinner tonight besides more cookies?" game.


Holy Cow! I would have come just for the dessert table. And, of course, the engaging hosts! :)


NEXT YEAR. Next year, I am coming. Oh yes I am.

Laura Diniwilk

If this isn't pinterest worthy than I don't know what is - I would never be able to throw a party like that in a million years. I am loving the labels, your sparkly dress and, of course, the Seattle bloggers.

Also? What is up with the stupid Hashi not accepting any alternate solution of the puzzle? Like, I have all the thingies x-ed out but I still have errors. Lame.


Are you kidding me? I am so jealous that you can even HAVE a holiday party. And it's incredible. I love hearing about your "party and party stuff and decorating and food and how much fun it is to buy Etsy clip art and make dozens of perfectly coordinated labels". So talk away. :)


Whhhhhy are there no internet friends close enough to come to my parties??

(Also, why do I not live close enough to go to YOUR awesome party?)


It sounds like you guys had a great party!

If you enjoy doing all the pretty things and cooking all the yummy things and throwing the party and want to write about it on your blog, you should. We have a big Christmas party every year and I blog the sh*t out of it. :)

I started labeling everything because it cuts down on the number of "hey, what is this? and this? and how about this one?" questions when I am busy trying to play hostess to a bunch of guests at once. I don't care that people snark about it (and they do!).


To me you look like the hostess with the mostest! I LOVE the setup and the little labels make me happy. Please blog away about this stuff. I, for one, would soak it up!!

Merry Christmas!!

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