Almost there
T-Three Hours

Yes, it's too early. No, I don't care.

Yesterday (yesterday? I think?) Elizabeth tweeted this: 

I MIGHT have sniffed and wiped something out of my eye. 

But whatever YES I AM thinking about presents before Thanksgiving. SUE ME. I am also baking Christmas cookies and figuring out how to decorate our Christmas party this year and wondering if it's too early to get out my box of decorations so I can LOOK THROUGH IT not PUT IT UP, all the while it is Not Even Thanksgiving Yet but WHATEVER. STUFF TO DO.

Phillip Gift: I can't tell you. But I think he might like it. 

Kid Gifts: SHOOT I DON'T KNOW. Phillip came home with big kid Legos on his last business trip and those went over SO WELL. We might get them bigger fancier sets for Christmas. They seriously spent HOURS putting those things together and those hours are worth so much Christmas gift spending money to me. Also, I know some people are super offended by separate superpink GIRL Lego sets, but MY girl loved it, was totally into it, built the whole thing herself, and I am a fan of pink SO. We will just go ahead and gender everything in the Cheung household. My kids do it without prompting anyway. 

Also... maybe some clothes? They get Christmas PJs. No, probably a Nice Book or four. I always set these limits on presents and then I go to an actual store and I buy everything. ALMOST. I'm not going ALL crazy. 

Parent Gifts: Blargh. Sometimes we get them a fancy joint gift, like the time we got them a fancy espresso machine. That went over well for about a month, then it broke, then no one seemed interested in replacing it. My dad is really into gadgety things, but my mom couldn't care less. Actually, probably the best thing to give my parents is A Book About Something Historical, Probably A War and a Framed Photo Of Grandchildren. So we might go with that this year. 

In-Law Gifts: HARDER. Phillip is in charge of his dad. I try to get his mom something a DAUGHTER would give her, although, now that I'm thinking about it, Phillip doesn't do too bad with his mom. He did think to get her the Downton Abbey set last year. I think my most successful MIL gift was a really sturdy and cute handmade cloth bag I bought at the farmers' market in my parents' town. 

My Sibling Gifts: We don't give sibling gifts anymore. Too many nieces and nephews. Also it's boring to buy for the boys. My sisters and I give each other birthday presents and some years we clandestinely hand out Christmas presents. I bought something ridiculous on the Target clearance rack for one of them and I cannot WAIT. I DID, however, just buy my pregnant SIL a gift - maybe not for Christmas, but she's due in January and I wanted to get her a little something. I actually bought her something from the Blathering 2012 sponsor! I know! THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST! But Pish Posh Mommy sent a little something for each attendee this year and you guys, this was cute stuff. I'm SUPER suspicious of sponsors and swag and all that, but I thought the diaper bag inserts and clutches and wet bags were cute and relevant to our group. Anyway, I came home with a wet bag that I will definitely be using during the wading pool summer months, and then I thought my SIL might like one for when she tries out my stash of cloth diapers. I already have a wet bag to give her, but the Pish Posh Mommy ones are WAY CUTER. Also, they gave us a code for 30% off! BLATHER30. If you are interested. NOT SPONSORED! PROMISE! I actually really do think they are 1) useful and 2) adorable and 3) something she probably won't get from anyone else.

Friend Gifts: Eh, we don't really do this either. Sometimes if the mood strikes or I see something perfect. Usually I bring a giant plate of cookies or a cake or bread or one year I actually made JAM. I'd like to get better with my PRESENTATION - I'm lacking in the cute paper and ribbon and tags department. But I know the cookies taste good and that's what counts. 

Hostess Gifts: WINE.

Teacher Gifts: Oh, I have no idea what we'll do this year. I'll probably obsess over Pinterest for a good week, then break down and call the Professional Teachers in my family and see what sorts of things they haven't hated. Last year I gave Jack's preschool teacher an umbrella as an end-of-the-year thank you gift. So I can't say that I'm really all that qualified to suggest anything in this category. 

Nieces & Nephew Gifts: SO HARD. I have purchased everything from remote control helicopters to purple glitter eyeliner to beautiful picture books to cheap puzzles to shoes. I usually get each "set" of nephews/nieces something similar and I haven't seen anything good yet this year. (HALP!)

My Sister-in-Law On Phillip's Side Of The Family: AIIIIIIIEEEEEEE. This is why I need the Style Lush gift guide. Every year I am stymied, every year I buy her something EBJ picked out. 

Okay my kids are finally bored riding their bikes in the garage which means I have to go be a parent and figure out what to feed them for dinner. In case anyone is wondering, a chef and/or cleaning lady would be a GREAT gift for ME. 



If you come up with teacher ideas, please, please, please post them!!!! I have no idea what I'm getting for my kids' teachers/daycare workers. I went from needing one gift last year to needing four (maybe five if the other teacher/helper/have no idea his role is still around at Christmas).


I do not think it is too early to think about Christmas presents. I have most of mine picked out and in a big box in my garage right now.


It's never too early to think about Christmas gifts. My favorite gift for both my parents and in-laws is a little photo album of the year--it doesn't take up a lot of room and they seem to enjoy seeing the special moments of the kids as they grow through the year. We haven't stopped doing sibling gifts yet but I have a hunch that we're headed in that direction for my husband's family now that we all have nearly three kids each.


I am on week 3 of Xmas music, so I love this.

Seriously, cleaning lady would be an excellent gift.


Oh, the gift husband's side of the family decided to stop exchanging gifts, period...except for his parents who still insist on buying all of their grandchildren gifts. But I don't have to shop for anyone on that side YIPPEE. My own family...they have not yet decided to do this.

Do we *have* to give the teacher a gift? When I have been in the teacher role (piano lessons, choir directing) I've always felt guilty when the kids gave me gifts. I didn't get them anything! I've heard that real teachers like stuff for their classrooms, i.e. crayons, sticky notes. Maybe I will give sticky notes.

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