I've unilaterally decided the 2014 location
Almost there

All of my new (and old) best friends

Sometimes I'm all, "Hmm, self, how in the world did you get involved in this Blathering thing?" 

I am not a party planner extraordinaire, with exquisite taste and grand vision, like EBJ.

People don't naturally gravitate towards me, finding themselves welcome and comfortable in my circle of hurts-your-stomach laughter, like Emily. 

I don't communicate like Jennie, who leads with kindness and gentleness and clarity. 

I don't think about the options, the details, the ways to improve, the ways to grow, the heaps of potential, like A'Dell. 

I have absolutely no useful business skills (or amazing accessories), like Kristie. 

No one has ever considered me instantly approachable and warm, like Manda, whose smile and tension-easing cheer fills a room. 

But because those guys do what they do, I got to waltz into a gorgeous party last Friday night and discuss enneagram types and murder mysteries and yes I HAD seen the sign for the WWII museum in town. I went from recognizing barely any faces at brunch Friday morning (thanks Sarah, for matching the names to bloggers!) to feeling that let down sadness at the airport on Sunday because I could count at least five or six people I hadn't even said HELLO to. 

I knew that going in. I knew I wouldn't be able to meet and chat with everyone. I knew it would be a bummer - for ME not for YOU, obvs - but man, I didn't realize how MUCH of a bummer. For most of today I've been wondering whether the fact that I don't currently have any expensive habits means I can start one, namely jetting about the country for long weekends all year. 

(Phillip is away this week and unaware that I am busy distributing all his frequent flyer miles between Sacramento and Chicago and Austin and A Tiny Town and DC and OMG EVERYWHERE ELSE.)

Thanks for the Sazerac and the French75, the brownies for breakfast, the exciting news you shared, for laughing at my gnarly rug burn tale. Thanks for excitedly telling me your enneagram type, for the rides, for the stories that made me cry, for hugging me back when you're not a hugger (I knew and I hugged you anyway). I won't forget your FedExed dress or your amazing and generous sister or that thing your in-laws did. I loved sitting at that table with you. I already miss cheese fries, a stripe of glitter on my nose, all the conversations in beautiful courtyards. Oh, and thanks for not cuddling.

I'll see you all in Charleston next year, yes?



Ok, well thanks for making me sob openly. You're the best of all of us, Maggie Cheung.


I'm still pouting that I wasn't there.


I loved meeting you on Friday night. You are simply so charming and down to Earth. Thanks to you and all the Organizers who put so much planning and effort into a great weekend!


I think you told me your job is to make sure no one kills anyone. That is a hugely important task and, obviously, as no one has died, you've done it well.

Sonya aka Glam-O-Mommy

Oh, I was so envious of all the Blathering tweets and Instagram pics...it looked like a warm, gorgeous, fun weekend. I love Charletson to boot. As soon as you open registration for next year's Blathering, I'm signing up!

And just for the record...I'm a hugger too. ;)

Marie Green

Well, I for one, very much gravitate towards you. You were exactly like I thought you would be, only better! And when you start your jet-setting, could I kindly request you make a stop in MN? WITH your kids? I have a fantasy of getting our kids together for a playdate. :)


I had to talk to you because a) you have awesome hair b) you like Karmin and c) you are just awesome in general.

So glad I finally met you. Sad I didn't have more time with you. Charleston.


We didn't get to talk about Enneagrams:( I think you should come visit me first.

Laura Diniwilk

You are crazy, because I absolutely found you to be instantly approachable and warm. I didn't get nearly enough time with you, but thought you were so funny and easy to talk to when I did. Seattle 2014!!!


Don't you know Mags you are there to keep it real. Indispensable!


This nearly made me cry, Maggie. You know what you do, I'm about to tell you, you lead with grace. I am at ease around you because it's as if I know I could become better by knowing you.

You were my gift this Blathering. I can't wait to drink more French 75s in Charleston. (And maybe DC?)


I'm so,so, SO happy for the (too short) bit of time I got to spend with you- I'm just sorry I used it all to be so sad and depressing. I very much look forward to happier times in Charleston. xo

Sarah in Ottawa

You are so totally welcome for playing 'match-the-blogger' at brunch; it meant that I got to spend more time hanging out with you. Thank YOU for being so super awesome. xo


Maggie, I adore you. You make me want to be a better person.

Next year, I'll be there, and I'm cornering you for more time talking. XO


OMG, the Blathering next year is in Charleston?! Do you know the dates yet? I must go. Must, must, must. I have always thought I'd be terrified to go to something like this, but would absolutely LOVE it. Glad you all had a good time.

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