It's past my bedtime and I've had a large glass of wine
And you appear in all your splendor

It's been a while since we had a TV post, right?

I am up WAY later than usual, especially on a Phillip Out Of Town night. On Phillip Out Of Town nights I go to bed right after I put the kids to bed, but I don't go right to sleep - I read or watch a show on the Kindle or obsessively check Twitter. I just love my bed and I love being in it and it's one fun thing about Phillip being gone - no pressure to Stay Up And Pretend I Have Better Things To Do. 

Phillip: night owl. Me: I have my pajamas on by 7. 

But he's coming home a bit after midnight tonight and there's no school tomorrow... so I'm watching TV and drinking wine and folding laundry and shopping online... 

Tonight I watched the season premiere of Nashville: LOOOOOVED IT. I am biased. First of all, I have a huge huge crush on Tami Taylor and her glorious head of hair. Second of all it is a not well kept secret that I love country music. Third of all it was GOOD! Hayden Panettiere was an EXCELLENT evil Taylor Swift, the love triangles/quadrangles/whatever were sufficiently interesting and confusing, there was a little side act with two adorable music up and comers, and a bunch of creepy, powerful, wealthy relatives making everything terrible. Actually the Dad Character was cartoonishly evil which made me want to skip all his scenes. But I will definitely be watching next week (and the week after that and the week after that). Also the songs are good! 

I'm watching Parenthood, like the rest of the internet. Unlike the rest of the internet I don't love this show. None of the characters ring true for me. All of them have at times, but most of the time, most of them talk and act in ways that seem Highly Unlikely to me. But everyone loves this show so much that I often think that it's ME who is off. But I keep watching. I think I keep watching because of 1) Lorelai Gilmore and 2) Crosby and Jasmine and 3) Julia, who used to annoy the heck out of me but is now one of my favorites and 4) to see how terrible they're making Haddie look. Also: Ray Romano as the reason Lorelai probably breaks up with her younger dude? ODDLY WORKING FOR ME. Weird. 

I really want to love Partners. I want to love it because I love Michael Urie and I was heartbroken when Ugly Betty was cancelled and the Marc and Amanda team was suddenly no more. Marc and Amanda were two of my favorite Secondary Characters ever! But this show has the cheesy half hour sitcom laugh track thing, and it's always awkward when the laugh track is going when the joke is not funny. I have hope. I've seen a couple of bright moments. I like the concept. But... SIGH. We shall see.

I watched about ten minutes of The New Normal before I shut it off and cancelled the recording. I hated the grandmother. And I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HATE IT when child actors are in scenes that are CLEARLY inappropriate for children and maybe that makes me a stuffy prude but WHY ARE THEIR PARENTS ALLOWING THAT. Also, if people think Michael Urie is a caricature on Partners, they haven't seen the Book of Mormon actor on The New Normal. 

Modern Family: I still think this show is hilarious. 

How I Met Your Mother: I still think this show is unfunnier each time I see it. And yet: I WANT TO MEET THE MOTHER!!!

I'm so happy The Good Wife is back. I am super bummed that the Alicia/Will relationship seems to be totally kaput. WOE! I think the Kalinda's Husband storyline is super creepy and I have no idea where they're going with that. I am intrigued by Maura Tierney. I LOVE CHRIS NOTH. Also Eli. Love Eli. And Cary. I love Cary. Oh, and Diane! She's awesome! I just love this show. Are you watching it? You should totally be watching it. 

I wanted to keep watching Revenge, but now it's on at the same time as The Good Wife and I can't record two shows at once. I used to be able to record THREE shows at once, but Phillip informs me we haven't had that capability for something like two years? I don't know. I am usually more on top of the TV equipment developments. But my thoughts on Revenge are: soapy fun, but Amy Abbott could be so much more. She's got some great comedic timing that gets NO love on this show. 

I am ALMOST done with season 4 of Parks and Recreation on Netflix and I've been recording the new season. I can't believe it took me so long to start watchng it. It has so much HEART and I laugh out loud SO MUCH, which is amazing because I pretty much never laugh out loud at anything I watch. I totally think Bright Abbott should get an Emmy. 

(Whatever happened to Ephraim?!)

I cannot WAIT to start watching Homeland, but we don't get Showtime. So. Luckily I am married to someone with technological savvy. Ahem. 

I still love The Big Bang Theory. 

And I watched the second episode of The Mindy Project. I missed the first one somehow. I didn't LOVE it, but I definitely didn't think it was terrible. It was very... it was very Mindy Kaling. The only basis I have for saying that is following her on Twitter and reading her book. In fact, I recommend reading her book to better understand her show. I thought it was sort of funny? Almost funny? The bickering between Mindy and the doctor she'll eventually fall in love with wasn't super entertaining, the Mindy character herself might start to grate, and what a huge waste of Anna Camp. I'll keep it on my DVR list for now, but I can see it getting frustrating.

Sort of like The New Girl, which doesn't feel as fresh as it did last year (obviously). Still funny, still delightfully random, but I feel like I've kind of seen all those characters do as much as they're going to do. I'm not super invested in the Jess/Nick relationship, and I liked it better when Schmidt was wooing CeCe. And Winston, poor guy. He's never going to get a decent storyline. 

I love how I just wrote "super invested" in a fictional relationship, like it's expected and normal and how dare a show fail at hooking me into a FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP. Omg. 

Believe it or not, I do not sit around watching TV all day. I guess when Phillip's out of town I watch a bit more, huh? But seriously, I watch more Dora and Busytown Mysteries than anything else, promise. 




I feel the same way about Parenthood and I stopped watching it because of that a few episodes into the second season.

I also feel like HIMYM is getting bad sometimes. Firstly, Ted annoys me and I think the show would be better without him. And I also kind of wish they'd just made it a regular show so that we don't have to keep suffering through all the gimmicky mother parts. The other four main characters are some of my favorites.


I am SO glad someone else doesn't like Parenthood!!!! I thought I was the only one :) Modern Family is amazing, as usual. Other than that I stick to Revenge and Once Upon A Time in Hulu, and Mad Men on Netflix. Hubs and I also just finished Breaking Bad on Zune.
I'm with you on The New Normal too-just can't get into it. It tries too hard.


I think Mike and I might have finally given up on HIMYM. We haven't watched a single episode this season.

Parks and Rec on the other hand is my very favorite show. It really does have so much heart.

We've been watching Sherlock, which is awesome, and I've been catching up on Friday Night Lights. I've never watched and am about halfway through the first season.


I sort of miss TV. We pretty much watch NCIS now and some Big Bang (mostly the reruns, actually) and then we put on Netflix and watch movies or other shows. I wanted to watch Nashville, but I know my husband won't want to, so I forgot to write down when it was coming on and I missed it. We do watch the primetime USA-Network shows (Burn Notice, White Collar, Suits, etc.) which have weird seasons (ended in August - some are starting up again as early as next week) so we do watch those, but I've gotten to the point where I don't watch anything that my husband doesn't like.



Even though I do love Parenthood, I love it for the only reasons you're still tuning in. (Although I love Sarah Braverman so much more than Lorelei.) Still, Julia has completely grown on me and is one of my favorites now too. AND JOEL. Oh, shit, I love him.

Do I come over to your comments section and like always say bad words? I feel like I do! I need to stop that.


I have never been able to get into Parenthood. I've tried, but it never sticks & I end up thinking clearly something is wrong with me because everyone else loves this, but, nope. Just doesn't work for me.

Also, I often *shhhhh* watch Revenge online on my lunch break (nobody tell my IT department). Because I just think it's so much campy fun.


Parenthood. Oh my. I would love to discuss this over chocolate cake with you, I think.

I use to be able to take it or leave it, but this season is really working for me. I do agree with you about Julia. I also think you're overlooking Joel. In my opinion, he is one of the best and most consistent characters.

Adam, Christina & company usually drive me a little crazy, but they are working their storyline this season. When Adam was on the phone with Haddie this week - trying to shoot her straight and not lose it and yet losing it. So. Good.

I'll save my comments on your other shows for another time. ;)


I was SO PROUD when Tami Taylor was offered that job as Dean at the university. I also think she was such a true-to-life wife and genuine good woman throughout the show. Perhaps I idolize her.

I think Parenthood overall peeked during the first season. But JOEL is The Reason I keep watching it.

Sarah in Ottawa

You and Jennie continue to be my TV-show-loving twins, and I was *waiting* to get your take on Nashville. LOVED it. That scene on the bridge with Rayna and Deacon?!? Oy. Powers Boothe annoyed the crap out of me with his mustache-twirling level of evil, but I am all about the rest of it.

Am still loving The Good Wife; that whole cast is inspired. Am SO GLAD that you are finally into Parks and Rec, because I think it is the funniest, most heart-warming thing on TV. It's the show on TV that I find myself recommending the most.

I missed the pilot of The Mindy Project and liked ep two but ADORED ep 3. It's staying.

Oh - on Netflix Canada, I just started watching "Drop Dead Diva", which I know you used to like. Is it worth it to continue? I think it's cute so far.


I like Once Upon a Time and Dr. Oz. Also for some reason I am still watching Private Practice even though this season has been nothing but tear-inducing and I really don't want to do that during ME time.


I was going to go on and on about The Good Wife, but realized I'd just be saying exactly what you did. I agree! With everything! (Can't someone throw us a bone with Will/Alicia?)

Dr. Maureen

I have only seen season 1 of Parenthood, so I can't offer an informed opinion except for the part where I love Lorelai Gilmore and also why do they want Haddie to look awful. (I lied, I've seen 2-3 episodes of season 2.)

But HIMYM is o disappointing lately. I hope we just meet the mother soon because it's just not that funny anymore. It used to be laugh-out-loud funny. Sigh.

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