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In which my dinner inspires a pointless (as if I write any other kind) blog post

It begins

I sent Molly to her second first day of preschool this morning. Heh.


Things are so different this year. Things are amazingly wildly different than three or four years ago, when I had two little babies at home - it wasn't that long ago, you know? I used to write here about my timid little boy getting bossed around by all my friends' little girls, how he'd break into tears at the slightest thing. And now he's marching into kindergarten without even saying goodbye, getting annoyed when I ask him how his day was, raising his hand, speaking out, swinging across the monkey bars. That's MY kid. 

Molly happily disappeared into her classroom. It went exactly how I expected - completely anticlimactic. She's older, bigger, not at all intimidated this year. It's awesome! It's also sad. It makes me squeeze Emma when I get home and make deals with her to stay squishy and babyish forever. 

Phillip is going to be out of town the last week of the month, and today he told me he most likely has to go part of next week too. I'm just putting that out there, in case anyone has any sway with the sleeping-through-the-night gods.

I don't feel like I have much in me right now, only what absolutely needs to happen - so the driving back and forth, the making of meals, the folding of underpants. I feel like things are getting dirty and forgotten about. I tried to get a few things done while the girls napped this afternoon, but I gave in to my eyelids, set the timer on my phone, and passed out on the couch. Lamest part of my day: waking two very tired girls to go get their brother. 

Best part of my day: getting dinner on the table - dinner everyone will eat - and Jack is chatty and talking about how they were sorting at school today and the way he says "sorting" in his little Jack accent just makes me melt. 



Oh, this is wonderful. MY boy breaks into tears at the slightest thing. We went to the doctor's office today and it took him a half hour on my lap to get brave enough to go grab a toy. I hope someday he goes running into kindergarten without a backward glance. (He can stay little for a LONG time first.)


I've been making those same exact deals with my baby too.

Probably the most stupid question to ask, but: Can't Jack ride the bus home?


It's the best and most heartbreaking thing to watch your child become independent. Luckily, I squish mine so much, they're convinced they're always going to be squishy. I'm sure it won't last puberty, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.


Awe Maggie you make me squeeze my little one tighter too! My older 2 are 15 months apart, boy and a girl like Jack and Molly. My son just went into his full size bed Sunday and LOVES it. He will be 4 in February, but seeing him so little in that big bed made me cry at taking down his crib/daybed.

I can so relate to sp much of what you write!


Oops so much of what you write! Darn IPhone!


Um, how did she get so big?


There's only so much you can do between car rides...catching a nap is perfectly acceptable and probably necessary! I catch one if I can...any opportunity, really...though not as often as I'd like.

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