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To Wake or Not To Wake?!

All right, I need to obsess over something. 

I am baby wrangling on my own tonight. And as previously mentioned, we have this whole new Emma Sleep System where we're super stingy with her naps during the day and somehow this gets us longer stretches of sleep at night. I wouldn't say it's working PERFECTLY but it is working WAY better than what we were doing before. Which was nothing. Haaaa.

For whatever reason she started getting all finicky and fussy around five. Five! This, after waking up at 3:30 (on her own) from her two-hour afternoon nap. (I don't let her do more than an hour in the morning and more than two hours in the afternoon.) Five is not an acceptable bedtime when you have practically just woken up from your afternoon nap AND you are Emma Cheung, The Exception To The Sleep Begets Sleep Rule. 

I kept her up until six, when she got REALLY fussy. Then I gave her a bottle and put her down. And now. NOW I get to decide whether to let her go on sleeping or if I wake her up to feed/change/redo bedtime. I DON'T KNOOOOOOW. This is decision is also hampered by the fact that only JUST got done putting the big kids to bed and cleaning up dinner and picking up the living room (except that is a lie, the living room is a DISASTER) and I am tired. I want to eat MY dinner and watch MY tv shows and then put MYSELF to bed. I don't want to get the baby up when she might just wake up at 2:30 ANYWAY. 

But maybe I should. What to do, what to do what to do. 

Before the Nap Stinginess began we were attempting the Get Her Up At Ten So She Doesn't Wake Up At Two system. Which was working half decently. Ish. Which is why Phillip, on the phone just now, HIGHLY recommend I get her up. Like, NOW. 


ALSO I have this Molly issue where there is Constant Sobbing and I am, again, At A Loss. Today the sobbing was over the fact that when I peeled her Fruit Roll Up off the cellophane it ripped. OH THE HORROR. I made sure to rip Jack's as well, so that it wouldn't be just HER fruit roll up that was decimated. But no, she could not get over this horrible affront to her sensibilities, so I sent her to her room until lunchtime. She was still sniffly when she came upstairs for lunch, and the whole thing started over again when she learned she was not getting Princess Soup (chicken soup with the princess-theme noodles, WHAT A RACKET) but instead a sorry cheese sandwich and WOE, WHAT IS THIS, A CONCENTRATION CAMP??? 

Where Jack's Three was neverending corner-sitting (also somewhat like his Four and Five), Molly's is neverending DRAMZ. Add that to the reluctance to speak, the assuming you understand the most subtle of head movements and lowered lashes, the incessant tattling, let''s just say that four dollar chocolate bar I bought myself at the grocery store today was totally justified. 

(Also, it appears I now have a four dollar chocolate bar habit. THIS STUFF IS GOOD, PEOPLE.)

All right. Now quick, tell me what to do about Emma. 



I have no idea about the sleeping thing.

When Kalena went through a sobbing phase we made her leave the room every time she started crying. Not getting any attention for it seemed to help her get over it faster.

I want some of the chocolate.


I've always liked the "never wake a sleeping baby" advice. But then, my kids were HORRIBLE sleepers until well past a year. So clearly I didn't have a clue what I was doing and am the very last person who should give advice.

Mmmm chocolate. If only they could make one that tastes divine AND has absolutely no fat or calories. I'd buy stock in that.


I vote, wake the baby! My kids were never sleep begets sleep kind of babies either. I kept them up late so that they would sleep late. I stopped naps so that they would go to bed at a reasonable hour. Find something that works, go with it!


I sense that it is likely too late for my wake/don't wake advice. Besides, Elizabeth woke up three times last night so no one should take sleeping advice from me.


I would wake baby up a few min before she used to wake up in middle of the night, like if shes waking up at 3am.....go in and wake her a little before 3am, maybe just fora change and a rock . I know it sounds INSANE but soemthing about doing this helps get them out of this routine,,,,may not work for you but it sure helped me.

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