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This is about baby sleep. I'm sorry. But at the end there is a picture of a three-year-old in her flower girl dress.

For no clear reason I decided, at 2:30 am, that this was going to be the night I sleep train Emma. HA HA HA. More like she trained me to never do that again. 

Usually we stumble into the kitchen, make a bottle, stumble into her room, feed her, rock her, and pray she goes to sleep. We know she doesn't need the bottle, but it's the fastest way to get her back to sleep, which is pretty much all we've cared about. Except now she'll be awake for another hour even WITH a bottle. So. My goal last night was to 1) not feed her and 2) not pick her up. 

I was already awake and thinking about it. READY for the eh eh eh whimpering to begin. I was ON IT. I went back and forth to her room I don't know how many times, patting, shushing, kissing her forehead, saying "night night Emma!", even sitting in the chair in her room just so she'd know she wasn't alone. 

Phillip slept through most of this, but somewhere in Hour Two he woke up and we had a perfectly reasonable discussion about "sleep training" and I was bound! and determined! that we would not feed her! 

And people she didn't even WANT to eat. If I gained one productive thing from last night it's that I'm pretty sure she doesn't want/need to eat, but she has a CRAZY hard time putting herself back to sleep. That much was obvious. Other nights I've thought she's just happily awake and ready to play, but last night she was TIIIIRED. (Why don't tired babies go back to sleep? Seriously! IS IT THAT HARD?) 

Anyway, none of my tactics were working. And she was getting more upset. I tried holding her, even though I said I wouldn't do it. I even let her cry for a bit even though I am 100% sure she is a tension escalator and crying has NEVER come CLOSE to working in the falling asleep department. So yeah, I got up again, I made a bottle, she made a face like, "THANK GOD", sucked down three ounces and fell instantly asleep. 

It was just me up for another half hour wondering what the heck else to do. 

She was super fidgety and squirmy last night, which made me think she'd have an easier time of it if she wasn't swaddled. But 1) she STILL hasn't rolled over 2) she gets mad if I ever try to put her in bed unswaddled 3) she instantly takes her pacifier out and plays with it if her arms aren't pinned down 4) THIS SEEMS LIKE MADNESS. (There was no Unswaddled Boot Camp this weekend, obvs. Like you thought we'd pull that off anyway.)

I think I am finally ready to admit that EJ is a Bad Sleeper. I've been SO against "labeling" her for some reason... I think because she HAS slept through the night. She often falls asleep on her own (unlike Jack who I rocked to sleep until the day before his sister was born.) She'll take super long naps. It's great! But actually it's mostly not great. I can't remember the last night where Phillip and I weren't trudging back and forth to her room between the hours of two and five. WE ARE SO TIRED. 

IN OTHER NEWS (yes! let's talk about something else!) my sister, the one getting married, asked Molly to be her flower girl. Molly was uncertain about this until I found some wedding videos on YouTube and showed her what flower girls do and then she was IN. The dress, the flowers, the pretty hair, Molly is all over that. This morning she asked me if she could carry her princess wand down the aisle. (No.)

This is the [super cheap, TJ Maxx] dress I bought for her to wear to the wedding and we've all decided that it will work great as a flower girl dress:


In case you can't tell, this is a BALLET pose. FYI.

And after a consultation with our favorite lifestyle and fashion blogger, Princess Nebraska, I scored these shoes on Amazon: 

Aunt Third Grade Teacher has approved, her being a Shoe Girl just like her goddaughter. 

I think we're going to have the florist make some sort of flower wreath for her hair and my mom will make a basket and then I am going to die of cute. That is, if I don't die of sleep deprivation first. 


Sonya aka Glam-O-Mommy

Molly looks adorable and I'm sure she will have so much fun in the wedding. Sophie was a flower girl for my cousin last month (pictures on my recent post) and she loved it and did really well!

As to Emma, have you tried giving her the paci instead of a bottle when she wakes at 2:30? Because we did that with Sophie, and she went back to sleep. I think she wasn't hungry, but the sucking on the paci soothed her and filled that need and helped her go back to sleep pretty easily. If you decide to try again, try the paci instead of a bottle and see if you get a different result maybe. :) Just my two cents! Good luck! The not-sleeping is a killer.


Love that dress on Molly- Vivian is counting the days until she gets to wear hers to my best friend's wedding in July!

Good luck with the sleep training. Vivian was a middle of the night comfort eater. I remember discussing that we needed to break her of that habit, but have no idea how and when we did so. It is likely related to her moving into our bed and never leaving :)

Hope you get some good all night sleep soon!


Adorable dress. I seriously need one of my single sisters in law to find a man and get married so Fuss can be a flower girl. Seriously. She is SO cute and she LOVES to perform so I'm thinking of hiring her out to be a flower girl.

The only way either of my kids stopped eating the middle of the night was to make Daddy do it all week for one week. It was a week from hell (because my husband sleeps through everything so I would wake and have to wake HIM and then be awake the whole time) but it worked for both (very different) kids. Good luck!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

OMG Maggie - she is SO CUTE! I love the dress and the shoes. She's going to be an adorable flower girl.

I am so sorry to hear about the Bad Sleeping. That sounds terrible. Hang in there.


Sleep sucks. Elizabeth is sleeping this week, but the last one she wasn't. Seriously, a friend's one month old baby is sleeping two four hour stretches every night and she is complaining about being tired and I am like WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM? FOUR HOURS AT A TIME? I DON'T EVEN GET THAT NOW!

Your flower girl is very cute. Our flower girl is doing her thing this Saturday, so I will let you know how it goes. (Oh heavens, cross your fingers for me!)


Molly is the queen of adorableness. On the sleep front, my youngest babysitting charge seems to be like this...a tension escalator. She would cry herself into a frenzy for, seriously, most of the day the first several weeks that I had her. But the thing is, I had a frillion other kids floating around in need of some sort of supervision, so if the kid was going to sleep, she was going to have to put herself to sleep. And if she didn't sleep, she'd be crying herself into a frenzy from exhaustion, except in my presence. And THAT wasn't going to work. After probably two months, she figured out how to fall asleep and return to sleep by herself and the world was pretty much OK.

The big difference, of course, is that I don't have her at night. Nonstop crying in the other room during the day I can handle. Nonstop crying at night is another story entirely. Sorry I have no good advice. If it makes you feel better, my 4-year-old has now decided to wake up in terror of the dark at 4 a.m. every night now, and then toss and turn until 6:30 before she falls back asleep. So at least you have some exhausted parent company in the wee hours of the morning.


Molly...so cute!

My kids both needed to be nursed back to sleep. As they got older, they needed this MORE frequently during the night rather than the other way around. It was at such points in both their lives that they got weaned, because Mommy couldn't take it anymore. I think your bottle is their version of the breast. I weaned them to water in sippy cups. They both still sleep with a sippy cup of water. So far, so good. Can Emma feed herself a bottle yet? You might try putting water in it and leaving it there.


Oh my goodness, that dress!! Molly is so cute I just forgot everything you said about Emma.


I still wake up to my two yr old yelling at me "New Milk, Mommy I need New Milk" I feel like yelling back "You are two years old, Sleep thru the NIGHT!" I created a milk monster, but like you, when she was younger it helped her go back to bed and keep me from be less monster-ish to my poor husband......


Love the dress, love the shoes, love LOVE the ballet pose! You should give her a flower wand for the reception so that she can still have her wand. As for sleep, I have no advice. If you figure it out, let me know. For now, just call me when you get up, becuase I'm up too at 3:00 and 5:45 (usually for the day).


Not sure if this will help ... but my youngest was a terrible sleeper. (She is now 21 months) After multiple trips to the pediatrician, we came to the conclusion that she as she cycles through sleep patterns, she wakes up. So at 11 p.m., 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. she would scream herself (and us) awake. We'd stumble in there, attempt a bottle, rock, pace, put her in bed with us ...etc.

Finally at 12-14 months, we just had to quit cold turkey. I'd time her (literally) by the alarm clock and if it lasted past a certain amount of time, then we'd go in.

But it seemed that our presence would escalate the situation. About 3 weeks later, she finally figured out how to put herself back to sleep.

But it sucks. Sleep deprivation sucks. Teaching short people how to fall asleep sucks. I'm with you, really, why don't tired babies fall asleep?? Hang in there. :)


Our kiddo sleep a million times better on his stomach than his back (sorry, sleep Nazis!), and he loathed swaddling from the get-go. Maybe try a different position for her? And switching to water may help. The milk is what he wanted. Once we started only giving him water, he quit asking for the bottle at night and slept more (now he has a sippy cup in his bed that he can suck on if he needs it).

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