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All right, Internet. Basically all I want to know is if it's okay to leave my house looking like this: 

Photo (2)

What we have here is a several years' old Target t-shirt, a brand new $12.99 Target skirt, and Old Navy capri leggings I wore through my entire EJ pregnancy. The only thing I can really say for this outfit is at least those are not MATERNITY leggings. I know that this is not AWESOME, I just don't want to wear pants to Safeway and it's too cold to wear a dress. (DAMMIT SEATTLE.)

It seems like all my favorite internetters have taken up fashion blogging lately and while I have no claim or ambition to fashion blogging (AS IF YOU COULDN'T TELL) I occasionally have QUESTIONS. I would usually never act on these questions. I mean, there've been several times when I can't decide what to wear to this or that function, but honestly, I'd rather die than post myself in each outfit and put it up to an internet vote. It's not that I don't trust you, Internet, it's that I admire and trust your judgment so MUCH that I am terrified of your criticism. I mean, what if you hated everything? What if you thought I also had a terrible haircut and ugly shoes and even the background is a disaster? 

(In this picture I 1) already KNOW I have a terrible haircut and 2) am not WEARING any shoes and 3) am standing in front of the only square foot of my house that is NOT a disaster. SO THERE.)

But I love it when YOU post pictures. So it can't be that terrible, right? And I really do want to know about Leggings. I mean, I am almost 33 years old. I have three children. I've already been through a leggings craze in my life. Should I burn these and promise to never speak of them again? 

My case for the leggings is: 

  1. I NEVER wear them as pants. Promise.
  2. I love dresses and skirts, but I live in Seattle, where today, June 25, it is something like 55 degrees and raining. 
  3. Even though I am a mere 5 pounds away from my Lose The Baby Weight Goal, I am not a fan of pants. I may never be a fan of pants again. My middle, which was pudgy to begin with, is only MORE pudgy and lumpy and love handley and generally unattractive. This type of shape is not conducive to pants. 

All this fashion blogging of late has made me think about MY style, you know? I don't necessarily want to throw out everything in my closet, but before I've bought anything new I've tried to think harder about what I like, what I wear a lot, and what looks decent on me. And woe, I still don't really know. 

I want to look just like the Boden girls. 

Source: bodenusa.com via Maggie on Pinterest



(Also blond and skinny, please.)

When I dress up I want to be sparkly.



I love shift dresses.


Source: madewell.com via Maggie on Pinterest


Source: gap.com via Maggie on Pinterest


And for the summer I am REALLY in love with just about everything in the Athleta catalog. 




So... I like sporty casual stuff? With a bit of sparkle thrown in for special occasions? I DON'T KNOW. 

Things I don't like: 

  • ruffles
  • spaghetti straps (I feel too old for these now. Weird?)
  • drawstring waists (these ALWAYS hit me at the worst spot)
  • shorts

Hmm. I'm remembering that I said "just tell me if leggings are okay"... and somehow I spun it into this. But give me a break, Internet! My one sick child has multiplied into two sick children and the routine went out the window and I am NOTHING WITHOUT MY ROUTINE. I moved through today in a state of confused shruggery. That's a new word, by the way, that I just made up. "Shruggery" is sort of the physical manifestation of the word "huh". 

I just looked through all these pictures again. It appears my style is: anything that looks good on people with long skinny legs. (Which is the opposite of me, btw. Oops.)

All right, Internet. If you haven't deleted me from your reader, stay tuned for a similar post focusing on hair. OH YES. IT WILL HAPPEN. 



Morgan s.

I think you look cute. Which encourages me because I own all those items and feel wierd wearing them. Please add an eggplant colored Columbia fleece on top of your outfit like me because I am cold for you down here in pouring rain 55 degree Portland. I like all the photos you posed. Sequins are my fav. Summer in Portland and Seattle apparently means winter outfits except with flipflops and no beanie.


I am so torn with the leggings thing. I want to love them under skirts and dresses, they look good on everyone else I see, (including you) but when I try it, they just feel awful and wrong, and make the skirt/dress I'm wearing bunch in weird places. So I've personally tossed all my leggings. I also have the opposite weather problems you have up there, so that's probably another issue- and were it colder more during the year perhaps I would find a way to make it work?

Almost forgot- I think you look super slim, but I don't know about the black legs an black shirt. It makes the skirt look awkward, being the only other color on your middle. Would a different color shirt look ok?


Add ballet flats and go to the grocery store already :) Love, Meghan


HA. What I neglected to add is that I DID wear this to the grocery store - with no socks and Converse shoes. FASHION PLATE!


I think it is cute. Wear it.

I do not like dresses or skirts for the primary reason that there is no pocket for me to put my wallet in. It's a major oversight on the part of the clothing manufacturers in my opinion.

I also feel too old for spaghetti straps. And have for several years now, since around 26. No idea why.

Becky M.

I think you look cute and I'm glad you went shopping! My friend has tried to convince me I can wear leggings as pants with a longer top but every time I try I feel naked - I can't leave the house without a mini skirt on or a long tank top that looks like a skirt! (and even then I feel like I'm the "old mom" trying to look like a teen!)

Becky M.

p.s. I just sent you a friend request on Facebook - I've been reading your blog for a while now but I realized you wouldn't know who I was. :) I used to blog at http://stinkylemsky.typepad.com/ but haven't in quite a while because it wasn't anonymous and every time I wrote I felt like I had to filter everything. (My MIL and family read it).


I like leggings under dresses, but I'm torn with skirts. Sometimes I think it looks very little-girlish. But! I think you can combat that with accessories. Add a scarf or necklace and suddenly it's all put together.

Also, if I had seen you at the grocery store in that outfit with Converses, I would have thought you looked spunky and fun.

I cannot wait for your hair post.


I love this, because while I am NOT NOT NOT interested in fashion ADVICE, I totally love seeing others try on clothes or give examples of THEIR style.

I like the outfit, btw. With flats, cute and comfy!


I'm personally not a leggings girl, but I do see them on other people and think they work.

I'm into finding my style right now...which it seems like you are two.

So far, I feel like I have days where I want to be okay with my style being sahm-casual and days where I want my style to be a little more effortlessly chic. Not sure if I just have a split fashion personality or if I need to pick one and go with it.


I just want to say that I am crazy jealous that it is too cold to wear a skirt where you live, because we are expecting 100 degree weather for the next two days and I hate hot weather. I may have to move to Seattle. That is all.

I got no fashion advice. I wear the same jeans, or denim shorts, every day, and my top is always, always, a black t shirt or long sleeved shirt because I am afraid to buy colors. Sad, I know.


I think you look great! I personally like the leggins under skirt/dress look because I DO NOT like my legs. I agree with spaghetti straps, but I have never liked those.

I wish it were 55 and raining here. I HATE hot weather but cannot convince my husband to move out of Arizona. Boo.


I need capri leggings! I can't find them anywhere! Are they just out of season? I was in Old Navy on Monday and they didn't have leggings of any length.


I LVE the idea of leggings. I think they look good on other people (including you, here) I rocked the leggings in the 90s and was so thrilled when they came back - but now my body just doesn't look like I did back then (well, add 15 years to ANYbody you have the same factor, i guess). I'm with Jessica - I want capri leggings and we'll see.
I've actually recently gotten the WHY of mom jeans - because they hold in your tummy! I used to look at these women and go "what are you doing?" but at least they don't roll down from muffin-topness and they kind of give you a flatness. (I still do not understand those who tightly tuck in a tee to said jeans, however. But then again, I haven't tucked in a shirt into my jeans in a decade because I hate my waistline)

I recently bought a spaghetti strap top, which I loved in the store, but every time I put it on now, I feel naked. It looks okay, though, so I just ignore it. It hides my tummy, calls attention to my average-to-ample cleavage (when wearing a push-up bra) and makes me look less thick through the middle. Win-win. But I don't wear it to church or church-like functions. Naked+church= bad.

The 90+ degrees and 80% humidty are making me want to move to Seattle. But I think I'd hate the northern winters even more than I hate the florida summers, so...

Laura Diniwilk

I never really got into leggings but then my coworker joined our group and pretty much wears nothing else. At first I thought it was SUPER inappropriate, but then I got pregnant again and they really are magical when you have a giant belly. I still wear them sometimes, but I also feel kind of weird and "wrong" when I do it. I don't think anyone ELSE is weird or wrong when they wear them though (although I do still maintain they're inappropriate in a business casual setting if you aren't pregnant).

So I guess I'm saying I'm on the fence for me but leggings are fine for everyone else? I bet you looked absolutely adorable in them with your converse at the grocery store.

Jen @ The Short Years

You look cute! I love leggings under dresses and skirts. I wear them all the time. And I am not tall and skinny with long legs, not even a little bit.


I think you look wonderful! I individually like the leggins under skirt/dress physical appearance because I DONT like my feet. I agree with spaghetti straps, however I have never ever loved those.

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