Ballerina babies

My anniversary was even lower key than I expected. I spent most of the evening on the couch under my giant zebra-print blanket, shivering, my teeth clacking together, and cursing whoever gave my baby Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Because, according to the doctor at her 9-month ped visit that morning, it was likely the rest of us have it too. SUPER!

Oh well. We're saving all the awesome for next year anyway. And Emma's mostly back to normal, as evidenced by the smile and gigantic mess:

Photo (3)

The ped visit was basically an Affirm Everything I Am Doing As A Parent session. (I love my doctor.) Controlling her naps, giving her Miralax, the swaddle situation - the ped's reaction to all of these things was "heck yeah, why not?" The one place that got sketchy was the No, Seriously, I Have Not Seen This Baby Roll Over Even One Time. And no she's not scooting, crawling, pulling up, or anything. I haven't stressed much about this, here or offline, because this is a STRONG baby I've got here, and it's clearly not an issue of muscle tone. It's my professional opinion that what's going on is a severe lack of motivation. LAZY BABY. But you know, it bugs me just the same. The doctor told me about a state program where I can have a physical therapist COME TO MY HOUSE and evaluate her. Not because either of us are SUPER worried, necessarily, but maybe PT could give me some ideas of how to encourage her? Also, did you read the part about COME TO MY HOUSE? Also I believe it is FREE. (YAY HEALTHCARE!) 

So I'll be doing that. Eventually. I'm kinda swamped right now. This grown up version of a baby disease is not helping matters. 

ALSO yesterday, I took Molly to her much-hyped first ballet lesson at the community center. 

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Molly's pretty shy around new people and places, especially when her brother isn't around, but at home she believes she is the most beautiful princess in the land and we are VERRRRRRY EXCITED about "ballet school". Because I wasn't feeling well Phillip came home early and I didn't have to take the other two along. Not that it mattered because they kicked the parents out! Here I was thinking of what things I could bring with me to keep Jack and Emma occupied for 45 minutes, but I guess we'll just be headed to the community center playground or the library or the mall across the street. It's a nice set up for that reason, I guess, but I was pretty disappointed I didn't get to watch. 

As were all the OTHER mothers. There were a lot of other mothers. I had kind of sort of glommed on to one of them, our daughters being the most ballerina-looking of the bunch (by which I mean we had obviously gone out and bought brand new ballet clothes while the other kids were wearing princess costumes and leggings - ie: smarter parents than me). But a few minutes later a whole bunch of other mothers showed up and these were all friends of hers and it was instantly clear that I had done this wrong. I was supposed to sign up Molly with a FRIEND. So that I would have a friend in the waiting room. Bad move, Maggie!

Whatever. I took myself to the mall and bought a dress, just because I had 45 minutes to myself and I felt like it. 


Source: via Maggie on Pinterest


What was that I said the other day about not liking spaghetti straps and and ruffles? Huh! I want to wear this with a navy cardigan and red shoes. (I have a lot of red shoes.) 

Here's Molly with the ballet bag my mother made her:

Photo (5)

I'm not gonna lie, Internet. It's really fun having a girl. 

Molly didn't have much to say about her lesson. They ran around and picked up flowers? Something like that? She did take note of a lot of the NAMES in her class. (Do your kids do this? Molly's "ownership" of the name Molly is pretty intense. THAT IS HER NAME. FYI.) So I guess there was an Olivia and a Sophia and a COCO. We were THOROUGHLY AMUSED by the existence of a little girl named COCO and the discussion led to a very serious disagreement over whether we should get some COCOA PUFFS or maybe HOT COCOA on the way home. Oh, that makes it sounds like we (she) was making fun of the name. OH NO. This was an IMPRESSED and SLIGHTLY JEALOUS amusement. COCOA is quite possibly Molly's favorite thing. 

Anyway, I should probably get back to parenting, eh? I have to make cookies for a church function, tiny bite-sized desserts for my sister's birthday party tomorrow night (we are having a Daria marathon WOO) and wrap a bunch of presents. Onwards and upwards!




OMG, I have died of girly cuteness!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Your girls are SO LOVELY! Molly looks so delighted and proud and the bag has a TUTU! Oh my, such cuteness!


I'm so sorry about the HFMD, but holy SHIZ your girls are adorable! Molly's outfit and bag are the best!


oh, I miss when my little girl was a cute little ballerina.

But, on the bright side, now she's a teenager who I can have Daria marathons with. :) (love Daria! LOVE)

Hope you get well quick!


PLEASE tell me where you got Molly's tutu. I must have it for my very girly 3-yr-old starting lessons in the fall.


My daughter's ballet school allowed parents the first day. But then we all had to sit in the lobby the whole time in case they had to go potty. Fun and relaxing when I just had a baby. Stressful and annoying once he learned to walk! But they had a dress code. It was relaxed comparatively to the older students, but princess dresses and leggings wouldn't have been allowed. I made a friend after a week or two. Worked out nicely that it was the mom of the little girl Fuss had decided was her best friend at dancing school. :)
I LOVE the bag your mom made. I wanted one for Fuss like that, but couldn't find one. Or at least one I could afford. So I put her name on a Thirty-One bag and that became her dance bag. :)


Feel better soon! We had that same yucky virus infiltrate our house a few months ago.

Cuteness overload!

I signed up Jo for her first ballet class last year and then she broke her foot (luckily we got a refund). She'll finally be taking it in a few weeks and she's been prancing around the house in her (new last year and slightly more fitted) ballerina outfit and slippers every morning "practicing" and "warming-up."

Oh - and I love the name CoCo too :) My CoCo is short for Coryn. But she has several nicknames - Cokes, Cocomo, Coco beans, ect.


I totally agree that the rolling over (or not) is an issue of motivation. Daniel rolls all the time, and my friend mentioned that it doesn't seem like his muscle tone is low. Oh, it IS low, but MAN this kid is determined to move! Of course, that means we're in the phase of "roll over to the stomach and then be mad about it because I can't get back." Fun. Also? Rolling or not, he still has lots of trouble holding his head up. Kids are weird about what they can/will do.

Anyway. I cannot believe how adorable Molly is in her ballet stuff! I want to put Kalena in ballet like next week, just for the cute stuff! Also, when did she get so big??

Kate P

My youngest nephew rolls over but can't hold his head up too well, either. I think the rolling probably is to defend himself from his four older siblings. EJ will find her personal motivation soon, I am sure!

Molly Dancer (from the Elton John song, right?) is just too cute for words and her bag is awesome.

Best wishes for a great party! (I'm a huge Daria fan so it sounds like fun to me.)


I need an adult version of that purse. Seriously. Too cute!

Laura Diniwilk

I am dying of the ballerina cuteness. We are hoping to enroll Adriana in class this fall (assuming she will be officially potty trained by then), and this post made me about 10 times more excited.

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