Where I brought a BABY to a BAR

Birthday eve

I had an attack of virtuosity tonight, so I put on my running clothes and found my Kindle beneath the couch cushions (running requires an episode of Felicity, natch), but then Emma woke up. And I had to heat up a bottle and put her back to sleep and NOW I have lost my mojo. Blast.

But didn't everyone see the article going around today about why Americans are so fat? Forget about exercise, just stop eating sugar! I did, at one point, lose 30 pounds without doing one odious minute of exercise. Personal experience does back up every word of that article. I guess right now I'm finding it easier to exercise than give up chocolate chips. Double blast. 

Tomorrow I'll have a five-year-old. I thought about doing a weepy Dear Beloved Boy post, but eh. Maybe tomorrow. When I can include pictures from his birthday dinner at... MCDONALDS. Hey! That's what he wants!

He had cupcakes at preschool today. Tomorrow, for his Actual Birthday, we'll go out for dinner (HE PICKED MCDONALDS) and give him his present (a bike). Friday night we'll have a party. That is a LOT of birthday for someone who is only five years old, don't you think? I might be jealous. 

He's too big for his old bike, so we got him a bigger one, and the plan is to secretly spray paint his old bike pink and give it to Molly. Molly actually HAS her own bike - a pink and pricey balance bike over which I agonized and asked many questions via Twitter - but she won't ride it. AT ALL. I think this is partly to do with being a little bit scared, but mostly because the balance bike doesn't have pedals. Which is the entire point, right? And all my friends with kids who have balance bikes just RAAAAVE about them. But for Molly, it doesn't have pedals like JACK'S bike, therefore her own bike is persona non grata. SO. ANNOYING. 

No way am I going to buy her a new one. Even if I wanted to give her one for her birthday, her birthday isn't until the end of the summer when there is no more opportunity for a Seattle child to RIDE a bike. So I'm just going to paint the old one and hand it over and DONE. And if she doesn't want to ride THAT? Whatever. She can stay in and watch Felicity with her mom. 

I know I've been pretty angsty and woe-is-me lately, but I have to say, my kids have been pretty awesome. I mean, there is just as much fighting and sobbing and snack demanding as always, but they've also been really fun. Today they even convinced me to stop weeding and toss a whiffle ball so they could hilariously miss with the bat. (Hilarious until Jack pegged me in the thigh. I have a bruise. LAME.) While I made dinner they sat on the couch in their respective princess dresses poring over Jack's I Can Read book about Transformers. (Take a crack at that, gender studies students!) (Someone is a TINY bit proud of his son's newfound interest in Optimus Prime.) (He doesn't know about reading-it-while-wearing-a-dress.)

Okay, I have to go help put a bike together. And print out wedding invitations. And throw away the chocolate chips. 




Happy birthday, jack!

For the record, Ethan does not wear dress up dresses (because we don't have dress up clothes) but spends lots of time every morning asking for nail polish and today had a fit because I wouldn't let him wear my makeup to school. And then he shot things with imaginary guns. :) boys=so weird.


thanks for that article on sugar.

and happy birthday to Jack! Hope you guys have an awesome day. :)


My brother had a McDonald's party when we were kids and it was AWESOME. We got to tour the kitchen, which was like watching magic being made.

I really like sugar. That would be....difficult for me to give up.

Sarah in Ottawa

Happy 5th Birthday, Jack. It also means that it's been FIVE YEARS since VM was cancelled. :(

Is this your first time with Felicity? Oh, I loved that show. If you want to gab about it, I'm game.


I am currently with you on the sugar versus exercise thing, in theory. Christmas ruined me. I did so well Jan-May 2011...almost never had sugar or grains and lost 20 lbs. But the REASON I was doing it was for anti-inflammatory purposes, which should have me continuing in perpetuity. And then I let myself cheat a little, then a little more, and then at Christmas I indulged A LOT. And now I am really, really trying to return to the 80-20 rule of behaving on the diet so that I can NOT have to exercise as much because that is SO HARD to try to accomplish with all these kids showing up at my house on a daily basis. I must remember...sugar = inflammation. Must keep that daily before me. Gah!


No more sugar? Does that mean I have to stop drinking my Coca Cola Classics? No thank you. Some days a can of Coke is the only thing between me mothering well and matriarchal homicide. :) Guess I'm going to have to start exercising. Bah.

Love the whole princess-dress-while-reading-Transformers thing. :) Let's just let the kids be kids, right? :)

What the heck is a balance bike?

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